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LAMC Observation Data Collection Sheet Paper

LAMC Observation Data Collection Sheet Paper.

Formatting Include a title page Typed in 12 pt. font Use APA approved fonts: Calibri 11 pt, Arial 11 pt, Lucinda Sans Unicode 10 pt, Georgia 11 pt, or Times New Roman 12 pt Double-space the ENTIRE document 1″ margins on all sides. Include Running Head and Page Numbers Proper grammar Clear WritingAssignment Objective: Gain experience conducting an observation and writing a Method section. Assignment Instructions: You will either work alone or in pairs and select a topic on which to conduct an observation.  You will conduct the observation and then answer the questions below You will write a draft of a Method section based on your observationObservation ideas: Do people wear their masks more often in New York than in Florida? Do women or men smile more when engaging in conversation? Are people maintaining sufficient distance between them in a public setting? Do people who look at their cell phones while walking bump into people/things more often thanpeople not on their cell phone?Guidelines on Data CollectionYou have options for data collection. If you already go into a public place and would like to observe people in the world, you may. I would like you to chose two locations and observe in both.If you do not regularly go out and would like to ‘observe’ online, you can go to and select two locations where you can observe human behavior.You can either do a naturalistic or systematic observation. If you chose systematic, you will select specific behaviors to measure/record. If you chose naturalistic, you will capture what is happening in the environment using the guidelines I give below.
LAMC Observation Data Collection Sheet Paper

The National and International History and Evolution of the Private Security Industry Introduction: The term and the concept of private security is oftentimes considered to be a modern phenomenon but going through the civilizations history shows that it has been always existed some form of the private security since the beginning of the civilization (Bruce George, 2014), in this report we will be a brief of the evolution in the international private security industry in general, but specifically in the Republic of Ireland will be highlighting the background and the key features to Legislation

Examining the Business Plan of Blue CNG station

Examining the Business Plan of Blue CNG station. This report is about the business plan of a CNG station which is located in Peshawar Pakistan and is prepared by Syed Behram Bin Nasir. In this ill try to do the industrial, production plan, operational plan, organizational plan and marketing plan Industry Analysis: In the beginning ill start with the industrial analysis in which ill explain the current situation of the CNG industry how it is making an impact in the petroleum sector and future of the this specific industry how new trends will effect it, what strategies to make that will ensure us to be competitive with the market we are in and how can we make it different from other competition. After that an over view on how to we can utilize our resources and make out business more efficient and then to come up with proper marketing strategies to forecast the demand of CNG in the true market. NATURE OF BUSINESS Products Size of business EquipmentExamining the Business Plan of Blue CNG station

