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The virtue of ethics as define by Aristotle in its simplistic form is to discover the nature of human happiness. Happiness is the highest good and the end at which all our activities ultimately aim. The difficulty is that people don’t agree on what makes for a happy or good life, so the purpose of the ethics is to find an answer to this question. The answer is imprecise because practical circumstances vary a great deal when considering a person’s life as a whole. Aristotle defines virtue as a disposition to behave in the right manner and as a mean between extremes of deficiency and excess.

However, there is no fixed rule to determine where the mean lies. We can look at one of the virtue related to money as a way to determine the mean. According to Aristotle, in giving and taking money the mean is generosity, the excess wastefulness and the deficiency ungenerosity. Virtue is acquired primarily through habit and practice rather than through reasoning and instructions. Aristotle’s conception of virtue as something learned through habit rather than through reasoning makes a great deal of practical sense because it is difficult to make an unpleasant person pleasant simply by providing reasons for behaving more pleasantly.

We can only be good at something through constant practice then and only then can we appreciate what it is that we are good at. Ultimately for an action to be virtuous, whether we are giving away money or being courageous, a person must do it deliberately, knowing what he is doing, and doing it because it is a noble action. Finally, human beings should as a rule, avoid the extreme that is farther from the mean, notice what errors we are particularly susceptible to and avoid them diligently, and be wary of pleasure because it often impedes our judgment.

Politics and Religion

Politics and Religion.

 Description One essay 1500 words Essay Question: Ases the claim that religion performs necessary social and political functions. You will need to discuss all the major classical and contemporary Social and political theorist, with examples and clear explanation. the essay must be analytical reflective and persuasive piece of expository prose. the essay must consists of an introduction, a body of evidence and arguments and a conclusion. In the introduction, you set up a question or debate. In the body, you provide specific arguments and supportive evidence and deal with any counter-arguments or counter-examples if possible. In the conclusion, you discuss implications, make recommendations, or explore ramifications.

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