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Khrushchev and Brethren had very different views on what had to be the center of the communist world. Khrushchev believed that the center of communism didn’t have to be Moscow.

Communist countries who wanted to structure themselves differently than how Moscow ordered it were given the freedom to do so. Brethren on the other hand felt that he needed to use force in order to keep the USSR under Moscow power and didn’t want to allow any variations in countries communist ways.This meant that when Brethren came into power, various countries had their own communist adders, and his way of leading power back to Moscow was different than what Khrushchev believed. 2. The USSR intervened in a repressive way in a number of countries, specifically Poland and Hungary; this caused eastern European countries to fear the soviets political strategies and ideologies. When Brethren came to power in 1946 he was confronted with the soviets ineffective strategies and the effects that had on eastern Europe and their view towards communism.Brethren reestablished soviet power and communism in eastern Europe and loved a number of economic issues that the USSR had after Khrushchev rule.

3. After Toss denunciation in 1948 the relationship between the USSR and Yugoslavia was damaged. Khrushchev believed in different ideas of implementing communism in eastern Europe than Stalin, he felt that the relationship between the USSR and Yugoslavia had to be rebuilt. Khrushchev and Toto both signed an agreement called the Belgrade Declaration that stated that the countries different paths to socialism were acceptable within the soviet bloc.However, this rebuilt relationship between Yugoslavia and the USSR was hurt again when Brethren came into power as he changed to a completely opposite policy compared to that of Khrushchev. This new policy was much more radical and brutal in order to be effective of his new plans and missions. This once again turned Yugoslavia into and enemy.

4. After the only so recently established policy of different ways to socialism that was implemented by Khrushchev, anti soviets was still very strong among the people of the Warsaw pact countries after Brashness rise to power.Anti soviets had mainly developed because of societies negative sews on the government. The society had seen the government putting all their focus into other countries but not their own. Even though the people knew that the government was successful with what it was doing the people felt like it was no benefit to them. This ultimately let to the Prague Spring during the late 1 9605. 5.

The Sino Soviet split basically heaped because of political and ideological disagreements between these two communist governments. Initially both countries government was structured around Marxist ideas.However when Khrushchev came to power, the denunciation of Stalin caused china to be in a state of tension as their ideologies were very similar to that of Stalin. Also, after his rise to power the USSR developed away from Marxism and therefore the two countries ideals became very different. This later caused the split of these two countries. 6. When Dubbed was elected in 1968 he created a new way of governing Czechoslovakia compared to that of the USSR.

This implemented a threat to soviet policy and the eastern bloc countries as the strategies that he implemented was much more liberal.The Users main fear was that capitalism was developing in Czechoslovakia, as media was no longer restricted, freedom of speech was allowed and traveling was made easier. This led to the Brethren doctrine, which focused on strictly maintaining communist power in the eastern bloc countries. 7. Since the United Stated wanted to maintain their relatively good relationship with the USSR they, and the NATO, had no desire in getting involved in the Prague spring as this might have hurt the two countries relationship.Since the US at this time was in the middle of a was with Vietnam, and they wanted to peruse an arms control treaty with the USSR, they my no means were interested in getting militarily involved. 8.

The Brethren doctrine basically valve for the use of any measures in order to keep the Warsaw pact countries unites. As before stated in question 6, Czechoslovakia was already showing signs of breaking free from this pact after Dauber’s gain of power. This fear that the Soviet Union had of a development of liberalism ultimately was the reason that they intervened in Prague.

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