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Key Submission Requirements: 1) Your submission word file will be named using the course name (e.g., International Marketing), the

Key Submission Requirements:
1) Your submission word file will be named using the course name (e.g., International Marketing), the
professor’s name (e.g., Smith), and your last name (e.g., Jones), e.g.:
“International_Marketing_Smith_Jones.docx” (Absent: -2 credits)
2) In the first line/two of the document you must include your full name, email, the course name (NOT
#), and professor’s name. (Absent: no credits as we cannot know what course it is for)
3) The next 2-3 lines will include a complete reference for the article you used (authors, journal name,
name of article, year, volume, pages). Reference style is not critical. (Absent: -2 credits)
4) A PDF copy of the article you used must be attached. A link (even an embedded link) is NOT
sufficient as links often fail. You must download and save the PDF, and then upload it to the
assignment as a separate and independent file. PDFs can be downloaded from the library databases;
ask a librarian for help if needed. (Separate PDF File Absent: -3 credits)
5) Incorrect Journal/Year: -4 credits (=0 points credit); see below for list of journals. Please pay
very close attention to this. This is where students most often lose all points, because they select
the incorrect journal.
6) Not a research article: -4 credits (=0 points credit); see below for article requirements. This is the
2nd most common way to lose points. Please read the requirements carefully.

Assigment, what to do:

2) Read the article and answer the following questions about the article:
a. What is the primary research question being addressed?
b. What research methodology is being used?
c. What conclusion is reached by the research?
d. How is this conclusion relevant to marketing managers? How can they apply the findings in
the context of a firm’s marketing activities?

Grading Criteria

If your article meets the journal, year, and article criteria above, your answers (to Section 2) will be graded
for quality as follows:
1. Repetition of the questions will result in a 1-point deduction; students should use the space to
demonstrate their understanding of the answers. You may number the questions for clarity, if you
2. Copy-Pasting sentences/sections from the article itself is plagiarism and will result in a score of
zero; all assignments will be checked using Turnitin. Students are expected to be able to explain the
key ideas in the article in their own words.
3. To detail the methodology (question 2b), students may choose one of the studies in the paper and
offer detail on that study. They should describe in their own words what participants did in the study
and how the researchers used that data or other dimensions of how data was collected, organized, and
4. Students are expected to present their own ideas and thoughts in item (2d), showing their ability to
apply the research they read in the real world.
5. Overall quality of demonstrating understanding of the key ideas will be evaluated.

Format: Submissions will be 2 double spaced pages, 1” margins all around, 12-point font. Significantly
shorter submissions will be considered as demonstrating lesser analysis and effort in understanding the paper
and may incur point deductions. Longer submissions will result in reading and grading of only the first 2
pages only, to ensure fairness to all students.


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