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LAS 20601 DePaul University On Care for Our Common Home Reading Discussion

LAS 20601 DePaul University On Care for Our Common Home Reading Discussion.

A CRR is your take-away from the reading assigned. It is not a summary. Rather it is what you got out of the reading and how it applies, or does not apply, to your life. This should be top notch writing. You cannot do it in 10 minutes! You must read and analyze the reading, and then THINK. Then THINK some more. Please read Chapter 2: ENCYCLICAL LETTER
ON CARE FOR OUR COMMON HOME and write how it applies, or does not apply, to your life.- 1 page is required – 12 point font Link to the reading:… (starts at 62 and ends at 100)
LAS 20601 DePaul University On Care for Our Common Home Reading Discussion

PGU Nutrition Among Age Groups & Age Appropriate Foods Discussion

PGU Nutrition Among Age Groups & Age Appropriate Foods Discussion.

I’m working on a nutrition question and need support to help me understand better.

The Unit 8 assignment will give you an opportunity to review how nutritional needs change throughout the life cycle, and identify ways to improve an individual’s nutritional intake during the different stages.You will be required to conduct research and search for peer reviewed articles. A peer reviewed article is an article where other experts/peers in a given field of study, review and critique the original author’s article. This process helps to ensure that the research methodology and results are valid and meet research standards. The Purdue Global Library is an excellent resource to conduct your research.The following are resources that may assist you in completing this assignment: Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. (2018, May 10). Healthy people 2020. Retrieved from U.S. Department of Agriculture. (n.d.) Food and nutrition. Retrieved from Instructions:Identify one different key nutrient for each of the following age groups:Children (ages 2 to 8),Adolescents (ages 9 to 18),Adults (19-64), andOlder adults (over age 65).Identify at least two age-appropriate foods that would provide a high amount of the key nutrient selected for each age group.Suggest real foods and identify which nutrients the food contains that will improve the individual’s diet.Do not recommend supplements, such as multivitamins, or supplemental drinks as food recommendations.Make sure not to use the same nutrients for each age group.Describe the importance of each respective nutrient for each of the identified age groups.Why does this age group require the nutrient?How does this nutrient promote development and wellness in the age group?Locate one peer reviewed article on nutritional needs for one of the age groups (either children, adolescents, adults or older adults) from the Purdue Global library.Include author(s), date of publication, title of article, and source of articleWrite a summary regarding the key concepts of the article in at least 250 words.What did the article state about the research?What were the limitations identified regarding the research?How would you use this information when planning a diet for the selected age group? Your response should be at least 100-words.
PGU Nutrition Among Age Groups & Age Appropriate Foods Discussion

