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Lesson Plan Form Four Persuasive Speech compare and contrast essay help Agricultural Studies coursework help

Firstly, teacher invites students to identify and attach language features to appropriate example on the whiteboard. Then, teacher will check the answer by explaining the language features involved in persuasive speech as well as prompt students to I I give more examples. Then, teacher will show a video of persuasive advertisements which produced by other students. After that, students work in I I I group for ‘Dragon’s Den’ task. Students will deliver their persuasive presentations that include the language features to promote their assigned I I lobe.Finally, the class will vote for best group persuasive presentation as well as discuss the effectiveness of the language features used.

I I Learning Outcomes: I Level: interaction by: 11. 2 Level 1 I in conversations and discussions. 1 11. 2 Take part in social I(vi) Participating in a conversation. Different audience by: 1 12. 3 Presenting information to 12. 3 Level 3: I revising and editing drafts, and checking accuracy of Applying process writing skills by: a.

Discussing the topic with teacher and peers I punctuation, and grammar. Riding out an outline. Creatively and imaginatively by: land Jotting down ideas; b. 1 13. 2 Express themselves 13. 2 Level 3: I I(a)traumatizing texts and role-playing characters; I(iii) Composing simple poems, stories and dialogues ATA level suitable to learners. I Learning Objectives: I By the end of the lesson, students should be able to; I Provide and deliver persuasive presentations by using persuasive language features appropriately to promote assigned object.

I Analyses other groups’ presentation as well as the effects of language features used by voting for the best group. I I Content: I Persuasive language features, useful connectors and persuasive phrases. I I Resources/Materials: I Persuasive language features matching activity, Power Point Slides, Video, Teacher-prepared materials/objects for persuasive I I I presentation. I Context of Lesson: I ‘Persuasive features’ in speech writing (Repetition, list of 3, statistics/facts, personal pronouns, rhetorical questions).I I Previous Knowledge: I Students have learned how to recognize, identify as well as analyses persuasive techniques used in advertisements and commercials. I I Moral Values: 11)Creativity 2)Cooperation 4)Critical Thinking I I Educational Emphasis: Intelligences 3)Preparation for the real world 3)Confidence 11)Thinking skills 2)Multiple Future Studies: Individual writing activity) I I Teaching Procedure: I Persuasive and Argumentative Speech/Debate/Forum I Stage: I Timing: I Activities: I Set Induction II.Teacher asks students to say a number 1 to 5, continuously repeating the cycle until every student has done so.

Every I Student need to remember their own number since it will determine their group. 15 minutes 12. Teacher invites volunteer from each number to match persuasive features on whiteboard with correct examples. The I volunteers get the chance to choose an object on the teacher’s table. 13. Teacher discusses answers of the matching exercise as ell as explaining each of the persuasive language features. *Promptly Students to give more examples and write them on whiteboard.

can you fo this write a policy

You are the HR Manager for the Pleasantville School District. Although it hadn’t done so before, the district recently implemented a person-focused pay program. This program offers a pay increase to teachers who pursue additional education and training. You were on the team that developed this policy, which has been approved but has not yet been disseminated district-wide.
One of the high school teachers has scheduled an appointment with you to review how the program works. You plan to review the policy with the teacher and give him a paper copy as a leave-behind piece.
In this post:
Write the policy for the Pleasantville School District’s person-focused pay program that will be shared with the teacher. At a minimum, be sure to address the person-focused pay program’s:Purpose and description, including effective policy dates.
Eligibility requirements. (Who is eligible to participate in the program?)
Acceptable types of education and training. (What is eligible for reimbursement?)
Awards for successful completion of training or education (promotional opportunities, compensation, non-monetary rewards, et cetera).

Note: Remember that well-written policies are understandable and to the point. Keep the policy to one page at most.
Post at least one substantive comment to another student’s post.
Example 1
Below is a policy that could be used for a person-focused pay program within the Pleasantville School District. This can help guide the conversation with the teacher and could also be given out to the teachers to catch their interest.
Pleasantville School District New Pay program
The Pleasantville School District values our teachers and the knowledge and experience they bring with them to their classrooms. We are excited to announce a new program that offers pay increases for continual learning and course completion.
This policy is effective January 1, 2022, and will remain ongoing. The policy is subject to change. Any changes to the policy will be communicated in a timely manner.
The following 6-week courses will be available through the local university. The cost for each course will be reimbursed upon successful completion. (Final Grade of A or B Required):
Effective Communication
Use of multi-media in the classroom
Diversity and Inclusion
Time management and lesson plan writing
This opportunity is available to all teachers grades K – 12.
Steps to participate:
Select your course(s)
Register at the local university and pay the tuition cost
Submit the notification form to the district informing of your enrollment
Complete the course with an A or a B grade
Submit grade and reimbursement request form.
Compensation adjustment – at the start of the pay period following your reimbursement request being approved, you will receive the reimbursement along with a 2% salary raise.
The steps can be followed for all 4 courses making a total of an 8% salary raise available to all teachers in the Pleasantville School District.
Forms and details are accessible to teachers on the district website.
Please reach out to the school district HR department with any questions.
Example 2
Person-Focused Pay Program Policy #301 Dated 11/2/2021
The purpose of this policy is to offer a program designed to provide other pay increase opportunities for teachers who pursue additional education and training. Effective November 2, 2021, the school district developed a new pay program to encourage teachers who desire to boost knowledge and skills that will give them more confidence and pay incentives to match it.
Eligibility Requirements
Pleasantville School District teachers are eligible to apply for the program after one school year of employment with the district. The eligible teachers must then show that they have successfully completed an educational or training program that is in line with their current position or job-related.
Reimbursement Eligibility
After employees request for educational reimbursement of approved the school district will reimburse six credits for each semester successfully completed for educational or training courses. These courses would have to demonstrate that the teacher is able to acquire job-related knowledge, skills, information, abilities, and proficiencies that would help them grow as a teacher.
Awards for successful completion of training or education
Employees who are eligible and take advantage of this new program will open themselves to earning additional pay, enhancing employee morale, commitment, and job satisfaction. This program will also encourage employees to learn more to become more flexible and cross-trained which would increase their incentive pay. These employees will be ready and equipped for promotional opportunities, additional compensation, employee recognition, and increase morale.