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Learning Theories of Education

You will use theoretical perspectives to articulate your theory of the most effective teaching strategies and learning environment for this student: “Keven.” You will support your theory with a Christian perspective.Here is the scenario given: Keven is a sixth-grade student who has attended three schools in the past two years. His mother is in the military and is currently deployed overseas. Keven lives at home with his father and two younger sisters. Keven is a good reader and typically earns Bs and Cs in all subjects except for math. Keven is currently failing his math class, and he failed math when he was in fifth grade. Keven’s math teacher, Ms. Thomas, describes his classroom behavior as unmotivated, careless, and frequently off-task. Ms. Thomas has tried to encourage Keven by offering incentives for improved classroom participation, but Keven declined to participate in the incentive program. Ms. Thomas held a conference with Keven and his father to discuss Keven’s classroom behavior, but Keven’s father seemed tired and distracted. He said that math has always been a challenge for Keven. Outside of school, Keven enjoys karate, skateboarding, and playing computer games. He attends church with his family and seems to enjoy the Sunday School program. Ms. Thomas is concerned about Keven’s ability to pass the state standardized math test that will be administered in approximately three months.For this assignment, you will write a 2,500-word paper (minimum) that presents a customized learning theory for Keven. The paper should include principles of the developmental learning theories (i.e., Piaget, Kohlberg, Vygotsky, Erickson, Bandura, etc.), as they relate to Keven’s unique educational needs. The paper must include an introduction, conclusion, and the following components: 1)    Description of an effective teacher for Keven, includinga.    Character developmentb.    Engaging with students who have diverse learning needsc.    Building self-efficacyd.    Developing relationships2)    Description of an effective learning environment for Keven, includinga.    Direct instruction b.    Technologyc.    Motivationd.    Behavior management3)    Biblical basis for your learning theory, includinga.    Specific scriptures referenced by chapter and verseThe paper must include citations from at least 4 scholarly sources, in addition to both course textbooks (Learning Theories EDUC 500 Custom Edition For Liberty University by Slavin and Schunk [Authors], and “Philosophical, Ideological, and Theoretical Perspectives on Education” 2nd Edition by Gerald Gutek [Author]). All sources must be published within the past 5 years. This paper MUST include a reference page and everything MUST follow current APA 7 format.Please be sure to thoroughly review both attachments: Instructions and Guidelines for the paper and the Rubric for the paper.Thank you!

PA412-3: Explain the role Alternative Dispute Resolution, specifically mediation and arbitration, is playing in the different types of cases and situations in today’s legal system

PA412-3: Explain the role Alternative Dispute Resolution, specifically mediation and arbitration, is playing in the different types of cases and situations in today’s legal system.

Mediation Project Course outcomes addressed in this Assignment: PA412-3: Explain the role Alternative Dispute Resolution, specifically mediation and arbitration, is playing in the different types of cases and situations in today’s legal system.

You instructor will assign the following roles: Mediator, Plaintiff, and Defendant. Using the below scenario and the role assigned to you, you will write a strategy paper. Prior to writing your strategy paper, please watch the following video: Source: Teaching DVD Ch. 13 Divorce: Suffolk Law School: Retrieved from View the rubric for the assignment details. Role is Defendant

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Alzheimer Dementia

Learning Theories of Education Alzheimer Dementia.

Page 1: diagnosis from the following list and provide an in depth pathophysiology presentation on, Alzheimer’s Dementia beginning at the cellular leve Page 2:.Aricept and Namenda are known to help slow the progression of AD in the early stages, and for a fairly limited number of years talk about what stage of dementia, and the symptoms that you would expect to see when these two medications reach the end of benefit for the patient. Course Textbook: McCance, K., & Huether, S. (2015). Pathophysiology: The Biologic Basis for Disease in Adults And Children (7th Ed.

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Is there really a large gender role difference between the typical man and woman in our society today?

Is there really a large gender role difference between the typical man and woman in our society today?.

Greer warns that masculinity running wild will produce what it fears the most, the “feminization” of men. Do men feel such pressure to “act like a man” that they have stopped trying? Is there really a large gender role difference between the typical man and woman in our society today? Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details 3 sources , with source page.

