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LEG500 Strayer University Law and Ethics discussion

LEG500 Strayer University Law and Ethics discussion.

LEG 500 Discussion Week 11 Law , Ethics earned your degreeLooking back on the topics covered in this course, which do you see as being most relevant to your current job or the job you’re seeking to obtain once you’ve earned your degree?In what ways has this course changed the way that you think about legal or ethical issues?Post a Pin that relates to the topics covered this week and write why you chose this item. A Pin can be a link to a video or article that you found on the web. Click here to view a quick tutorial on how to get started. After you post your Pin, make sure you check back to comment on your fellow classmates Pins.
LEG500 Strayer University Law and Ethics discussion

International Business Research Paper: Dominican Republic

International Business Research Paper: Dominican Republic. I’m studying for my Business class and need an explanation.

The research paper should be done on the Dominican Republic; I’ve attached the Format of the paper
Part I: Information about country
For part I of the paper, you will research a number of questions on your chosen country (provided in the Research Paper Instructions downloads as a Microsoft Word document document). You must include a citation in MLA format for each response including the direct URL.
Part I is worth 50 pts. Each answer is worth 2 points. You will receive 1 point for each answer and 1 point for each source URL. The URL must be complete. Providing the complete URL enables the instructor to click on the link and verify the accuracy of both the answer and the citation.
Part II: Evaluation of current status of country
For part II of the paper, you will answer four research questions about your country of choice (provided in the Research Paper Instructions downloads as a Microsoft Word document document). For each question, you must write a minimum of a two paragraph analysis in narrative form.
Part II is worth 50 pts. Each answer is worth 12.5 points. An in-depth critical analysis of your country’s information is necessary to earn all possible points. You must also cite the sources used in MLA format.
Part II of the paper should be written with headings in narrative form. The writing analysis is worth an additional 10 points. The writing analysis will include: proper use of thesis statements, paragraph and sentence structure. Proper utilization of grammar, including punctuation, spelling, subject, and verb usage will be analyzed. In order to earn all 10 points, the writing should be error free.
A bibliography in MLA format must also be included. Each source used in the research paper should be included in the bibliography. The bibliography is worth 4 points. Criteria include credibility and date of the resources along with proper citation and bibliography format.
International Business Research Paper: Dominican Republic

Its about FIN4438

nursing essay writing service Its about FIN4438.

When computing the balance sheet, your cash balance at the end of September will be the ending cash balance on your cash budget assuming that you arrange for the needed financing.(AFN) When finished with the computations, you will have three income statements and two balance sheets.Now is the heart of the problem and on what you will earn points. You must conduct a complete financial analysis of the company as to its financing problem and whether the company is in good enough financial shape to obtain the AFN needed.You covered chapters in your Managerial Course that was entitled Financial Analysis, you have taken course entitled Financial Statement Analysis and Chapter 14 from pages 534 to 569 covers it again. At the end of your financial analysis should be your recommendation as to the solution to the company’s cash problem. (REMEMBER THAT THIS IS A FORECAST AND YOU ARE THE BANKER ADVISING YOUR CLIENT.) Remember that you start at the beginning of April with the cash balance as of the end of March and that is indicated on the balance sheet.You add your collections from accounts receivable which I showed you how to do that with 30% of cash sales in the month of sale less the two percent discount for paying early, 60% collected in the month after the month of sale and 8% collected in the second month after the month of sale.In other words, you collect 30% of April sales minus the 2% discount in the month of April, 60% of March sales collected in the month of April and 8% of February sales in the month of April.Each of the next five months cash inflow is computed the same way.I also indicated how to compute the cash outflow each month.Some of the payments are made in the month in which the expense is incurred, some of the expenses are paid half in the month in which the expense is incurred and some are paid in full one month after they are incurred.Income taxes for the first quarter are paid in April and Income taxes for the second quarter are paid in July.Property taxes are paid in April and July.The interest expense on the debt will be paid quarterly so that first quarter interest as shown on the March 31st balance sheet will be paid in April and second quarter interest will be paid in July and third quarter interest will appear as interest payable on the Sept 30 balance sheet.Add the cash inflow to the beginning cash balance and then subtract the cash outflows to determine the cash position at the end of the month.With correct figures, you will notice that you have a deficit cash balance at the end of the April so that you must add an AFN including enough to bring the beginning balance for May to between $4,000 and $5,000.(As indicated in the extra credit class, the problem has a typo and the minimum cash balance should be $4,000 and not $40,000.)AFN is defined as ADDITIONAL FUNDS NEEDED AND YOU SHOULD REMEMBER THAT TERM FROM MANAGERIAL FINANCE.IF YOU DO NOT, THEN YOU NEED TO REVIEW THE TERM FROM YOUR MANAGERIAL FINANCE TEXT.REMEMBER, THIS COURSE IS A CAPSTONE COURSE AND RELIES HEAVILY ON WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED IN PREVIOUS COURSE. There is a line of credit at the bank for $20,000 and if you work the correct numbers, you will see that you need more financing than what the Rogers County Bank’s line of credit will provide you. The Gross Accounts receivable balance as of September 30 will be 70% of Sept sales, 10% of August sales and 2% of July sales.Then you will subtract 2% of all nine months sales to arrive at Net Accounts ReceivableInventory on the balance sheet as of Sept 30 will be the ending inventory on your third quarter income statement plus the safety stock.(you will have started April with 20,000 units of finished inventory at $2.10 a unit and during the six month of your problem, the forecast is that you will produce 510,000 units and sell 320,000 units, so you will add 190.000 units to the 20,000 you started in April.Prepaid Insurance is not a cash expense as it has already been paid so it will not be in your cash budget but it is an expense, so prepaid insurance will be reduced by 300 a quarter or a total of $600 from the March 31st balance.Depreciation is also not a cash expense so it is not in your cash budget but it is an expense of $3,000 a quarter for a total of $6,000 for the six months so that Allowance for Depreciation will be $9,000 at the end of September.All of the expenses that were incurred that were paid in the month in which they were incurred will not show up on the balance sheet.However, all expenses that were half paid in month of Sept in which they were incurred will show as a liability as of Sept 30 for the half that was not paid.Also any expense that was incurred in Sept but was not paid will be a liability on the Sept 30 balance sheet.Income taxes incurred for third quarter will be a liability as of Sept 30.The profits earned in second quarter and third quarter will be added to retained earnings to compute the retained earnings balance as of Sept 3oth. (There are no dividends being paid as this company is short on cash to grow on.The AFN will be entered on the liability and equity side of the balance sheet inorder for your balance sheet to balance.
Its about FIN4438