Strategic Management: the Hyatt Kathmandu Report

online homework help Strategic Management: the Hyatt Kathmandu Report. Introduction Hyatt Hotels Corporation began operations in 1957 through acquisition of the Hyatt house at the Los Angeles International Airport. The hotel chain has grown over the years to over 200 hotels, resorts and vacation spots. The hotel chain which was started in the United States has hotels and resorts in all continents of the world. From the year 1957, the hotel chain has grown and diversified into many other groups such as Park Hyatt, Hyatt Regency, Hyatt Resorts and AmeriSuites. The hotel chain has been one of the best performing hotel chains in the world and this is evidenced by the good results that the hotel chain returned in the last quarter of 2012. According to these results, the hotel chain had an EBITDA of $ 147 million for the fourth quarter of 2012 which was an increase of 2.8% compared to 2011. The company’s net earnings for the period ended 2012 stood at $ 16 million which contributed to around $ 0.09 per share. These results were lower than those of 2011 when the hotel chain had a net income of $ 52 million contributing to $ 0.31 per share. During the year 2012, the hotel chain was performing well but its performance was compromised by the poor performance of its segments. Moreover, the hotel chain acquired a lot of properties and hotels during this period contributing to increased costs and expenses. For instance, the hotel chain acquired Hyatt Regency Birmingham at a cost of $ 43 million and other hotels at a cost of $ 87 million. Analysis of Hyatt Kathmandu Hyatt hotel chain has established hotels in different parts of the world and this include the establishment of the Hyatt Kathmandu. The hotel was opened in the year 2000 in a ceremony graced by top Hyatt and Nepalese government officials. This establishment was significant for the hotel chain since the Kathmandu hotel is a 5-star facility that sits on a 37 acres of land in well landscaped rounds based on the traditional Nepalese architecture. The hotel is located close to a UNESCO world heritage site and 4 km away from the airport while the Kathmandu city centre is 6 km away from the hotel (Stephen, 2007). The Hyatt hotel is also located 5 minutes away from the Boudhanath Stupa, a holy shrine which is a world heritage site. The architecture of the hotel is breath taking and it has a great panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and areas around Kathmandu. The Hyatt Kathmandu hotel comprises of 280 rooms which are designed to suite the different needs of customers visiting the hotel (Orbaşlı, 2009). All the rooms are well equipped with showers, room safe and mini bars. Moreover, the executive rooms are spacious and they have a meeting room and access to conference rooms which allow people to dine under excellent conditions such as concierge services. Apart from the rooms, the Hyatt Kathmandu comprises of 4 state of the art restaurants and bars which offer different arrays of cuisines including international and local cuisine. The Lounge is a restaurant that offers high seasonal tea while the Rox restaurant offers European cuisine with Italian specialities. This hotel offers wide arrays of services catering for different kinds of guests such as airport pickups, babysitting services, laundry and business services (Francis, 2008). As a result, the hotel is well suited for leisure and business travellers. One of the impressive facilities at the hotel is the 950m2 of meeting room space that caters for the diverse needs of customers. The Oasis club in the hotel is a total fitness hub with amenities such a gym, a health and beauty spa, two outdoor swimming pools and a 1.6 km running track. External Study of the Market The tourism and hotel industry in Nepal experience challenges such as competition, political and tough economic environment. As result, we will have to prioritise on which choices are suited for the strategy that works for the organization. In the case of tourism and hotel industry in Nepal we have to analyze factors that have a direct impact on the organizational strategy of Hyatt Kathmandu. Some of the external factors include the political situation of Nepal whereby the country has witnessed a relative political stability and this has assisted in the growth of the country’s economy. As a result, the country’s GDP grew by around 4.63 in the year 2012. The country is on a growth path and this will impact the tourism directly benefitting the hotel industry as hotels such as the Hyatt Kathmandu (Arjun, 2005). The minimum wage in Nepal stands at NPR 4,600 equating to $ 53 which is low in global terms and thus this will lead to lower operating costs and higher employee retention numbers for the Hyatt Kathmandu. Moreover, the industry is set to benefit from a 10 year tax break incentive offered by the government of Nepal and this will give Hyatt Kathmandu a chance of growing. More employees will be hired in the hotel industry as a result of economic growth. The economy is expected to hire more employees and this projected will benefit the hotel industry. Moreover, the industry is set to benefit from a projected 4.9% growth leading to more revenues for the industry. By the year 2020, it is forecasted that tourist arrival numbers will grow to over a million visitors. As a result, the Hyatt Kathmandu has an opportunity of implementing its service strategy on all guests expected at the hotel (Pawan, 2004). Growth in the education sector in Nepal is set to receive a boost from the government since the sector is expected to get a boost in terms of funding. As a result, the Hyatt could utilise the education system to get people who are well trained and experienced to work in offering quality services at the hotel. Technological hurdles affect the hotel industry in Nepal is a negative manner since