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Lebanese syrian war writing essay help Applied Mathematics

Syria’s influence on Lebanon Ever since I opened my eyes and started to grow, the relationship between Syria and Lebanon has grown as well. They were inseparable countries, because of Syria’s interventions in the Lebanese political system. After the assassination of Prime Minister Raflc Hariri in 2005, the Lebanese population was able to get rid of the Syrian dictatorship in Lebanon by protesting in on the 14th of March.

Lebanese were promised freedom however that promise was broken because of the war that divided Syria into two parts the ones that supported Bashar el Assad and the one who were gainst this dictator this war took place across the borders of Lebanon, and affected the Lebanese population since Syria has throughout history influenced Lebanon. I believe that this war had a detrimental effect on Lebanon’s economy, politics, population and security. Many authors have written about the topic of the Syrian war and its effect on Lebanon.

Hussein ibish in his article “Is Syria being ‘Lebanized’ or Lebanon being ‘syrianized’ ” talks about the intervention of Hezbollah in Syria and how this is affecting Lebanon’s safety. He mentions in his article how car bombings in Lebanon were the result of this intervention in addition to the political problems, some were against Hezbollah’s actions while others approved. “Lebanon overrun by Syrian refugees” an article written by Ninette Kelley, develops the idea of how the refugees are living in poor conditions in Lebanon, and how the Lebanese government is getting worse because of Syria’s war.

In the article “Lebanon’s Syrian war” Rania Abouzeid mentioned how these two countries are interrelated and how the Syrian efugees are settled in Lebanon. In is article “Can Beirut be Paris again? ” Micheal J totten talks about the negative change that Beirut has faced after 1970, the war, Syrian intervention, and how Beirut before the 70s was the Paris of the Middle East. He also questions if Beirut can be the Paris it was and shine again after being freed from Syria domination First, the Syrian war had a detrimental effect on Lebanon’s economy, and since the beginning of this war, Lebanese have been struggling for surviving this crisis.

This ame war has led to loss of employment, decrease in investments in Lebanon and in the government’s revenue. Inflation took place, everything became so expensive, a cup of coffee at any coffee shop would cost u 10$, and having lunch would cost u a relatively a fortune. Nobody was willing to spend money on clubbing and shopping, every Lebanese was scared and preferred to save their money to see what will happen in the near future of Lebanon. The Syrian war not only caused economic difficulties but also difficulties in tourism.

Because of the situation in Syria that is spilling in Lebanon tourist were afraid to come to Lebanon a lot of stores and restaurants were closed . All this proves that our economy is falling day by day. And the thing that affected most the Lebanese was the fact that Syrians were able to do the same Job that the Lebanese did with much lower salaries and hence reducing Job opportunities for the Lebanese. Security ot the Lebanese was also threatened and damage d because ot the war in Syria. After Hezbollah announced their involvement in Syria with Bashar el Assad

Lebanon saw a rise in tensions between the Shiite and Sunnite parties, this led to several car bombings, in Beirut and in the north of Lebanon majorly. Most of the Lebanese were afraid to go out because of stealing and kidnaping, nobody was willing to put his life or his children life at risks. We have also faced the problem of refugees in Lebanon because some of the Lebanese wanted to help them while others didn’t, those who didn’t were afraid that refugees will become like the Palestinians in Lebanon.

In the article “Lebanon overrun by Syrian refugees” Ninette Kelley says that the refugees have been increasing day after day causing this division to have no solution. Our social life has been damaged since the beginning of this war, its effect were bombings, raping, and division of people among each other’s. Syrian war caused also a negative effect on the politics. In Lebanon we have politicians that are with the Syrian regime and some that are against it. he problem in the political regime in Lebanon is that our politicians doesn’t know how to communicate and agree on something, and to prove this till this date the Lebanese on’t have a government , elections weren’t run , and we broke the fundamental laws in the book of constitution . Hussein ibish in his article “is Syria being ‘lebanized’ or Lebanon being ‘syrianized’? ” wrote, “the government reflected political disagreement over the war in Syria, Hezbollah’s intervention… “.

In a weak country such as Lebanon politics would play a major role in stabilizing it and we Just saw how the political system is corrupted and how it got worse than it was after the war in Syria that’s spilling over in Lebanon and thus causing rape, kidnaping and an unsafe situation. The final negative effect is the demographic change that is taking place in the country. As we said the Syrian war has led to bombings, raping and kidnaping in Lebanon this will lead to migration of the Lebanese, and once they leave the country more space will be left for Syrians to dig in.

These Syrians have now the opportunity to expand their space by coming and staying in Lebanon as “refugees”, but this number of refugees is not small but in fact very big. This number is increasing dramatically and in the article “Lebanon’s Syrian war” abouzeid explain how every ourth person in Lebanon is now Syrian. On the other hand, some may say that the war in Syria had no effect on Lebanon and that Lebanon was always damaged and broken economically, politically, and socially.