This is a group project assigned to us by our Criminology professor where we had to come up with

This is a group project assigned to us by our Criminology professor where we had to come up with a policy from scratch that could be implemented into the criminal justice system. So, 4 other girls and I came up with a policy and started to write a paper from scratch. Each one of us has to use 4 sources as reference, so you could use any that you like but they have to be concrete and cited in APA. I attached what the professor wants and my part is marked in yellow. I am unable to complete my part because of personal reasons. So, what I am asking is that you write it from scratch and come up with the things that I would’ve had to for my parts and write them in two pages. I also need to summarize those 2 pages into a powerpoint slide, which I will also attach here. I apologize if this is inconvenient but I couldn’t think of another way. Finally our policy is: Policy we are implementing!!— We are implementing a federal law/policy that will mandate law enforcement agencies to require officers to use BWC and have a designated partnership with an outside reviewing team that will ensure that police officers are following protocol within the videos (when they are making stops, arrests, family visits etc). That way, there is an unbiased perspective from the outside.

criminal law – State Statutes

criminal law – State Statutes.

Debbie the defendant walked onto the front patio of Larry’s house and grabbed a laptop that was sitting on a table on the patio. Once Debbie left the patio, she went around to Larry’s backyard. She saw a window open in the kitchen. Debbie reached in through the window and was able to take a digital camera sitting on a table by the window in the kitchen. As Debbie was walking from the backyard toward the front of the house to leave, she noticed Larry pulling into his driveway. Debbie yelled at Larry, “stay away from me, or I will kill you!” Debbie then jumped into the bushes next to Larry’s house to hide.Larry saw Debbie walking from the backyard of his house carrying something in her hands, but he was not sure what she had. Larry was scared that someone would be walking from his backyard. Larry called 911 and reported “a suspicious person” in his yard. The police immediately responded and were able to arrest Debbie who was still in the bushes next to Larry’s house. At the time of arrest, Debbie was holding a digital camera and laptop. Larry said he recently bought the laptop for $750. He paid $150 for the digital camera.
Next, locate the Minnesota State statutes regarding the following crimes:RobberyBurglary TheftAssaultFor the written assignment, assume you are the prosecutor. Write a paper that addresses the following questions:Based on the wording of Minnesota statutes, what crimes, if any, do you feel Debbie committed?What are the elements of the offense she should be charged with?What are the differences between the possible crimes?What is the likelihood that Debbie will be convicted of these crimes?Please be sure to prepare your assignment following APA citation and format requirements. You must include proper citations to any source you relied on for information that you include in your paper.
criminal law – State Statutes

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