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Alexis Lee Aliyah Johnson Aaron Clark Govt. Mock Trial Kahn vs. Kahn Opening Statement On December 8, 2011 the court will be hearing the case between former Mrs. Karmia Kahn and her ex-husband, Mr. Kahn. Petitioner Karmia Kahn reported two complaints of domestic violence in January; once on the 2nd and another on the 5th. They separated January 5th, 1995. Karmia is 28 years old and Keith is 45. Karmia filed for divorce after her husband became more and more abusive. Keith allegedly came to the point that he didn’t need much of a reason to ‘discipline’ Karmia.

Karmia implies that Keith beat her once because she lost $200, another time because she ruined his favorite sweater, and again for denting their brand new car. They have been married for 10 years and have three children; two sons and a girl. Karmia noticed that Keith had excessively exercised Togerian faith when his slaps got more violent and more frequently. Karmia’s awareness sparked when she went to discipline her son, Michael, and he responded by slapping her back. Karmia knew that Michael had got the idea from his dad, Keith and thought slapping his mother was alright to do.

Fearing for her life after being beaten, bruised, kicked and stomped, Karmia fled to a nearby friend, Terry who openly welcome Karmia while she gathered her thoughts and cleaned up. After telling Karmia he would destroy her in Togerian language, Karmia knew it was time to go. Nearby neighbors heard the commotion and called the police. Officer Chris Williams arrived and suggested options for Karmia and her children. She filed a Civil Protection Order and Officer Williams brought her and her children safely to her mother’s home. Our goal in this trial is to prove Karmia’s innocence and Keith’s guilt of two counts of domestic violence.

Keith is a man or rage and he’s obsessed with feeling superior. He longs for authority and uses his religious beliefs as a reason to justify the beatings of his wife. According to witness, Terry Sellers, Karmia is no more than Keith’s slave. Terry even remembers seeing a bruise on Karmia’s eye in May of 1994. Terry encouraged Karmia to set forth to reach her own goals and dreams; to seek independence! Keith said that Togerian woman working was a sign or a mocking that the husband had failed his family and could not provide for his household. This outraged Keith making him more violent.

Keith has a problem of violently expressing his emotions. He does not consult and console but beats and abuses! Keith disapproved Terry and Karmia’s friendship for to him, Terry’s ‘encouragements’ were outside of their customs. When Karmia refused to withdraw from seeing Terry, the problems escalated leading to more abuse and more wounds, thus, destroying the Khan’s marriage! Karmia is no more than a victim of domestic violence, experienced officer; Chris Williams said she had the entire behavioral characteristic consistent with an abused woman.

He persuaded her to press charges on Keith; Officer Williams could see Karmia blamed herself for everything that had happened; these were more signs that Karmia had been domestically beaten for quite some time and basically bowed down to her husband! It’s clear to see that Keith is violent and has uncontrollable anger. All the evidence points to Keith and signals his habits with red lights. Although in denial of all misconducts, it can rightfully be proven that Keith abused his faith and beat his wife for his own sick and degraded reasons.