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Last assignment

Last assignment.

(each response should be at least 150-words, but not more than 250-words). Include in your responses engagement with the textbook as well as other relevant readings.Answer the following short answer questions. (worth 10% each.)1. What is a Smart Grid? How can smart grids be useful and what are some limitations? 2. What are some ethical concerns relating to Smart Cars? Be specific. 3. What is the importance of electronic medical records? What major benefits and drawbacks come with this technology?4. What are some major strategies and tips for “going green” from a Green IT perspective? Explain. 5. Discuss three examples of how cyber threats have attacked critical infrastructure in ways that have cast doubt on the turn to “smart” solutions using technology. Be sure to explain why these events or examples matter to a topic in cyber security? 6. One of the themes of major countries’ healthcare is the embracing of data and information in order to transform health and care. Discuss how this theme can be used to make this transformationusing specific strategies and technologies. Provide at least three examples. 7. What are some specific initiatives that have been implemented in regards to smarter city public safety and surveillance? Analyze their benefits and pitfalls. 8. What are some major causes for pollution and e-waste for cities and businesses?9. What is the role of data mining regarding educational systems of the future?Analyze benefits and pitfalls. 10. Thinking about your own semester project, how well do you feel such a project would work if it were actually funded? What retrospect or future recommendations do you have for someone implementing your project? Explain. List what project you worked on. Which project out of the whole class do you think should reach fruition and why?
Last assignment

Price Discrimination Essay. Discuss the pricing policy of price discrimination. Provide the economic reasoning for movie theaters, airlines, and many other businesses to charge customers different prices based on time of the day, age, and purchase dates. Why? Provide an example of a price discrimination for a good or service that you considered unfair. Do you still believe that the discrimination is unjustifiable? (250 words) Please respond to two of your classmates’ posts (150 word response) Classmate #1 : Price discrimination is a selling strategy that charges customers different prices for the same services or product based on what the seller thinks they can get the customer to pay. If the price discrimination is pure the sellers charge the maximum amount they can get. In more common practices there are groups of customers based on certain attributes and each group is charged a different price. The company must look a different market segments such as domestic and industrial users, with different price elasticities. Markets must be kept separately by time, physical distance and nature of use. Examples of price discrimination include coupons, age discounts, and loyalty programs. Consumers who buy airline tickets month sin advance typically pay less than those buying last minute. On the other side of the spectrum last minute unsold seats for early morning flights tend to sell for reasonable rates because no one wants to travel early in the morning and airlines simply want to fill the seats. In most cases price discrimination is lawful and actually beneficial to the market. If everything were the same costs people with lower price points couldn’t afford it and those with higher price points would hoard it. Also known as market segmentation. In the case of gender discrimination or the “pink tax” I believe is one example of unfair use of price discrimination. It has been found that on average females pay 7% more than their male counterparts purchasing the same or similar products. This study recorded results for 794 products, with significant price differences, a whopping 13% for personal care products. This is an unjust price manipulation and should not be allowed to continue. Classmate #2: Good afternoon class, I hope you are all doing well. The policy of Price discrimination is an interesting one. A short definition of price discrimination would be suppliers selling the same good or service for different prices, to different populations of their clientele (or markets). When understanding why a business would do this, it is necessary to understand the reason that the business is trading its goods and services in the first place, which would of course be revenue. Price discrimination is a tool suppliers have to maximize the total revenue gained from a particular good that they are producing. I saw two potential benefits to this strategy. The first benefit was that price discrimination allows sellers earn more revenue off the buyers that value the product more, by targeting a specific demographic within their customer base. While the targeted consumers might complain about such a strategy, the fact that the product is still being purchased shows that the value of the product to the customer is greater than the value of the higher cost of the product. If this was not the case, the seller would lose its customer base. The market being targeted would decreased its demand for the product in question, which would result in the opposing forces of supply and demand equilibrating the market in question. This brings up another interesting point, the market equilibrium for a specific good might be different within different consumer demographics within that market. The second benefit that became apparent to me was the fact that price discrimination allows sellers to make a perishable product more enticing to consumers before the widow that sellers have to off-load the item closes. In this instance the price discrimination is not based on specific attributes of the consumer, but rather attributes of the product itself. For instance a supermarket could choose to reduce the price of bananas, if it becomes apparent that the current stock is nearing the point of becoming unsellable. While the same good is being sold, it is sold for a cheaper price to the consumers who purchased the good at a specific time. In both instances the seller adjusts the price to what the seller thinks the buyer will agree to pay, a practice that is old as trade itself. Offering the same good for a different price allows the seller to maximize revenue, not only by targeting a specific section of their consumer base, but also by allowing access to a population that might not otherwise be willing or able to purchase the good. An example of price discrimination that I have found unfair, is the tendency of businesses to offer a military discount. In this instance a price is reduced for a very specific segment of the seller’s customer base, a segment that is employed and very well paid considering the average level of skill behind their labor. Rather I feel that this particular example of price discrimination is more about improving the image of a company’s brand, than accessing harder to reach consumer base. With a few exceptions (such as the one noted above), I think that price discrimination is an excellent tool that allows suppliers to maximize revenue, which in turn increases their willingness to produce the goods that consumers seek. If producers are producing, and consumers are consuming, the market is a healthy one!Price Discrimination Essay
BUSS 20007 MEC Suhail Bahwan Automobiles LLC Business Strategy Essay.