In A Typical Indian Village Economics Essay

assignment writer With a population of just over 1.2 billion, India is the worlds largest democracy. In the past decade, the country has witnessed accelerated economic growth, emerged as a global player with the world’s fourth largest economy in purchasing power parity terms, and made progress towards achieving most of the Millennium Development Goals. India’s integration into the global economy has been accompanied by impressive economic growth that has brought significant economic and social benefits to the country. Nevertheless, disparities in income and human development are on the rise. Preliminary estimates suggest that in 2009-10 the combined all India poverty rate was 32% compared to 37% in 2004-05. Going forward, it will be essential for India to build a productive, competitive, and diversified agricultural sector and facilitate rural, entrepreneurship and employment. Encouraging policies that promote competition in agricultural marketing will ensure that farmers receive better prices. [1] India’s agriculture sector has an impressive long-term record of taking the country out of serious food shortages despite rapid population increase. The main source of long-run growth was technological augmentation of yields per unit of cropped area. This resulted in tripling of food grain yields, and food grain production increased from 51 million tonnes in 1950-51 to 217 million tonnes in 2006-07. India is the largest producer of milk in the world and second largest producer of food grains, sugar cane, fruits and vegetables in the world. But till in India the processing of agro-produce is very low, Fruits and Vegetables (2.2%), Poultry (6%), Milk (35%) as compared to developed countries (60 to 70%) [2] . In nearly three decades, the structure of rural employment has not changed much. [3] According to the NSS figures, agriculture continues to employ 70% of our rural workforce, industry (14.4%), and services (14.8%) make up for the rest. However, in view of the decline in agriculture’s contribution to GDP and the near constant proportion of workers dependent on it, there is need for rapid generation of employment. The real potential for employment generation, however, rests with the agro-based industries. In developing countries like India, agro-base industry is a very important arm of the manufacturing industry to build on the industrial capabilities. In a typical Indian village, economic activities were generally associated with a particular `caste’ and community, which has practiced a particular profession for generations. [4] The nature of activity undertaken was, in general, hereditary and occupational mobility within the village nearly non-existent. Generally, each village had at least one household each of blacksmiths, carpenters, weavers, potters and those engaged in oilseed crushing. Agricultural and non-agricultural activities had direct and strong organic links within the village. Landowners needed manpower to cultivate their lands and help them in the household. They also needed professionals to take care of their plough and other agricultural implements; in return, the village artisans were paid in the form of grains and other farm produce each season. The relationships, sanctified by socio-economic traditions, were thus institutionalized. A typical Indian village in this sense was an organic whole, in which, while each activity had its own distinct identity, there was a considerable degree of inter-dependence. Importance of agro-processing sector was first realized and documented after the disastrous famine of Bengal during 1870’s. Report of the Famine Commission, set up by the British Government, in its report submitted in 1880, clearly stated the need for agricultural improvement and improved post harvest infrastructural development specifically, rail network. Need was also felt for incorporating chemical interventions in the agricultural sector and precision farming through agricultural mechanisation manned by engineers. The Royal Commission on Agriculture setup by the British government, conducted a detailed study. In its report published during the year 1928, it called for scientific approach to the sector and stressed for developing rural industries and cooperatives. Realizing the importance of the agro-processing sector for rural development as a tool for POORN SWARAJ (complete self rule), Mahatma Gandhi during1930’s promoted CHARKHA (spinning wheel) and balanced nutrition by setting example and writing articles in his famous magazine “Harijan”. It was continued by his followers namely, Narhari Bhave, Binoba Bhave and Jay Prakash Narayan. They promoted self-dependence through KHADI and village industries. The R

Based on de novo protein synthesis hypothesis design an experiment

Based on de novo protein synthesis hypothesis design an experiment. Question Based on de novo protein synthesis hypothesis design an experiment to disprove the de novo protein synthesis hypothesis of memory consolidation, in any animal model (fruit fly, slug, human, monkey, rat etc.). In the response state the hypothesis, methods used (include independent and dependent variables and state whether it is within or between-subject study). From the proposed hypothesis, state the possible results from the experiment. what results would be necessary to disprove the hypothesis and what results would fail to disprove the hypothesis. (there is no missing information; no additional reference is provided) Comments (0) Get answerBased on de novo protein synthesis hypothesis design an experiment

