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Kings College Importance of the General Education Courses Discussion

Kings College Importance of the General Education Courses Discussion.

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Develop and prepare an individual project where you synthesize and present a response, propose a solution/answer, show a portfolio, or showcase your own research and/or creative work, through the integration of documents representing skills learned in courses, in particular General Education courses, as well as your major degree requirements completed Include how they relate to and support your academic or career future opportunities and/or graduate school application.There is no upfront page length for this assignment but you will want to review the rubric below to understand what will need to be adequately presented in your paper.This is a two part assignmentThis component is PART 1 of the project and is due herePrepare an outline (2-3 Pages) detailing your plan to develop and prepare the individual project where you synthesize and present a response, propose a solution/answer, show a portfolio, or showcase your own research and/or creative work, through the integration of documents representing skills learned in courses, in particular General Education courses as well as your major degree requirements completed. Include how they relate to and support your academic or career future opportunities and/or graduate school application.You will also be randomly and anonymously assigned to review one or more project proposal outlines of a classmate. Review the assigned proposal(s). Give feedback regarding clarity of the project, whether you feel it encompasses the General Education learning goalsNOTE: YOU WILL DO ALSO PART TWO NEXT WEEK WHEN I RECIEVE THE FEEDBACK FOR PART 1
Kings College Importance of the General Education Courses Discussion

Grant Proposal Annotated bibliography.

Grant Proposal – Topic, Specific Aims and BibliographyFor this assignment, you will select a topic for your grant proposal
(i.e., Final Project due in Week Six). Then you will write the Specific
Aims section and create a preliminary bibliography. You will conduct a
search in the Ashford University Library and/or on PubMedCentral (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
to locate at least 10 scholarly peer-reviewed articles that are
relevant and that support your funding request. Create your preliminary
annotated bibliography and ensure that your resources are relevant and
supportive of the Specific Aims as well as the Background and
Significance sections of your grant proposal (the Background and
Significance sections will be written in Week Three). See a sample annotated bibliography (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. from the Ashford Writing Center for assistance. Compose the Specific Aims section following the Grant Proposal Guidelines (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. See the Sample Grant Proposal Template (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. as
an example and use it as a template for your Grant Proposal. The
assignment should be one page, excluding the bibliography. Carefully review the Grading Rubric (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.
Grant Proposal Annotated bibliography

