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A has summarized about last week from what we discussed with the discussion questions as well as our individual thoughts about different acts how technology has promoted their change. Last week was our first week of class in which we discussed several different topics relating to business in the computer field. We discussed the ethical challenges surrounding the movie and music industries as they related to the internet, collaborating tools that we use in our personal and work life and different concepts of Microsoft Word that we might not have een aware of.

Along with our group work, we were also giving a list of different political acts that have effect the technology world and were told to argue the two acts and why or how they added to the change of technology. Our discussion questions were centered on these topics; ethics in the movie and music industry, collaborative tools used in our work and home life and, capabilities of Microsoft that we may not have been aware of. We have all agreed that it is illegal and unethical to download music and buy bootlegged videos.

We believe that because these items have been made readily vailable to us, that due to the hard work from the individuals involved, it is unfair that they should be allowed to, in one way or another, work for free. Information systems helps individual and business do all kinds of tasks with more efficiency. We learnt that the amount of data collected through information systems are used to make some companies emerge and others expand to new markets.

We understand that companies change their business process and implement certain policies. With the changes in communication and collaboration it is forced to keep up with the ways different ways consumers find product information. Furthermore, the transactions , web searches, applications, and posts that are done online on a daily basis is producing more data that different information systems collect, process it and use to learn about consumers. Some of this data is not always kept safe and it is sold to telemarketing companies.

In the emerging laws due to ethics paper one may realize how dangerous and easy it is to be a victim of fraud or have medical private information compromised. Although the government tries to impose new laws to keep personal private, with the new evolving technologies and methods being used to communicate, othing is really private anymore. Now that we are aware of what businesses can do with all the data they collect, individuals have to be more careful securing their user name and passwords. Social media can be potentially dangerous for anyone.

When individuals share secures personal or business information on the internet such as credit card numbers or social security numbers, they are taking the risk of identity theft, fraud and misrepresentation. One thing that has also put us at risk is ecommerce. Ecommerce has become popular in almost every American household. Ecommerce has made things easier for criminals. Ecommerce has made credit card numbers easily available. People can set up a fake sale on this popular shopping website and use anyone’s credit card number.

Gradually these sites are finding more ways to secure information as we progress towards the future. Week 2, we discussed the collaborative tools used to communicate amongst one another via social media. Some social media tools are video conferencing, like Skype, emailing, texting, Outlook to share amongst coworkers, Facebook, Instagram and Tweeter. This enables multitasking and being able to do fast business without the other members being hysically present. Team A discussed about the pros and cons of social media being utilized in businesses and personal life.

Social media has it’s pros and cons. The discussion revolved around our thoughts and feelings that it really depends on the individual. The factors to consider will be when, where and how they are feeling when utilizing social media. One has to always be careful what is being snared on Facebook. The reason is because it is readily available on the internet for everyone to view and read. Whether it involves work or personal life, one has to be professional nd pay close attention to the content being posted or shared.