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LEG 100 SU Legal Claims Against Capstone Corporation Essay

LEG 100 SU Legal Claims Against Capstone Corporation Essay.

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IntroductionIn this assignment, you’ll need to decide whether Paula Plaintiff has any legal claims arising from another series of unfortunate events. After reading the scenario, answer the questions that follow, making sure to fully explain the basis of your decision.Paula’s bad luck continues. Five days after the events detailed in your last assignment, Paula returns to work at Capstone Corporation. Unfortunately, she used her company e-mail to send her mom a personal note about her injuries, despite being aware that Capstone’s company policy prohibits use of company e-mail for personal communication. Paula’s supervisor, Mikey Manager, discovers Paula’s violation and Paula is reprimanded. When Paula goes home, she uses her personal computer to post disparaging comments about her boss and Capstone Corporation on social media. The next day, Paula is fired from her job.After several days of bad luck, Paula believes her luck is about to change. She finds a new job in a nearby town. Paula had been using the bus to go to work at Capstone Corporation, but she will need to purchase a car to commute to her new job. Fortunately, her neighbor Freddy Ford has just purchased a new vehicle and is selling his old Mustang. Paula meets with Freddy and agrees to purchase the Mustang for $1000. The parties also agree that Paula will bring Freddy the money the next day when she picks up the car. The next day, Paula calls Freddy and says, “I have the money. I’d like to come pick up my car.” Freddy replies that Paula is too late. He sold the car earlier in the day.InstructionsIn a 6–10 paragraph paper, answer the following questions:Does Paula have any legal claims against Capstone Corporation? What about Paula’s actions? Does Paula have a contract with Freddy to purchase the car? Consider the following:Does Paula have a right to privacy when using Capstone Corporation’s e-mail system? Discuss one’s right to privacy and relate it to the facts in the scenario.Can Paula be legally fired from her job for making negative comments about her boss and her company on social media? What about free speech? Discuss these issues and relate them to the facts of the scenario.Do Paula and Freddy have a contract for the sale of the Mustang? Discuss the elements of a contract and relate those elements to the facts of the scenario.Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course.In addition to your textbook, you have access to Nexus Uni through the Strayer University Library. Please take advantage of this excellent legal resource!The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:Analyze constitutional issues based on the events in a given scenario.
LEG 100 SU Legal Claims Against Capstone Corporation Essay

