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Kudler Fine Foods Marketing Plan my assignment essay help Economics homework help

Kudler Fine Foods Marketing Plan Kudler Fine Foods is very upscale specialty food store is located in the San Diego metropolitan area with three locations in the La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encintas. All these stores retail space is an intimate in size at are in fashionable shopping centers. They are stocked with high quality domestic and imported food products. This includes fresh bakery, fresh produce, meats, seafood, cheese’s and specialty dairy products. Kudler Fine Foods also carries a wide selection of condiments and package foods from around the globe.

Mission Kudler Fine Foods unique selections and with their experience, along with their knowledgeable staff, aims to offer each customer a delightful and pleasing shopping experience. The “shop the world” theme resonates with their customer base; mainly home gourmet chefs, but occasionally some restaurateurs will shop as well. The owners and management are highly selective on whom they hire to staff all of the Kudler’s locations. This is important to ensure that the customers are pleased with their fine epicurean purchases. History

Kathy Kudler, who at the time was a Vice-President of Marketing at a large defense contractor and weary of the constant travel and pressure of corporate lifestyle. She stared to look for other opportunities. She often relived stress by gourmet cooking at her home for her family and friends. In her quest for high quality gourmet ingredients, most of which are not available in the local Supermarkets, is when she realized that there was an opportunity for an upscale epicurean food shop in her community of La Jolia. Marketing Kudler Fine Foods has recently been through significant growth lately and is now expanding their services.

This also aims to improve the overall efficiencies in their operations. This objectives are to help increase their customer purchase cycle, this is essential to help in forming customer loyalty that obviously leads to increased company profitability. To expand services, Kudler is now offering parties in the stores to show customers how to prepare food using the specialty food-stuff from the store. By using local chefs, local celebrities and other food experts, the outcome is to increase consumers by helping them learn from these parties.

The anticipated results are an increase customer purchase rate of higher margin food products to key consumers to attempt to make what they learned that day. With the increased time in the store, this will lead to more frequent visits and increased revenue per customer per visit. The alternative to the in-store party is the private party. This will be a cooking class for a price premium at the customers’ home. These programs are to galvanize customer loyalty. The frequent shopper program is another initiative to encourage customer loyalty.

This is done by providing shoppers with points toward high-end products and airline first class upgrades. This is done through partnerships; with suppliers. Tracking individual customer shopping behaviors patterns will help Kudler refine its procedures and updated their inventory to best satisfy their customer base. To help reduce cost and increase efficiency, Kindler’s is now focusing on internal processes. This process is important to improve and to increase value to the customer. As a benchmark, Kudler used the Nordstrom department store as an marketing a benchmark.

Additionally, Kudler firm developed an employing training program. They also integrated training software to help facilitate this effort. Marketing research has helped the purchasing department find ways curtail purchasing cost, moderate stock without every running out. This is important to maintain Kudler’s policy of zero stock policy. This is indispensable to continue customer satisfaction. To help with is, the purchasing department has developed strong cooperation with suppliers to simplify purchased order and shipping. Historically, Kudler Fine Foods uses captures information on the U.

S. Dollar value. This information is important for due to the amount of imported food-stuff the Kudler Fine Foods order. This obviously affects the profit margin on those imported items. Another key area is to monitor the dollar sales and profit levels on a daily basis. This is data is needed to keep track on what days have the highest profit margins. This information is useful in scheduling additional help on busy days. The last tracked information is the profit margin per item. This useful data helps to encouraged employees to focus on up-selling those items with a high profit margin.

All these customer purchasing behavior is integrated into a data system to best help Kudler Fine Foods remain profitable during the upcoming expansion phase. The majority of advertising has been through the local newspapers by Kathy Kudler herself and word-of-mouth. All three stores simultaneously advertised specials. Kathy works with her store managers to coordinate sale items and to ensure all the stores are adequately; even shifting inventory between stores so to meet the higher demand. Accounting is an essential part of inventory management.

The accounting data that is collected from the cash registers. The computerized cash registers keep detail records of all the items sold. The quantities, the prices and even the taxes are tracked. This directly contributes to the inventory system. The software used to track received goods and those items sold, helps Kudler Fine Foods know what is going to need to be ordered without having to do weekly inventories by hand. That process is time consuming and requires too many man-hours to do. This process also helps with the main concern of all retailers, excess inventory.

The department managers are responsible to maintain the inventories throughout the day and to highlight any item is getting low. The helps supplement the inventory system. The goal of this operation is the maintain items availability 95% of the time. This makes sure the customer always have the items they desire as much as possible. The 5% is due to supplies inability to have some items continuously ue to the nature of procuring them form either small manufacturing companies or importing them items from overseas locations. For those few times an item may not be available, the store can decide to issue a rain check to the customer.