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kindly answer the questions in the attachment below, question 4 and 5 must be done by using aspen hysys

kindly answer the questions in the attachment below, question 4 and 5 must be done by using aspen hysys version 11 (not any other versions). also, add screenshots or any graphs needed to be shown in the word file
if you need more information or the slides, just text me and ill provide everything you need

Bacons Novum Organum

Bacons Novum Organum.

Discussio 1. Do research on Francis Bacon and post what you discovered of him and make comments on two of your colleagues’ postings. After reading the selected passages of Bacon’s Novum Organum, proceed to do the following Threaded Discussion, answering the following questions: 2. How does the human mind and its thoughts stand in relation to Nature? 3. Why Bacon suggests that the way to conquer Nature is to submit to it? 4. Does he have anything to say about language in his theory of the Four Idols? Is it positive or negative?

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Essy Writing

kindly answer the questions in the attachment below, question 4 and 5 must be done by using aspen hysys Essy Writing.

1. Be focused, detailed and use short quotes. Yes, you can use and will probably need more than 1000 words in your original essay. Remember the essays should contain in-text citations. See the discussion guidelines in the content section and the Course Rubric. You will be graded by the Rubric. Post your original discussion essay in the discussion area and submit to the assignments dropbox before midnight on the deadline date. 2. Respond to at least one of your group members’ essays and/or to the comments of others who respond to your post. before midnight on the deadline date. This is NOT a peer review. Your comments on style and how well they wrote are not part of this assignment. I am looking for a scholarly consideration of ideas and analysis. You are to address ideas and consider how they apply or don’t apply compared to the scholars and the experts. You are to consider how your classmate’s ideas take the discussion to a deeper or appropriate level. Make sure that your response is meaningful and continues a conversation. The response counts for 20% of your grade. Guidelines: Remember the essays should contain citations and are practice for the final course paper. However they are also an opportunity to start less formal conversations and responses among group members. You must complete both aspects, so be sure to respond to at least one of your group members about what they found and/or to the comments of others who respond to your post. This assignment counts toward class participation. Copy and paste or type your discussion/essay in the discussion area and submit your file to the dropbox for a plagiarism check.

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Ancient Greek Myth

Ancient Greek Myth.

Ancient Greek Myth

Paper details Create your own myth, while incorporating traditional themes and motifs. Classical (ancient Greek or Roman) subject matter is of course acceptable, but fictional stories unrelated to the content of the course will be most welcome. The Raglan 22-incident heroic career (handout), Powell’s similar typology (ch. 13, pp. 333-334), the so-called “girl’s tragedy” (ch. 14, pp. 355-356), and the “folktale pattern” (sketched at pp. 451-452 in ch. 17) –each offers a cluster of narrative themes or motifs, but you may pick-and-choose as you see fit. The essay should include at least a dozen (12) distinct traditional elements. However you proceed, the “traditional” underpinnings of your story should be clearly in evidence. One of sources must be from the attached textbook.

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16th Century Spanish colonization and English colonization

16th Century Spanish colonization and English colonization.

Describe the Native American setting to which the English and Spanish arrive; *Compare and analyze Spanish colonization with English colonization; *Discuss the role of the Spanish Conquistadors, *What are some intriguing developments from this period? *What is your analysis of early European colonization?

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Pollution in Water Discharges.

Pollution in Water Discharges..

 Write your answer in the form of a memo (or business e-mail). Present your arguments clearly, and state arguments that support your position as well as arguments that don’t (that is, explain why counter argument are wrong). Be persuasive, use clear, concise language, good grammar and correct spelling. Make sure your conclusions are supported by your arguments. The length of your memo/email should be around 800 words. Given this dilemma you find yourself in, write a memo to your boss recommending the course of action you think you should follow. Consider the following issues in your response: Who is included in the moral audience? What are your options in this case? What is your moral obligation(s)? What is your dilemma? What guidance does the Engineering Code of Ethics provide. What would a Utilitarian do? What would a follower of Kant do? Explain how these theories apply to this case (consider both of Kant’s formulations). What should you do? Justify your decision using the moral theories above. What other actions can you take to meet other ethical obligations that are unmet by your choice? How do you think you should respond to the plant manager’s requests? Are there legal issues that you should consider? For the solution you choose, consider the long-term consequences and consider what could go wrong in the worst case. Pollution in Water Discharges You work in a small town where everyone knows each other. You have been lifelong friends with many of the people in town. In fact, many of your friends and relatives work with you at the local plant that is the largest employer in the area. As a newly graduated engineer from URI, you have been assigned the position of environmental engineer for the local plant whose water discharges flow into a lake in a flourishing tourist area. Included in your responsibilities is the monitoring of water and air discharges at your plant and the preparation of monthly reports to be submitted to the Department of Natural Resources. You have just prepared a current report that indicates that the level of pollution in the plant’s water discharges slightly exceeds legal limitations. This will result in the plant being closed and the plant workers being placed on unpaid furlough until new testing can prove that the effluence meets legal limitations. The plant manager asks you not to submit the report until the company has retested the discharge levels to assure that the standard is being met. The plant manager feels that the excess levels were due to a particularly high requirement for a product that is not currently being processed. He is confident that current discharge levels are acceptable. The testing is complex and will take 3-4 weeks to produce results. He says that the slight excess should not endanger human or fish life and he believes the plant is currently in compliance. He asks you to weigh the effect of publishing the report on time. That this could bring unwanted attention to a plant that is marginally profitable at best. After all, plant workers would be laid off for 3-4 weeks while the retesting was being conducted which would be a considerable hardship. The plant manager further states that your predecessor occasionally delayed a monthly discharge report for the same reason. The company would pay the fine due for not filing the effluent report on time. No data would be kept from the regulators. The original report indicating the excess effluent levels would be published at the same time as the retest (about a month late). This would prevent the plant closing and the associated adverse publicity that would result from a report showing the plant was polluting.

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Cognitive Development is affected by both nature and nurture – taking either Piaget or Vygotsky, and explain the key concepts

Cognitive Development is affected by both nature and nurture – taking either Piaget or Vygotsky, and explain the key concepts.

1.     Take any two of the Social Theories (Erikson, Bandura or Bronfenbrenner) and explain them in detail; compare them as you apply them to the “subject” (person you are studying for your Group project). Make sure to include all the key concepts of the specific theory with suitable examples.


2.     Freud’s model of Psychoanalysis is a classic model of development in Psychology even today, despite the controversies that surround it. Explain it in detail with examples.


3.     The Behavioral Theories of Learning centers on the models of Conditioning – Classical and Operant. What are the main differences between them as they play out and affect human development? Explain.


4.     Cognitive Development is affected by both nature and nurture – taking either Piaget or Vygotsky, and explain the key concepts.



5.     Trace the main changes in physical development from early adulthood into late life. What are some practical perspectives that one can foster to enjoy better health at this phase of life?

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