Best Buy Company Analysis Research Paper

Best Buy Company Analysis Research Paper. Executive summary This report was prepared to discuss several aspects of Best Buy Company. Chart one highlights the tangible and intangible resources of the business establishment that were identified using an internal audit. Chart two is utilized to show five capabilities of the firm that are based on chart one. In addition, the capabilities are evaluated using the VRIO criteria. The report uses chart three to highlight four financial ratios of the business that were computed on the premises of the company’s financial data. Finally, the report aims at analyzing the international strengths and weaknesses of the multinational company. The strengths and weaknesses are highlighted in chart four. Chart one Tangible Resources Intangible Resources Current assets (Inventory) Goodwill Fixed assets (Buildings and equipment) Trademarks Patents Bonds Stocks Copyrights Accounts receivables Figure 1. Chart one showing resources analysis of Best Buy Corporation From a financial accounting perspective, resources are economic assets that can be owned or controlled to yield value that could be utilized to lead to positive economic results (Rothaermel, 2013). In other words, tangible and intangible resources of Best Buy Company are those assets that could be converted into cash by the management (Rothaermel, 2013). However, it is important to note that cash is also a resource. As displayed in the balance sheet of the company, the firm is characterized by very strong current and fixed resources (Best Buy, 2014). The assets could imply that the business establishment has premises on which to base its local and foreign investments with regard to doing business. There is a general increase in the value of the company’s resources, which could mean that the assets have been improving over the years. The total accounts receivables for 2010, 2011 and 2012 were 2,348, 2,288 and 2,704 million USD respectively. Accounts receivables are important aspects of a business and they determine the success of an investment. It is evident that they declined slightly in 2011, but they significantly improved in the following year. This could be an indication that the management of the company adopted approaches to improving performance outcomes. Total inventories for 2010, 2011 and 2012 were 5897, 5731 and 6571 million USD respectively. It is apparent that the inventories decreased in 2011, but they improved in 2012. Thus, it could be concluded that an adequate number of products that were available for consumers to purchase characterized the business establishment. Property, plant and equipment were valued at 3823, 3471 and 3270 million USD in 2010, 2011 and 2012 respectively. Thus, the value of the property, plant and equipment was decreasing within the specified period (Rothaermel, 2013). Best Buy has many patents and trademarks that are associated with its brand. The goodwill of the multinational firm is very good on the premises of the multiple years that the company has been involved in profitable business. Chart two CAPABILITY VALUABLE? RARE? COSTLY TO IMITATE? ORGANIZED TO CAPTURE VALUE? OVERALL – CORE COMPETENCY? Pricing Yes No No Yes High Strategic planning Yes Yes Yes Yes High IT business alignment Yes Yes Yes Yes High New growth platforms Yes No Yes Yes High Financial background Yes Yes Yes Yes High Figure two. Chart two showing VRIO capability analysis for Best Buy Corporation The VRIO framework is a strategic management tool that is used by firms to attain a competitive advantage (Mishra, 2013). In fact, research has shown that it is the best approach that could be utilized to evaluate resources and capabilities of a business establishment (Mishra, 2013). Best Buy has adopted a unique pricing approach to attract many customers who focus on purchasing high quality products. The capability is not rare and it can easily be imitated by other organizations. Strategic planning is an important process that has been used by the company to achieve excellent results. The capability can be used to capture value. Information technology (IT) business alignment is a capability that has enabled Best Buy to achieve a competitive advantage. New growth platforms have made the organization achieve better sales over the years due to the attraction of more customers. However, the capability is not rare. Best Buy is based on a strong financial background, which has enabled it to invest in many products and venture into international markets. Chart three RATIO 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Working capital ratio (Assets/liabilities) 1.483 1.614 1.690 1.375 1.284 Debt ratio (Liabilities/assets) 0.674 0.619 0.591 0.727 0.779 Return on assets (Net income/total assets) 0.063 0.071 0.071 -0.066 -0.026 Asset turnover (Net sales/total assets) 2.844 2.715 2.817 3.168 2.686 Figure three. Chart three showing Best Buy financial ratio trend analysis Working capital ratio is utilized to show how stable a company could be in terms of balancing liabilities and assets. The bigger the ratio the better is the performance outcome (Mishra, 2013). In the context of Best Buy, the ratios increased in the 2008-2010 period, but reduced in the 2010-2012 period (Rothaermel, 2013). The decrease implies that the management adopted approaches to reduce liabilities. The debt ratio could be used to show the degree to which a firm owes other organizations. The reduction in the ratio correlates with better reduction of debts in relation to assets. In the case of Best Buy, the ratios reduced in the 2008-2010 period, but it increased in the 2010-2012 period. Return on assets ratio is employed by business establishments to analyze how assets are used to yield sales (Rothaermel, 2013). The results of the firm imply that it was performing poorly in the 2008-2012 period with regard to utilization of assets. Asset turnover ratios of Best Buy show that it was recording dynamic results that did not have a certain direction of change in the period of analysis (Rothaermel, 2013). Chart four STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES Strong financial background Private-brand recalls Sound strategic management approaches Drop in comparable stores The adoption of IT tools in business Constrained credit availability Strategic acquisitions Too much overhead Knowledgeable personnel Poor customer service Loyalty programs Wide consumer base Figure 4. Chart four showing Best Buy internal evaluation Based on the information presented in the chart above, it is apparent that the multinational company has a significant number of strengths that enable it to achieve a competitive advantage (Wiki Wealth, 2014). On the other hand, it is also characterized by three important weaknesses that the management should focus on addressing so that the organization would achieve its short-term and long-term business goals (Wiki Wealth, 2014). The most important areas to address The management of Best Buy should aim at addressing the poor customer service and constrained credit availability. Improved customer service will make many customers adopt the brand. Improved ease of obtaining credit will ensure that the company can execute projects that would be geared toward improving performance outcomes. Conclusion and recommendations The analyses that are presented in the four charts indicate that the organization is doing well in terms of financial results. However, the management should think about better ways of utilizing assets of the company. In addition, the firm should concentrate on addressing the weaknesses that could negatively impact its financial results. References Best Buy. (2014). Appliances. Mishra, L. (2013). Subway Customer Loyalty And Evaluating Marketing Strategies. Journal Of Business ManagementBest Buy Company Analysis Research Paper

Palomar College Finding Moment of Inertia Discussion

nursing essay writing service Palomar College Finding Moment of Inertia Discussion.