I’m working on a business case study and need an explanation to help me study.

Task I. SWOT model
Q.1 a. Using secondary source, choose any local or global company as your subject of study for this
assessment. Write 3 paragraphs background of the company mentioning the industry, history, founder,
year of inception, growth and major operations. (Note: Answers should be in paragraphs with appropriate
discussions. ). Q.1 .b. Conduct an external and internal environment analysis for this company using SWOT
model. Q.2. Resolving Strategic Management Issues in an organization Framework
Toyota Recalls and PR Management CrisisQuestion Two :
Discuss the relevance of stakeholder analysis in strategic formulation process in Toyota’s
context and identify the different stakeholders in the above case . Task 3: International Business Strategies
Discuss the Multi – Domestic Business Strategies and highlight the value chain advantages
exploited by Multinational Corporations location overseas and provide examples of the
companies using this approach to access international markets.
(The discussions should highlight specific value chain aspects in meeting their strategy and
how Multinational Corporations try and overcome the challenges ). .
Task 4. MOOC evidence with reflection.
Student should capture evidence of MOOC reflection with a 300 – words write -up on the topic
‘Introduction to managing change’ . Reflection should highlight the learnings of the student from
this MOOC online resource. Minimum of two paragraphs discussion.
See website : All resources should be cited using CU Harvard style.• The final assignment must have a Title page, Table of Contents, References/ bibliography usingCU Harvard Style and page numbers.
BUSS 20007 MEC Suhail Bahwan Automobiles LLC Business Strategy Essay

Alliant International University Emerging Research Scholar Communities Reflection

Alliant International University Emerging Research Scholar Communities Reflection.

Using your Weekly Reflection Journal Entries (Attached below) as a foundation, develop a final reflective paper that focuses on the influence of the different learning experiences in this course (including from readings, videos, activities, and assignments) on your own understanding and use of research scholar communitiesPrepare a 2,100 to 3,150-word paper (not including the reference page/s) in which you address the following:Describe the way in which you will use your research skills and knowledge as a part of your future in the professional world.Explain the aspects of research and research scholar communities that connect best to your work in the professional world.Evaluate the impact that traditional and/or emerging research scholar communities can have on your lifelong learning.Examine how research scholar communities can positively impact your professional work outside of graduate school.Discuss how your understanding of research has changed throughout this course.This paper needs to include at least 10 references and accurately follow all APA guidelines for citations and references.
Alliant International University Emerging Research Scholar Communities Reflection

MU Family Relationships and Drama in Caramelo by Sandra Cisneros Analysis

write my term paper MU Family Relationships and Drama in Caramelo by Sandra Cisneros Analysis.

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I need somene to write 8 pages on a book called Caramelo by Sandra Cisneros, talk about the different family relationships and drama throughout the book and what events happened throughout the book to shape them to how they are. If you have not read the book please go on spark notes and find events to put in the essay and try to quote the page number. You will be writing a 7-8 page final paper in which you make an original argument regarding Caramelo. In order to have a strong foundation, I require a proposal for this essay. In your proposal, you should include a topic (what generally interests you), a tentative thesis (this will change as you refine and revise your essay), and at least three scenes from various sections of the novel that you will use for close reading and analysis (reference by topic, page number, and how it relates to your thesis). In addition, you will need to list (with correct MLA citations) three of the secondary sources that will be useful to your project. These proposals are usually no less than a page and not more than two pages, but that will depend on how detailed you are.
MU Family Relationships and Drama in Caramelo by Sandra Cisneros Analysis

Can someone please help me with these two. Thanks.

Can someone please help me with these two. Thanks..

Place prepostional phrase in parentheses. Underline subject once verb twice. Label verb action or linking.1.Did the newspaper reporters investigate the story about the landfill?2. Should Jim send Louise and her sister the money for the tickets to the dance.
Can someone please help me with these two. Thanks.

Nursing Theory Application: The Betty Neuman Systems Model

The Neuman Systems model was initiated by Betty Neuman as a framework for nursing care, examining clients as a combination of varying components interacting with the world at large as experienced through different stressors in the environment. Clients are defined as individuals as well as the support systems and communities that create a unit. Stressors and environments exist in forms of different sizes and impact the client in a multitude of levels. This model has helped to shape modern nursing practice and research and will continue to be a beneficial structure for the future of healthcare. The Betty Neuman Systems model examines the patient, or client, as a complex multifaceted entity. This is based on a general system theory, where living organisms are considered open systems integrating with each other and the environment (Ahmadi

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