electricity generation and distribution are still huge challenges in the country. In terms of communication, internet and radio are still in the development stages, however investment in these sectors is set to grow and benefitting the hotel industry in Kathmandu (William, 2006). These technological challenges do not make it easy for hotels to provide superior services to their clients. The Geographical location or Nepal makes it ideal for the hotel industry to thrive in this country. For instance, the great Himalaya Mountains are set in the country and thus this provides an ample time for investors to establish hotels. Moreover, it gives an opportunity for investors to build hotels in the country since this provides an opportunity for service provision. For instance, the Hyatt Kathmandu offers mountain hiking services and this is quite a new frontier in the tourism (Nath, 2009). The country environment is prudent to food production which the hotel industry relies heavily upon. The hotel industry benefits a lot from cheap produce that hotel visitors consume and geological locations such as Mount Everest in Nepal are points of attraction. While the country’s legal system is a factor that could affect the tourism industry, we have to look into the actions of the government in boosting trade in the hotel industry. In the process of establishing business, the country poses no difficult challenge or bureaucracy in the establishment of enterprise (Barker, 2012). The business community in Nepal is still young and as a result, it is easier to get fresh produce at a low cost. Furthermore, agriculture is the core activity that is undertaken in the country and the Hyatt hotel can procure fresh and cheap foodstuffs. Furthermore, the Hyatt Kathmandu is backed the huge Hyatt group with a good global reputation and brand recognition. This factor will greatly assist the Kathmandu hotel to grow and attract more customers (Brown, 2006). Food production and supply are paramount to survival of the hotel industry service provision. With the ability of plenty foods at affordable costs, hotels such as Hyatt Kathmandu have an opportunity of offering fine dining services in its boost of attracting new clientele (Karan, 2009). Most of the travellers and guests who go to holiday in Nepal are thrill seekers with sufficient funds to travel. In the process of running a hotel it is important to look at customers and in this regard, Hyatt Kathmandu should consider what kind of clientele it should target for the purposes of ensuring the hotel maintains a consumer base (Bindloss, 2010). Most visitors to Nepal have a huge purchasing power that Hyatt could tap in marketing its hotel. Competition is factor to consider in the process of undertaking business. Nepal is a tourism market that is highly competitive with a lot of investors investing in the hotel industry. The Nepalese government incentive on tourism is set to increase competition in the coming years (Durga, 2008). As a result, hotels such as Hyatt Kathmandu have to come up with superior hotel services to counter this trend. One of the biggest external factors that the Hyatt group has to consider in the process of implementing its policy is the policy of substitutes. The Hyatt Kathmandu belongs to a group of high class hotels and there are several hotels in the 4 star and below which also attract customers from different locations. Apart from these hotels there are other hotels which offer bear and minimum services that attract bag pack travellers (Werner, 2003). These groups of hotels that offer alternative services create competition which Hyatt group has to contend with. Since the hotel industry is set to grow in Nepal, there is a high chance of new hotels opening up in the region. Moreover, the governmental support for the tourism industry is supposed to increase hotel industry entrants. The fluctuating Nepalese currency affects the hotel industry and this could pose a threat to earnings for the Hyatt Kathmandu (Gautam, 2008). The Hyatt Kathmandu is facing a lot of competition from different competitors and challenges in the Nepalese economy. The Nepalese tourism industry is set to grow based on governmental support that the sector has received. New entrants could pose a challenge to Hyatt since they will have an upper hand of tax breaks and new service offerings. Technological challenges such as the lack of steady electricity in Nepal is a threat that affects the operations of Hyatt Kathmandu. Moreover, communication challenges and availability of hotels and resorts in the low segment are some of the threats that Hyatt Kathmandu could face. However, the Hyatt group and other hotels have an opportunity of growth due to several external factors in the hotel industry. The Hyatt group has a huge presence in different locations in the world and as a result, the Hyatt Kathmandu is going to leverage its experience to implement its service strategy. Moreover, the Hyatt group has centralized systems which could be used in booking, payments and organizational management (Stanley, 2004). This will enable the Hyatt group to implement its service based strategy globally easily. The education sector in Nepal has received an investment from the government and as a result, hospitality schools in Nepal will churn out graduates who could work in the hotel industry (Agarwal, 2006). This gives an opportunity for human resources to recruit better personnel in the process of offering quality services to its customers. The Hyatt Kathmandu has an opportunity of hiring employees at a low cost and leverage on this advantage against new entrants in the industry. Moreover, the growth of the tourism industry in Nepal offers a chance to Hyatt Kathmandu to grow its business since it has been in the business for a period of more than a decade (Brown, S., Lamming, R.Strategic Management: the Hyatt Kathmandu Report