note: If I do, the student who posted the solution will earn a grade of zero for the Weekly Discussion AND the Homework assignment.The posts must be concise. For example, a post should not be “How do I solve this problem?”. Instead, ask specifics questions, like “Did anyone use the concept of energy to solve this problem?” or “Which coordinate system did you use to solve the problem?*** note: If I do, the student who posted the solution will earn a grade of zero for the Weekly Discussion AND the Homework assignment.Examples of posts:Good PostPoor/Invalid PostI tried solving problem 3-7 using the concept of conservation of energy, but I am not sure if it is a correct approach. Can anyone share which concepts they used to approach the problem?How do you solve problem 3-7?Examples of replies:Good replyPoor/Invalid RepliesI solved problem 3-7 by first using the conservation of energy. I included kinetic and gravitational potential energy. I then used the conservation of momentum for the collision of the two objects.I solved by using energyThank youMe too”Anything that terminates a conversation/discussion abruptly”*** note: If I do, the student who posted the solution will earn a grade of zero for the Weekly Discussion AND the
Palomar College Finding Moment of Inertia Discussion

write a discussion about this

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Present an overview of security threats and countermeasures for wireless networks.
Understand the unique security threats posed by the use of mobile devices with enterprise networks.
Describe the principal elements in a mobile device security strategy.
Understand the essential elements of the IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN standard.
Summarize the various components of the IEEE 802.11i wireless LAN security architecture.

write a discussion about this

Article Summary

Article Summary. I’m studying for my Business class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

You are required to create a written summary based on an article taken from a scholarly marketing research publication pertaining to the execution of consumer-based business marketing research such as the Journal of Marketing Research. Utilize the college library to access one of the online professional reference databases such as EBSCoHost (Links to an external site.). The article you select must have been written in the past 12 months. The idea is to see how the concepts we learn in class are applied in the real business world.
The article summary must include:

A cover page with your article’s title, author, and source as well as your name, the course title and number, and the date.
An overview or summary of the marketing research article (55 points)
How the topic specifically pertains to information in the course and textbook (30 points)
Your business opinion of the significance the subject has on today’s organizations using marketing research. (10 points)
Spelling, grammar, sentence structure, continuity/flow of paper (5 points)

The article must be summarized in 1 1/2 – 2 (full) typewritten pages of content, using 12 font, double spacing, Times New Roman font style, size 12. Make sure that you select a detailed article that will enable you to satisfy these requirements.

Article Summary Assignment Rubric


Review of Article

30.0 to >27.3 ptsEXCELLENT. Major topic points selected and discussed in detail with examples from article.
27.3 to >24.6 ptsGOOD. Most topic points selected and discussed in detail. Minor issues selected or no supporting details or examples explained.
24.6 to >21.9 ptsAVERAGE. Does not focus on major issues. Minor issues are discussed without details
21.9 to >0 ptsNEEDS IMPROVEMENT. Missed the main topic and points of the article.

30.0 pts

Organization of Writing

20.0 to >18.2 ptsWell-organized thinking that reviews the article, discusses major points in an order that makes sense, and closes with your thoughts.
18.2 to >16.4 ptsMinor jumping around on points. Could be better with few minor moves.
16.4 to >14.6 ptsMajor jumping around on points made in review. Major organizational edits needed to articulate clearly.
14.6 to >0 ptsNo organizational thought demonstrated in writing of review, major points discussed in the article, or your thoughts and ideas.

20.0 pts

Topic Related to the Course

25.0 to >22.75 ptsClearly articulates the topic of the article directly to the course using multiple specific examples.
22.75 to >20.5 ptsArticulates the topic of the article directly to the course using some specific examples
20.5 to >18.25 ptsRelates a few points of the article topic to the course but only in general terms.
18.25 to >0 ptsDoes not relate the topic of the article to the course or barely does so.

25.0 pts

Your Opinion

15.0 to >13.65 ptsArticulates thoughts on the article in a clear manner. Discusses how topics learned could be applied elsewhere.
13.65 to >12.3 ptsSome discussion of thoughts and opinions without mention of how the topic could be further applied.
12.3 to >10.95 ptsBrief mention of thoughts, but did not elaborate. No mention of learning from reading the article.
10.95 to >0 ptsDoes not write any original thoughts or ideas about what is discussed in the article.

15.0 pts

Writing Style, Spelling, Grammar, And Punctuation

10.0 to >9.1 ptsClear articulate writing used. One or two minor edits needed to be a perfect paper!
9.1 to >8.2 ptsMinor errors/edits needed.
8.2 to >7.3 ptsToo many edits and/or errors noted.
7.3 to >0 ptsNot college level work at all.

10.0 pts

Total Points: 100.0

Article Summary