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Labor Systems of the Atlantic

Lecture 6 – Labor Systems of the Atlantic – Early Modern Atlantic Slave Trade (Links to an external site.)
Documentary: The History of Africa – Slavery and Suffering (Links to an external site.)
Documentary: The Middle Passage (Links to an external site.)
This discussion post is designed to evaluate your ability to make broader, analytical connections from the past to contemporary events. Your discussion post should reflect your critical analysis of the past and present.
1. Watch the lecture in its entirety.
2. Based on the content from the lecture respond to the following prompt: what were the key factors that transformed the labor systems of the Atlantic?
3. Use content from the lecture to fully substantiate your claim.
Guidelines and Requirements:
1. A minimum of 250 words. By all means, feel free to write more.
2. Use formal, well-written English. You will be penalized points if your discussion post is sloppy and incomprehensible.
3. Read other students’ posts. Give a “Like” to those students who you feel have done an exceptional job (please, don’t arbitrarily “Like” all posts). Feel free to — politely and respectfully — comment on other student’s posts. Nodding your head in agreement to everyone’s post can be quite boring. Argument — in a respective and intelligent language — is a bit more fun =), so please, feel free to debate.