Gender Studies homework help. 1. Which of the following was so unusual about the Oso landslide?Select one:a.ÿDebris and dirt in the 600 ft high slope spread for an entire mile across the valleyb.ÿThe seismic signal for the event indicated 2 phases of flowc.ÿCovered a 1-mile wide stretch of HWY 530d.ÿThis earth material came off the wall and travelled across the valley in 138 seconds2. What is regolith? one:a. Raw slope left behind after a landslideb. Chunks that continue to calve off after the landslidec. Laser-based altimetryd. Weathered soil on top of bedrock3. Which of the following statements about mass movements is NOT true?Select one:a. occur in every U.S. stateb. occur wherever there are elevated slopesc. cause more deaths than floods worldwided.ÿcost the U.S. billions annually4. New technologies are key to study and estimation of geologic hazards. What is the advantage of lidar (laser-based altimetry) for estimating landslide hazards? one:a. It allows geologists to determine how long ago landslides occurredb. It allows geologists to determine how frequently landslides occurredc. It allows geologists to model the topography at a high resolutiond. It allows for visualization and mapping of past landslides and their scarsÿbelow vegetation on the landscape5. Which of the following new technologies was NOT employed in the case of Oso? one:a. Satellite imagery and aerial photography from past years that show changes in the landscape over the past centuryb. Thermal cameras that identify bodies of live victims buried at the distal ends of landslidesc. Augmented reality mapping system with pre-disaster aerial photography that shows the layout of the village in 3Dd. Radar and laser beams that measure minuscule movements of the earth?s surface6. What feature in the landscape is essentially responsible for the recurrence of landslides near Oso? one:a. the high porosity of the sand and gravel that make up the 600 ft high valley wallb. the river and its changing location on the valley floor over timec. the village built on the slope below the valley walld. the position of the coastline and its wave-dominated processes7. Which part of the Oso slide was fluidized, as detected using seismic instrumentation?Select one:a. The toe of the slideb. Headÿc. Lower half of the slope (the body)8. Which factor was least responsible for the rapid flow of the Oso Slide?Select one:a. The elevation of the slopeb. Clay formed an aquiclude underneath the sand and gravel on the slope, so the rainwater couldn?t sink deeper and dissipatec. Pacific northwest rain (and lots of it!) that caused liquefactiond. The porosity of the material9. Which part of a landslide can not support the formation of a lake after the failure occurs?Select one:a. The unconsolidated gaping head and scarp of a landslideb. The toe of the slide moves out into and fills a river valleyc. The consolidated and hummocky body of the slide10. How can you use technology combined with your knowledge to avoid buying a home on a past (and still active!) landslide?Select one:a. Walk the property and look for cracks that run perpendicular to the downhill slope as well as hummocky (lumpy and bumpy) groundb. All of thesec. Look at aerial photos to see how the shape of the slope changed over timed. Download lidar for your area to look for tell-tale signs of a past slidee. Walk the property and look for springs that leak to the surface andÿsuggest an aquiclude at depth11. Which mitigation measure is sufficient for shallow slides but won?t protect from rockfalls?Select one:a. Gabions (bioengineering and rocks): Catchment fence: Protection barrier: Protection facility:ÿ Go to this web site, which shows a landslide map (map of mass-movement potential) for the conterminous U.S. (48 states): best describes the areas that have the largest amount of landslides?Select one:a. The potential for landslides is about the same throughout the country.b. Landslide potential is greatest in the mountainous parts of the country.c. The southern states, between Texas and Florida, have the highest landslide potential.d. California has more landslide potential than any other part of the country.Gender Studies homework help
The patient’s nurse practitioner (NP) should inquire about paresthesia and ataxia because these are neurologic abnormalities, which are associated with vitamin B12 deficiency that leads to the development of pernicious anemia. Bizzaro and Antico (2014) argue that these motor symptoms are a sign of “subacute combined degeneration involving the dorsal and lateral spinal columns” (p. 2). Other symptoms of the condition include, but are not limited to, pallor, tachycardia, weakness, and increased irritability (Bizzaro

East Asia Philosophies & Order Questions

East Asia Philosophies & Order Questions.

1)While most people today probably do not believe oracle bones can tell the future, one of the important implications of oracle bones is that people in ancient China believed the world to be a logical and rational place– that the future was something that could be foretold by asking the heavens or studying patterns in nature. Are we still interested in foreseeing the future? How do we do it? 2) If you were emperor of a dynasty in East Asia, which of the three philosophies covered in the lecture (Confucianism, Daoism, Legalism) would you embrace to create and maintain order? Why do you believe your choice to be more effective than the other two? 3) What elements or ideas from these philosophies do we see at work in our own society? What are some of the similarities, influences, or common ideas and beliefs between these philosophies and our own approach to government and social order?
East Asia Philosophies & Order Questions

WRIT 139W UC Irvine Issue of Prison Abolition Reflection Paper

essay help online free WRIT 139W UC Irvine Issue of Prison Abolition Reflection Paper.

Guiding questions:What have you learned in this class so far about the issue of prison abolition and the historical components and connections to today’s protest and advocacy? What have you learned about yourself in the process of reading and exploring questions related to harm and control, vulnerability, identity, systemic racism, and ways in which individuals and communities challenge the status quo? What have you learned about yourself in this time of pandemic and uncertainty?Assignment:Write a paragraph about each of the following areas, including as much descriptive and specific evidence as you can to substantiate your thoughts and feelings. You can include screen shots of your research, reading responses, notes, important photos/images, etc. Upload your your responses to this assignment page (as well as your ePortfolio). Remember that there is no right or wrong way to approach self-reflection, only that the more intentional you are with fleshing thoughts and feelings out about yourself and your processes, the greater insight you will have about yourself. What source have you connected with the most so far? Unpack why you feel this connection and describe the quality of your relationship to the source. Is there something about the scholarly or popular lens? Is it the information and/or analysis that it provides you? What is it about the writer’s work that you respond to, or not? If you have not yet found a source that sparks you in some way, address some of the possibilities why this is the case. Be as straightforward and honest as you can with assessing your research journey so far so that you learn something new about yourself.What are your feelings about working with other people towards a common goal? Do you feel uncomfortable when you’re asked to go outside your comfort zone? If so, why? What are some possibilities for growth and connection? Is having a similar background or collective experience required for coalition building advocacy? Why or why not? Address your inner dialogue about working with others.How are you taking care of yourself right now? In what ways are you wholly focusing on yourself as an individual? Describe a recent moment when you were by yourself. What was the quality of this alone time? Were you aware of time passing, or of yourself as a unique being on this planet? Do you have a vision of how you can spend time with yourself in the coming weeks? What has to fall into place in order for you to allow yourself clarity right now?
WRIT 139W UC Irvine Issue of Prison Abolition Reflection Paper

