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Learning to Swim grad school essay help Algebra homework help

After changing into my bathing suit, I stood shakily by the edge of the pool waiting for the lessons to begin. After a few minutes, the teacher came over. She introduced me to two older kids who could not swim. While I was still scared about not being able to swim, it made me feel more comfortable knowing that some of the older kids could not swim either. After getting over the initial fear of jumping in, the teacher had us put on our water wings and hold on to the side of the pool.

While some of the other students were more experienced, and could swim on their own, I was content with the help that I was being given. The students who could not swim on their own, and needed help, were being shown how to kick and do the breaststroke by the teacher. Pretty soon the other kids were off swimming on their own. I however, was not. The teacher soon realized this and began to pay special attention to how I was doing. Swimming did not come to me as easy as it did for the other kids, but the teacher was patient.

After a few weeks of swimming lessons, I began to get the hang of things. I could soon use my arms and legs simultaneously. I was however, being held up by my teacher. Not long after learning to use my arms and legs, she decided that I was ready to swim on my own. While I was not having trouble with the movement, I was however having trouble with staying above the water. Sooner than I imagined though, things began to get easier and I was no longer having trouble staying above water.

The feeling of accomplishing a task as great as swimming is great. Learning how to swim was not easy, but in the end, my persistence and the help I was given paid off. I not only learned how to swim, but I also learned how to conquer my fears. Now when I am faced with tough or new situations I am not so nervous. I am always uncomfortable to begin with, but I always know that it will get easier as I practice more. It is a great feeling to know that you can accomplish things that you never imagined you would be able to do.

Design of Prototype and Solution

Design of Prototype and Solution.

When analyzing Macro challenges in economies the ability to understand the underlying drivers is vital. Attempts to address challenges like Poverty have been made with varying results across different jurisdictions [developing, emerging and developed economies]. Following your initial assignment [A1] where you were required to reframe and create solutions- Design a prototype that can be used to not only offer a solution in the short, medium and long term but one the considers all the stakeholders. Note- Prototypes can be- Products; Policy; Strategy and Process. To complete the above you are required to provide a 2000-word report – use a country of your choice, identify a particular challenge and acknowledge how its reframed

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