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Assignment Overview Before starting on this assignment, make sure to thoroughly review the required background materials. This assignment will require you to use the various discounted cash flow methods and dividend models to make computations. In addition to knowing the computational steps involved in stock and bond valuation, make sure you also understand the basic concepts. Submit your answers as a Word document. Make sure to show your work for all quantitative questions, and make sure to fully explain your answers using references to the background readings for any conceptual questions. Questions 1 and 3 will require Excel, so submit an Excel file that shows your computational steps as a separate file in addition to your Word file. Question 4 is purely conceptual, no computations are necessary but make sure to apply and reference concepts from the required readings in your answers to each of the scenarios. Case Assignment 1. Suppose you buy a bond that will pay $1000 in ten years along with an annual coupon payment of $50 and the interest rate is 4%. Answer the following questions: A. What is the value of this bond? B. Now suppose the bond has no coupon payments (it is a “zero coupon” bond) but still pays $1000 in ten years. What is the value of this bond? C. What would happen to the value of the bond if the inflation rate unexpectedly goes up? What the bond value increase or decrease? D. Now suppose the bond still pays an annual coupon of $50 but the interest rate drops to 2%. What is the new value of this bond? 2. The XYZ Corporation pays a dividend of $1 for each share and its required rate of return is 8%. Answer the following questions: A. Assuming zero growth in dividends, what is the value of each share? B. Now assume a 4% annual growth rate in the dividend paid. What is the value of each share? C. Assume the growth rate is still 4%, but the required rate of return drops to 6%. What is the new value of each share? 3. Acme Medical Corp. is expecting the cash flows from 2018-2022 in the table below. After 2022 it is expecting growth in cash flow at an annual rate of 3%. The firm has determined that its weighted average cost of capital (discount rate) is 7%. Using the table below calculate the following: A. What is the present value of Acme’s future cash flows using the discounted cash flow model? B. If the firm has 200,000 common shares outstanding, zero preferred shares, and debt with a market value of $10,000,000 what would be the value of each share? C. Now suppose the discount rate increases to 10%. How would your answers to a) and b) above change based on the new discount rate? Year Cash flow 2018 500,000 2019 550,000 2020 620,000 2021 700,000 2022 800,000 1. Suppose the Alpha Manufacturing Corporation is experiencing extreme financial difficulties and is considering bankruptcy. Its shareholders are currently almost equally divided about whether or not the company should go bankrupt, with one outspoken faction pushing for bankruptcy and the other strongly opposing it. They have $50 million in debt all in the form of bonds, and bondholders are pretty well united in that they want the firm to declare bankruptcy

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Pop culture as reflection of society and how it influences society

Pop culture as reflection of society and how it influences society.

Pop culture as reflection of society and how it influences society


Paper details:

This class has been our examination of the ways in which popular culture is both a reflection of our contemporary capitalist society, as well as something that influences it. In a standard essay using course materials and real-life examples (i.e., from film, TV, books, etc.), please demonstrate how both aspects are true.

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Persuasive Research Essay

Persuasive Research Essay.

ne of the major problems facing the world today is the growing number of refugees. The developed nations in the world should tackle this problem by taking in more refugees. To what extent do you agree with this opinion? To examine the controversial issue, summarize the chief arguments on both sides of the refugees debate. Use description to provide examples that support either or both sides

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Cultural Appreciation and Appropriation

This question has to be answered in two parts
Part 1
– Write on yoga as appreciation- a mixing of two cultures that produces a unique (third) blend which has elements of both. (so that would be india and america)
-Speak about the cultural appreciation of yoga in Los Angeles, California. Talk about where yoga originated from (India) and how it integrated in America, more specifically Los Angeles
Part 2
– write about the cultural appropriation of getting braids—single plaits, cornrows or any style that weaves together three strands of hair in America (braiding, dreads and another other kind of hair style meant for Africans)
-Explain how it is cultural appropriation when non- africans do that style of hair.
You must CITE SOURCES and include quotes in your paper.
1.5 -2 pages
times new roman
12 pt font

Article to Analyze for Rhetorical

Article to Analyze for Rhetorical.

 Description Read Catherine Ford’s article as well as this example Rhetorical Analysis of her article, which includes comments like the ones you will be making during peer review. Then, find an article (anything that is making an argument) and begin to analyze it for your Rhetorical Analysis; refer to the directions on pg. 120 in our textbook. Beware you don’t select one that is too short because it will be difficult to find enough to write about OR one that is too long as it might be too much to cover in just 2-3 pages. If you are struggling to find an article, you might check here (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.for local editorials or refer to pg. 109 for ideas on other genres of arguments you might analyze for this assignment

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What is the maturity-immaturity continuum and who developed it

What is the maturity-immaturity continuum and who developed it.

What is the maturity-immaturity continuum and who developed it? Required Textbook: Hersey, P., Blanchard, K.H. and Johnson, D.E. (2010). Management of Organizational Behavior: Leading Human Resources (10th ed.). Upper Saddle River,NJ: Prentice Hall.

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