Tesla and innovation.

Tesla and innovation.. I don’t understand this Management question and need help to study.

Initial question:
Making a pivot has saved organizations from completely deteriorating. Research an organization of your choice that has made an impactful pivot. Write an 8-10 sentence summary of the organization and the monumental pivot.

My response
Tesla’s automotive strategy has moved it beyond the traditional vehicle market that incorporated software into existing product lines. The company continues to implement its plan of configuring clean energy systems and environmental conservation. As a start-up, it had an initial approach to developing a minimum viable product for testing the market. The company later entered into the luxury market and applied a lot of competitive pressure with its Model S. Its new plan entailed a substantial pivot of doubling on clean energy. For instance, its car brand, the Roadster (2008), was appealing because of its eco-mindedness model which expanded Tesla’s product line to other car models (Vynakov, Savolova & Skrynnyk, 2016). It intends to use its cars in the conversion of households to solar power. It is also redesigning its autonomous vehicles, which is a strategy that will change the entire business environment of the automobile industry.
Tesla’s objective is to design cars that use clean energy to reduce the environmental impact of carbon emissions from fossil fuel use. However, the company’s electric vehicles also have a carbon footprint since most electricity is generated from non-renewable energy sources. The company has integrated its car selling with household solar panel installation. Tesla already acquired SolarCity, the leading market entrant of clean energy solar panels. Tesla believes that with the two businesses merged, there is an innovation in clean energy strategy for environmental conservation. Solar energy can provide electric power to both the cars and other household electrical requirements. This approach will substantially reduce reliance on the use of fossil fuels for generating electricity. Fossil fuels cause considerable environmental pollution through their resultant carbon emissions from vehicle engine combustions which can cause the greenhouse effect that could result in climate change. Tesla’s electric cars do not produce carbon emissions that cause environmental pollution, and with the integration of solar panels, there is even a low carbon footprint (Nunes, Bennett & Shaw, 2015).
Nunes, B., Bennett, D., & Shaw, D. (2015). Green operations strategy of a luxury car manufacturer. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, 28(1), 24-39.
Vynakov, O., Savolova, E., & Skrynnyk, A. (2016). Modern Electric Cars of Tesla Motors Company. Automation of Technological and Business Processes, 8(2), 9-18.
Respond to this:
When I think of the innovation that Tesla brings to the market, it really it quite remarkable. But a big question with all of this is – is it affordable to the average consumer? While there are things that will benefit the environment, can the average family afford any of this at the end of the day?

APA 200 words at least one scholarly reference.
Tesla and innovation.

APUS Global Issues in Supply Chain Management Questions

APUS Global Issues in Supply Chain Management Questions.

Course Objectives: C01 Analyze perspectives on global supply chain design Prompt: Answer the following questions as part of the paper: How do we know what our supply chain should look like? What aspects should companies take into consideration when designing their supply chain? What problems/issues are common within global supply chain design? What other problems / issues might exist, now or in the future? Instructions: In a 1,500 word APA formatted paper, discuss the topic of global network design. You can use Global Supply Chain Design: A Literature Review and Critique by Meixell and Gargeya (2000) as a starting point All charts, graphs, pictures are to go in the appendix (not a substitute for content) Make sure you use three to five credible and reliable resources; format in APA Refrain from excessive use of quotes in your response (less than 5%) Once you submit your document to the assignment folder it will automatically be loaded to TURNITIN.COM within the course. Your similarity scan score must be 20% or less (the following will be excluded: headers, bibliography, etc. prior to instructor grading paper—focus on the content of scan percentage) Plagiarism will result in an automatic zero for this assignment
APUS Global Issues in Supply Chain Management Questions

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