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“Knowledge and the history of early childhood education gives you a sense of its roots in the past and

“Knowledge and the history of early childhood education gives you a sense of its roots in the past and an idea of how current approaches to working with children and families have grown out of previous thoughts and practice.” Therefore, through this assignment, you will be able to recognize the significant aspects of the history of childcare in the United States and how it has evolved into today’s early childhood program.

Guidelines: Each student will create an ECE History Timeline by the following guideline:
You can create this timeline on a simple document sheet or in PowerPoint slides (make sure you save it as a pdf file before submitting it)
When creating an ECE timeline, make sure to include the time, name, and picture of the person.
Arrange your historical figures (at least 10) in chronological order by their time period.
Include at least three influential ideas they contributed to ECE in your timeline.
PowerPoint slides or documents should be attractive with clear, organized, and with appropriate texts, images, etc.
Key figures to be included in your timeline from ancient Greece and Rome to developments after World War II. (see page 87)
Upon completing your assignment, please submit it through the assignment link by uploading the file.
For more clarification, please see the sample uploaded on module (week 2), but please do not copy and paste from it. Please create your own.
There is a sample below.
And I do have book on pearson. If u need,tell me..

Anti-Corruption enforcement and Public Sector

Anti-Corruption enforcement and Public Sector.

Short research essay: From the list below pick one concept or issue:


(1) Non-conviction Based Confiscation (NBC)

(2) Dual criminality in Mutual Legal Assistance in criminal matters (3) Civil proceedings for asset recovery

(4) Informal requests for international cooperation in asset recovery (5) Pre-seizure/pre-confiscation plan for asset management Please explain these concepts/legal positions/plans briefly in the context of asset recovery in corruption cases, and highlight its importance as an opportunity or a challenge in the asset recovery process. Support your arguments with any real case of asset recovery pertaining to corruption where these concepts/legal positions/plans were actually used, and analyse briefly the reasons for success or failure by using these. 

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Social Cognition;write an article review from: ‘Like me’: a foundation for social cognition Andrew N. Meltzoff Grading Rubric:

“Knowledge and the history of early childhood education gives you a sense of its roots in the past and Social Cognition;write an article review from: ‘Like me’: a foundation for social cognition Andrew N. Meltzoff Grading Rubric:.

2.5-3 page article review from: 
‘Like me’: a foundation for social cognition
Andrew N. Meltzoff
Grading Rubric:



The major premise of the article is clearly and concisely communicated


The central arguments of the paper are explained in sufficient detail and related to the major premise


The implications of the article for theory or practice are clearly explained


The strengths and limitations of the article are addressed thoroughly


The relevance of the article for theories of learning/memory is addressed


Writing style is clear, concise, and effective with appropriate spelling and grammar


The reference for the article is provided in APA format




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Discussion discussion

please a answer the questions and respond to the peer separately.
In a few sentences, answer the following questions in light of our discussion of the relationship between domestic politics and foreign policy:
Are democracies different in how they formulate their foreign policies from non-democracies? If so, how? While I do believe that democracies and non-democracies do act differently at the core of their decisions I don’t believe in the end, their decisions end up being any different. It is the goal of any state democratic or not to continue to be a sovereign state by protecting itself to the best of their ability. Due to this many of there foreign policy decisions would be he same between both becuase the forefront concern in both is continuing their independence. I do believe that there are some differences such as who a democracy is going to support and give aid to as compared to a nondemocracy but in the end any nation will always make decisions in favor of theirown best benefit whether democracy or not. (Respond to peer)

CISA-300 Cyber Security for leaders

Using what you’ve learned about data security AND emotional

intelligence, draft a letter that Padgett-Beale could use to inform and calm

its guests should a similar cyberattack (door locks, guest WiFi access, or

credit card Point-of-Sale breach) affect one of the company’s hotel properties.

Your draft letter will also be used to train employees in how they can and

should respond to guest concerns.

Medical Anthropology Explanatory Model

Medical Anthropology Explanatory Model.

 For this assignment you should interview someone from a different cultural background, of a different generation, or who has an ethnomedical system that is different from yours, with the intent of collecting an explanatory model of illness. Due to the nature of this assignment, you need to choose your interviewee(s) carefully: choose someone who is experiencing or has experienced an illness, and who is willing to talk with you in some depth about the illness. Get started early: you might find that an interviewee is not well-suited to this assignment, or you might decide to interview two different people. Use the questions set out by Arthur Kleinman on page 347 of the textbook (the “illness narrative”) as the foundation of your interview process. As you conduct your interview(s) think about other possibly useful questions you might ask, including those found in Kleinman’s “revised cultural formulation” (page 346-347), advice for how a medical practitioner might approach working with/healing someone with this particular health problem, or what has not been successful in your interviewee’s relationship with doctors or healers. In your essay, discuss why Kleinman thinks we should seek and collect explanatory models, and how they aid the health care provider and patient. Once you have completed your interviews, write up your findings, including your informant’s direct quotes and explanations when possible. Finally, in addition to writing an engaging, descriptive account of the explanatory model of illness that you collected, you should also write about other factors you think might contribute to, or complicate, your interviewee’s illness. For this aspect of the essay (about 2-3 pages), you should approach the explanatory model case study as an anthropologist and think about the role of societal, cultural, religious, socio-economic and other institutional conditions in the interviewee’s experience of illness. For example, you might consider writing about structural or symbolic violence, syndemics, the essentialization of women as reproducers, racism, poverty or class status, the powerful effects of stigma, and so forth. You do not have to prove that these are necessarily affecting your interviewee, but rather talk about which kinds of factors should be considered as possibilities, and why.

