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lean canvas

See the Lean Canvas described on page 32 in your Lean Analytics book. Please read all the information about the Lean Canvas that is included in Chapter 3 in order to better understand the intent of the tool. Two additional readings were provided in the readings list.
For this assignment, we are using the Lean Canvas framework to lay out a plan for an innovation for the client you picked the first week of class. Start by listing the problems that your client’s customers have. The solutions box should include your innovation that addresses those problems, then the rest of the Lean Canvas fill in the details related to getting that innovation launched.
You do not need to re-create the template using the blocks. You can create your Lean Canvas in a Word document for this assignment. In fact, writing out your Lean Canvas in a Word document would be better since your responses should be at least a couple of sentences each, not just a few words. Be sure to either number or use bullet points for each of the Lean Canvas areas.
Finally, complete a 250-word reflection essay on using Lean Canvas. Was it easy to use? Would you change anything? How can it be used in conjunction with Design Thinking? However, if you mention that the order of filling out the lean canvas was unclear, be sure you covered all the lean canvas readings in the module.
The “Problems” section of the lean canvas isnot for you to list your client’s problems. The problems are from your client’s customers’ perspectives. What problems can your client solve for their customers?
Remember to add a section at the end with your Key Metrics. What metrics will help your client know that they are solving their customers’ problems?