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In some cases, these entrepreneurial donors are recruited (or learn through word-of- mouth and volunteer) and flown to another nation, where the organ is removed in a makeshift operating room. While at first believed to be a true but surreal horror story (often involving the victim waking up in a bathtub full of bloody ice cubes), and then dismissed as an urban legend, kidney theft has been known to happen. A day laborer, Mohammad Salim Khan, who lived close to Delhi, India, was looking for a day’s wages when he agreed to go to a house under the premise that he’d be paid $4 a day for construction work.

He was then held at gunpoint for several days, along with two other deceived day laborers. Eventually, they were taken to a hidden operating room, rendered unconscious by drugs and, when they later awoke in horrific pain, were informed that their kidneys had been removed. A medical examination of Khan showed that his kidney had, in fact, been removed. http://science. howstuffworks. com/environmental/ life/human-biology/organ-donation7. htm At one time, Israeli organ brokers were obtaining kidneys from people in former Soviet-bloc nations and transplanting them nto patients who traveled to Turkey for the operation.

For the broker, there was money to be made one Israeli middleman in the organ trade made $4 million before being caught [source: Rohter]. In the U. S. , a black market for human tissue exists. It usually involves bodies about to be cremated. A black market broker may enter into a financial arrangement with a criminally minded funeral home director and carve up the bodies before they’re cremated. Falsified papers such as consent forms and death certificates are produced, and the tissue can then be sold to an American research facility.

Sometimes, the tissue may be from a body with an infectious disease, but is sold with documents that claim a different cause of death or medical history. Illegally obtained tissue from Just one cadaver has been known to reach 90 tissue recipients [source: Bauer]. http://science. howstuffworks. com/ environmental/life/human-biology/organ-donation7. htm In Kenya, sex-traffcked women and children are vulnerable to organ markets. http://forcechange. com/8089/ stop-the-black-market-organ-industry/ Human smuggling leads to kidnapping and organ trafficking in Eritrea Filed under: Africa, Human Trade

Criminal groups trick migrants into various revenue generating black market activities in Eritrea, according to news reports. Migrants in the country first pay human smugglers $2, 500 to be smuggled into Israel or Western countries. Once at the first stop in Sudan, the migrants become victims of kidnapping and ransom as they are told to pay thousands of dollars in ransom to be released. If the migrants are unable to pay the ransom, they become victims of organ trafficking as their kidneys are taken and sold on the black market.

Source: Ricci Shryock, “Eritreans Call or End to Human Trafficking of Migrants,” Voice of America, December 12, 2011. http://www. havocscope. com/black-market/human-trade/organ-traffcking/ Black market organ trade is real. There are 99,564 people on the waiting list for an organ transplant in the U. S. I have already subtracted t 3 people that were lucky enough to receive an organ. In 2002, More than 6,000 Americans die each year while waiting for an organ . In Europe, 15-20% die before they can receive an organ transplant.

The shortage of transplant organs has caused some very unscrupulous people to take advantage of he desperation by people in a race against death. Desperate and out of options, many in need of an organ are turning to an underground black market that deals in organs. Before you think these sellers are doing an altruistic deed, keep reading. Many of you have probably heard the story of a man who has been drugged and awakes in a tub of ice. He reads a note saying that his kidney has been stolen. There have not been any factually documented cases of this happening and it really bleeds a shadow over the real crimes that are being committed.

e Elements of Moral Philosophy by Rachel James

e Elements of Moral Philosophy by Rachel James.


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