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 SOAP NURSE Note : CELIAC DISEASE CHRONIC Use APA format and include minimum of 3 scholarly citations within last 5 years. Copy and paste from website or textbook will not accepted. Soap Note guide: 1) Identifying Data: The opening list of the note. It contains age, sex, race, marital status, etc. The patient complaint should be given in quotes. If the patient has more than one complaint, each complaint should be listed separately (1, 2, etc.) and each addressed in the subjective and under the appropriate number. 2) Subjective Data: This is the historical part of the note. It contains the following: a) Symptom analysis/HPI(Location, quality , quantity or severity, timing, setting, factors that make it better or worse, and associate manifestations. b) Review of systems of associated systems, reporting all pertinent positives and negatives c) Any PMH, family hx, social hx, allergies, medications related to the complaint/problem. If more than one chief complaint, each should be written u in this manner. 3) Objective Data: Vital signs need to be present. Height and Weight should be included where appropriate. a) Appropriate systems are examined, listed in the note and consistent with those identified in 2b. b) Pertinent positives and negatives must be documented for each relevant system. c) Any abnormalities must be fully described. Measure and record sizes of things (likes moles, scars). Avoid using “ok”, “clear”, “within normal limits”, positive/ negative, and normal/abnormal to describe things. 4) Assessment: Diagnoses should be clearly listed and worded appropriately. 5) Plan: Be sure to include any teaching, health maintenance and counseling along with the pharmacological and non-pharmacological measures. If you have more than one diagnosis, it is helpful to have this section divided into separate numbered sections. 6) Subjective/ Objective, Assessment and Management and Consistent: Does the note support the appropriate differential diagnosis process? Is there evidence that you know what systems and what symptoms go with which complaints? The assessment/diagnoses should be consistent with the subjective section and then the assessment and plan. The management should be consistent with the assessment/ diagnoses identified. 7) Clarity of the Write-up: Is it literate, organized and complete

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develop a basic simulator that perform mining operations of blockchain

1. In your own words, explain your design in the form of abstract (~200 words) and algorithm.
2. Using a tool of your choice (e.g. Java, Python, MS Excel, JavaScript, HTML etc.) develop a basic simulator for hash puzzles that perform the mining operation for blockchain. Pls
attach your code as and when necessary.
3. Simple instructions to operate your group’s simulator. [It is extremely important that I should be able to execute on my machine.]
4. Screenshots showing valid outputs. Also, include necessary test cases. This should demonstrate satisfactory functioning of this new tool that you have built.
5. Reference articles or videos (at least 2-3 relevant, could be more) that helped your design and implementation.
6. List out 3-5 main challenges that your group faced in designing this simulator and how did you manage to overcome it.
7. List of contributions – which group member did what for the preparation of the assignment.

Ethical Dilemma in Clinical Setting

Ethical Dilemma in Clinical Setting.

 A brief paper that summarizes a specific ethical dilemma that reflects an experience you had in a clinical or a personal health care experience (my healthcare experience is I used to work in a rehabilitated and long-term care facility as a nursing assistant – Show the experience more related to nursing assistant position not a nurse position). Write a 1-3 page case description, about a clinical situation that created an ethical conflict for you. The case should include the patient’s sex, medical problem, prognosis, mental/decisional competence, religion (if known or relevant), occupation (if known or relevant), presence of advanced directives (if known or relevance), family situation (e.g. who is guardian or making decisions if not patient). Name and explain the ethical principles involved, including how they relate to your case. For example, autonomy, confidentiality, justice, beneficence, non-maleficence. You need to cite references in APA style. Review the WAC’s (Washington Administrative Code). Determine if the ethical dilemma that you describe violates any of the WACs and include these in your paper. If any WACs are violated please describe which ones. Identifies/links/addresses connection with WACs, must be addressed.

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Discussion 8 and 2 replies

Discussion 8: Work Hard, Drink Hard
Have a look at the study, based on a meta-analysis, in… Notice that the meta-analysis includes data from unpublished studies, as well as some published studies. Does that matter? In general, why is a meta-analysis necessary? Seems easy to measure working and drinking, right? Or not? And what about different samples? What other “what abouts” create variation across the studies included in the meta-analysis. In then end, are the results helpful or do you think they lack credibility?
REMEMBER: First, you must respond to the questions posed in the discussion. Once you’ve done that, take some time and reply to at least two classmates’ discussion posts. Each peer response will include at least one positive observation (i.e., what do you agree with, appreciate, or find interesting? why?) and at least one critique (what would you change? what is unclear, needs more support, or further explanation? why?). Remember, you must post 3 times (your original response and 2 responses to classmate’s comments) to receive full credit.

Elizabethan theater as popular ent

Elizabethan theater as popular ent.

The topic is Elizabethan theater as popular entertainment for its time

The research question is “what is the importance of that era and what were the theatres like in the elizabethan times
One of the sources needs to be a print source

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