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He was the idol of the gaming world that had begun to exist when he achieved his high scores in many of the classic arcade games such as donkey kong. The directors clearly focused on Billy Mitchell’s self arrogance as he grew older and was engulfed into the persona of being the best gamer in the world. By the end of the documentary, it is clear that Billy Mitchell is now viewed by some as living in his own reality of the gaming world. The competitor in this film, Steve Wiebe, is portrayed as someone who has never quite been able to reach his goals.

He has not been as lucky as Billy Mitchell and he assumes the underdog role. Throughout the film he is forever attempting to reach his goal of breaking the Donkey Kong record only to be shut down by unfair circumstances. Many quotes are taken from Steve and his wife about his reliance, and need of achieving the record for self justification. Throughout the entire story, Steve is followed and shown the changes in his life do to this new gaming need.

Steve does not achieve his goal when he wanted to but the interviewees choose to come back and show that he did eventually persevere and obtain his goal. They chose to show that Steve was not a quitter, and could achieve what he wanted to with dedication. Overall, this documentary shows man techniques of providing different sides and views of a story. They used family members, friends, and the persons own account to express the different experiences that had occurred.

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Ancient Farms.

Write out your thesis topic and outline the way you intend to defend your main point. You can just use headings for the sections, but you should have at least two or three sub-points aside from your thesis and your conclusion. Provide as complete a bibliography as possible at the end of your outline or in a separate document. Your thesis may change, as may your list of sources, but show me what you have. You will need to develop a research question dealing with environmental anthropology that can be answered through a literature review. You will then need to find at least seven (7) sources in the form of books (including e-books), field reports, journal articles, or other reliable documents related to your chosen topic. You must make use of a variety of formats, not just one or two. You will almost certainly need to include both current source materials as well as some classic readings, which may be very old, yet highly relevant to your chosen topic. You may use as many course readings as you want, providing they are relevant to your topic, but at least five (5) sources must be external to the course. Papers should be between 7 and 10 pages, excluding title page (if used) and bibliography. Use standard margins, double spacing, and a readable medium – sized (11 or 12 point) font. The recommended citation style is Chicago, but SHA, SSA, and Turabian are also fine. Be sure to follow the style guide for both print and electronic sources as well as films (as applicable). Bibliographic entries must be cited in the text as well as in the list of sources. It matters how well your sources relate individually to your research topic, and how they serve in conjunction with other entries to inform any interested reader in sufficient depth. A hastily composed essay based upon a random selection of websites and other popular sources alone will earn a poor grade indeed. A list of sample topics will be made available no later than the end of the first week of class. Those who choose a topic from the list do not need to seek approval from me, but need only write up the proposal and submit it to me by the deadline.

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