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Key building blocks of good decision-making

Large volumes of data can be particularly complex to understand and present. However, if data is visually presented through a combination of meaningful charts, text, and a verbal narrative, the intended audience can better engage in the discussion of the facts, patterns, and findings that must be acknowledged before moving to the decision-making stage.In this discussion, you will take on the role of a new restaurant owner who is checking on sales since the opening of your establishment in January. You have just downloaded the following sales data from your financial software: Module Four Discussion Sales Data Spreadsheet . It includes sales by food item for each month you have been in business. You would like to create visualizations that illustrate which items are selling well and how the business is doing month by month.In your initial post, make sure to include the visualizations you created and address the following:What have you been able to identify through the visual representation of the data?What kind of graphic have you selected and why?How would this visualization need to be changed based on your audience?Please view the excel spreadsheet attached. For the discussions, you’ll need to have the information from this excel data. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Operations Policy and Budget Analysis

Operations Policy and Budget Analysis.

Write brief SAMPLES OF WORK addressing policy or budget analysis within a manufacturing operations department. Please include:

a) program analysis, development, evaluation using the KPIs tool. b) Coordination of rule making and rule interpretation of programs c) Biennial budget development and preparation d) Research analysis and reporting significant and complex problem and policy issue f) How manage the implementation and integration of program, systems and process improvement and coordinate department wide training g) And coordination of division liaison functions of legislature, state and federal rules and laws

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Key building blocks of good decision-making Insert surname1

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Models of policing

Criminal Justice covers all aspects of legal systems from the court system to the police and correctional facilities, and even covering parole and probation. Traditional policing is still the standard and best known best style of enforcing the law. It is a reactive style where the police react to the criminal activities and other calls for service while on patrol.

In traditional policing, officers are involved in patrolling their communities and answering calls, looking for crimes which are occurring or has occurred as opposed to the community-oriented policing where officers partner with the community to help solve a problem while attacking the core problems leading to crime and fostering better relationship between the community and the police force.

Problem solving involves identifying the problem, identifying the factors that give raise to such problems, coming up with solutions and implementing in order to relieve the problem and determining the effect of the solution which has been provided to the problem. Modern policing is respectful and just. The police officers have to act in accordance to these critical dimensions with those whom they come into contact (Brogden, Mike & Preeti Nijhar, 2013).

Modern policing, the officer is mandated to protect the civil rights which are guaranteed in the constitution. The citizens perceive that their side of the story is heard; they are treated with respect and dignity, unbiased and trusted process used by the police in solving problems, where citizens comprehend how decisions which concern them are being reached and understanding that the police force is interested in their personal situation.

The modern policing is committed in working together and closely with the society it polices in coming up with better ways of dealing with problems affecting the community together with preventing and providing better response to disorders and crime. The abilities of any police officer to fulfill their mission are dependent upon community respect and approval. While maintain law and order in the community, the use of force is only allowed when persuasion, warnings and advices are insufficient.

Police training traditionally was contacted in a very uniform way, carried out in lecture method and trainee getting very little input. The traditional approaches used to train police officers are saliently similar to the techniques used in cognitive which assume that learning primarily take place through the exposure to logically presented data, and behaviorism which bases its premise that learning primarily occur through the desired response reinforcement.

In order policing to meet the growing challenges of technological, communication, philosophical and social relationship changes, there is no need to rest in the answers provided in the past but must seek to come up with processes which meets new problems (Greene & Jack, 2014).

Work cited

Brogden, Mike, and Preeti Nijhar. Community policing. Routledge, 2013.

Greene, Jack R. “New directions in policing: Balancing prediction and meaning in police research.” Justice quarterly 31.2 (2014): 193-228.

what cause the differences between-countey in student performance. Evidence from PISA data

what cause the differences between-countey in student performance. Evidence from PISA data.

what cause the differences between-countey in student performance. Evidence from PISA data


1. introduction

2. data and method 

3. result 4.discuss and conclusion

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Communication d3/4 M

Part one
This week I would like you to read an online edition of a newspaper and hard copy of a newspaper.
1. After reading through each section tell us what is the name of the newspaper and cited. What aspects you liked of each and what you didn’t like as much.
2. Which format are you more likely to use? Why?
3. Do you currently read a newspaper (hard copy or online) on a regular basis? Why or why not?
4. Did you grow up in a household where your parents read the paper on a regular basis?
5. Do you prefer reading an in depth report (like you might find in a newspaper) or watching a shorter version of the story (like you might find on a local newscast)?
Part 2
This week you will be reading a great article that was published in Vanity Fair Magazine and answering a few questions. This is a long article so plan accordingly so you have time to read it and answer all the questions. If you don’t answer each question thoroughly you will lose points.
You are also required to respond to two of your classmates posts. I’m looking for more than a “Nice job” or “I agree”. Put some thought into it if you want full points. Remember there is an automatic 5 point deduction if you don’t reply to classmate’s posts.
Please read the attached article published in Vanity Fair Magazine and answer the following questions on the discussion board.
1. How has the media changed the “American Dream”?
a. Give a minimum of 3 specific examples from the article you read.
b. Give a minimum of 2 specific examples from what you have seen in today’s media.
c. Give a minimum of 2 examples of what you have witnessed in the priorities and dreams of those around you. (Can be friends, family, co-workers etc…)
2. What is your American Dream? Please share a detailed description not just a sentence.
Link to article:

Mass Media

Mass Media.

Mass Media


Paper details:

-Chapter 6 on “The News Media” from the Struggle for Democracy by Drs. Greenberg and Page, and -Chapter 13 on the “Mass Media” from the Democracy for the Few by Dr. Parenti. Scholarly research shows that the mass media help set the political agenda for ordinary citizens. But there are two kinds of mass media in the United States: The Mainstream media owned by giant corporations, like the CNN, L.A Times, N.Y. