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Specific objectives: By the end of the lesson, student should be able to: a) Throw and dodge the ball effectively b) Attained flexibility through the game c) Achieve good teamwork with friends Teaching aids: 1) Video – Introduction on how the game is played Moral Values: Students are able to learn how to cooperate with teammates and build a good teamwork. Procedures: Stage| Contents| Activities & Rationales| Set Induction (10 minutes)| Video of How Dodge ball is Played| * Teacher shows the students a short video about How Dodge ball is Played. While watching the video, teacher can explain what should the students take note during the game. Rationale:To gain students’ interest towards Dodge ball and knowledge about Dodge ball. | Practise (30 minutes)| Skills and Techniques| * Teacher explains the rules about the game and what shouldn’t be done during the game. * Teachers can teach the students skills and techniques on how to dodge and throw the ball effectively. *

Teacher lets students warm up and practise throwing and dodging in pairs. Rationale:To gain students’ knowledge and let students understand rules on dodge ball. The Match(35 minutes)| A game of Doge Ball | * Teacher divides the class into 2 teams. * Each team starts out by throwing from the half court line. * When a player gets hit or someone catches the ball he has thrown, he is OUT! * Have a designated area on the side that the players go to, because they are OUT until a new game begins.

* Then the teacher blows the whistle and calls the threepoint line. * When there are only a few players left in the game the teacher then calls another line that is closer than the three point line. If the teams start out uneven, then the teacher can let the weaker team go to the three point line and keep the other team at the half court line until the numbers even up. Rationale:To let students experience how Dodge ball is being played. | Closure (5 minutes)| A review of thelesson| * Teacher let the students cool down by relaxing. * Teachers can discuss about the match played just now and point out what did the students did wrong during the match. * Teachers can also asks students feedback and opinion regarding the game played. |