Sociology homework help

Sociology homework help. Consider yourself a consultant who completes research for organizations.  You have just completed your DNP project and you have decided to repeat this research at other organizations for a fee.,Consider yourself a consultant who completes research for organizations,Overview, This unit focuses on understanding and applying market analysis based on a specific issue or problem in the creation of a marketing plan based on the assessment of consumer behavior, application of a product or service promotion and marketing management tools, and exploring market sustainability in the development of a marketing strategy.,Objectives,At the end of this unit, the student will be able to:, Firstly, Understand and apply market analysis to their issue or problem (PICO)., Secondly, Assess consumer behavior., Thirdly,  Apply product or service promotion and marketing management tools., Fourthly, Explore market sustainability in the development of marketing strategy., Further,  Create a marketing plan.,Content Outline,Market analysis,Consumer behavior,Product or service promotion tools,Marketing communication,Marketing management tools,Market sustainability,Marketing strategy and planning tools,Marketing plan,Assignments,Read,Fortenberry Text:,Part Four:,Consumer Behavior and Product Promotion Tools: Chapters 20-25,Part Six:,Marketing Management Tools: Chapters 31-33,Part Seven:,Marketing Strategy and Planning Tools: Chapters 34-39, Article:, ·         Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2017).  Health Marketing Basics.  Retrieved from,Explore,Small Business Administration, Small Business Administration,American Marketing Association,Health Care Success Strategies,,Designing a Health Communication Strategy,The Health Care Marketing Group,Healthcare Success (2017).  How to define your target audience – a critical health care marketing success factor.  Retrieved from,Inc., How to Define Your Target Market,123 Target Marketing,mPlans (2017).  Medical and health care sample marketing plans.  Retrieved from,Written Assignment: Marketing Plan,After reviewing the reading assignments and exploring websites related to marketing complete this written assignment., Choose one of the following options to complete this assignment.  Identify which option you have chosen in an introduction to the problem.  You may either choose the same option as chosen in week #2 or you may choose a different option., APA is required for this paper including the title page, body of the paper, and the references.,Option #1:, Consider yourself a consultant who completes research for organizations.  You have just completed your DNP project and you have decided to repeat this research at other organizations for a fee.,Option #2:, You are a manager within your current or past organization.  You have been assigned the task of developing a marketing plan for your newly expanded unit, the new unit you just opened, or the new service just developed (choose one of the three scenarios identified in this option).,Option #3:, You have just been promoted to unit director for the unit you are currently working on.  If you are not currently working, discuss a unit you have worked on in the past.  You have just completed the task of doubling the size of your unit.  As the unit director, you are tasked with developing a marketing plan., _____________________, Based on the option chosen, answer the following questions in paragraph format.  Each question should be considered a separate section of your paper.,Identify your unit patient or customer based on the following criteria:,Firstly, Wants and needs of your customers.,Secondly, Based on the diffusion level of your customers.,Thirdly, Based on your customer’s level on the loyalty ladder,Fourthly, Identify the service or product your unit provides:, Firstly, What is the competitive advantage associated with the product or service your unit provides?,Secondly, Describe how you will differentiate your product or service from your competition.,Thirdly, Apply Kaplan and Norton’s scorecard and strategy map to your service or product.,·         Identify your competition based on the following criteria:, o   Identify one major competitor and the service or product they provide similar to yours., o   Identify one major competitor and the service or product they provide that is dissimilar to yours., Refer to the Week 4 Written Assignment Grading Rubric for details.,Discussions,Your initial postings require a thorough analysis of the discussion topic.  Review the requirements for the posting to ensure you have included all requirements., When developing your response postings, consider the question(s) posed to develop your initial discussion posting. Did the peer’s posting answer all the questions? Did you provide more insight beyond “atta boy”. Consider asking a probing question to obtain additional information, or provide an experience from your clinical practice. Make sure your response is thorough. Include references to back up what you are discussing (this is not required for an experience you had). References help to raise your discussion from opinion to a more scholarly level.,Finally, Your contribution should be based on Socratic Questioning and:, Add to the academic value of the conversation, or,Add experiential value, or,Challenge or question prevailing ideas and/or assumptions with new evidence or well-argued, substantiated alternative perspectives, or,Make connections between contributions of others so that synergies are created.,Week 4 Discussion: Marketing Plan, Part 2, For this discussion, you will add the following information to the marketing plan you initially developed in your week 3 discussion forum initial posting., Use the same fictitious health care service based on the following criteria for your initial posting:,Firstly, Develop a marketing penetration strategy, Secondly, Develop a marketing growth strategy, Thirdly, Identify channels of distribution, Fourthly, Identify how you will communicate the marketing plan, Further, Identify the sales force strategy and your sales activity,·         For your response posting provide the following information:,Firstly, Do you agree or disagree with the marketing plan developed and why?, Finally, Provide an additional method of communicating the marketing plan developed.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Sociology homework help

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