Coca Cola Company Is Created On Execution Business Essay

The reference of Coca-Cola Company is created on execution many estimate replicas, which comprise HR practices, financial income study, comparative assessment and a important price to wages estimate perfect that exposed the Coca-Cola Corporation to be overestimated. Smooth however they discovery the standard to be overrated and they touch that fell has particular talented positions as well as likely experiments in the close upcoming and they poverty to indorse it as a grasp in its place of a wholesale. The Coca-Cola Company is the corporation inside the non-alcoholic drinks manufacturing. They have a twenty year stand-up of life the frontrunner and savers know that the Corporation has an strange status for exploiting stockholder worth. Chances that happen for the company in the coming is increasing souk portion in the non-carbonated drinks section, a rearrangement of their corporate perfect, and batterer. A contest that the Company is differing is the fight with their universal entrants in the detail that their Human resource performs is better and less than coke. If coke needs to additional standing in the creation they must crop more inducements for workers from which they more complete labor firm and crop worthy excellence. Their original organization squad wants to labor on applying consistent boxes amid the two to spread the Business’s long-standing development possible. TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION Mission and vision Management of coca cola Departmentalization Human Resource Management Job analysis and designs Planning and forecast Recruitment and selection Training process Performance and appraisal INTRODUCTION: The Coca-Cola Company is the biosphere’s important producer, marketer, and supplier of nonalcoholic drink and sauces. The corporation’s head offices are in Atlanta, with resident processes in finished two hundred republics everywhere the biosphere. While Coca-Cola was chief shaped in the Joint Positions, it rapidly developed widespread anywhere it expired. Our principal global bottling plants undone in 1906, quickly monitored by numerous extra. Nowadays, we crop more than three hundred products. Additional than seventy percent of our salary derives from outdoor the U.S., but the physical motive we are a really worldwide corporation is that our crops happen the wide-ranging palate penchants of shoppers ubiquitously. MISSION STATEMENT “To advantage and revive everybody it drops and to generate standards for our part proprietor on a long term basis by structure a commercial that improves the coco-cola business skill marketplace. VISION “Altogether of us in the personal rouse up both dawns meaningful that each solitary one of the biosphere’s 5.6 billion individuals will become desiring that daytime… and that we are the ones with the greatest occasion to enliven them. Our task is modest brand Coca-Cola and our other crops offered, reasonable, and suitable to them, satisfying their dehydration and provided that them a faultless instant of reduction. . MANAGEMENT OF COCA-COLA The workshop is switch by the BOM and below him eight Sections is employed. Each Branch is led by a section Boss. The Sections of explanation is led by the boss explanation and below him support director everything. Who regulator the other workforces of the subdivision below him? Subdivision of construction and business is led by the Poke.

SQL Questions Paper

SQL Questions Paper.

2-page written report addressing the following: (Do not need to follow any writing style, use reference where applicable, add all the references in the end in a separate sheet)What are some of the different SQL databases, and what are pros and cons?Why is it useful to know SQL?What is database normalization and why is it important?What is the difference between using Hive and something like PostgreSQL?Also submit SQL code (.sql files with comments explaining what you are doing in the code) for querying the SQL database to find the following from the readychef.sql database:Get the average, min and max price for each meal type.Using the “WHERE” clause, write a new “SELECT” statement that returns all rows where “CAMPAIGN_ID” is equal to FB.Write a query to get the count of just the users who came from Facebook.Now, count the number of users coming from each service. Here you’ll have to group by the column you’re selecting with a “GROUP BY” clause.Write a query to get one table that joins the events table with the users table (on “userid”)
SQL Questions Paper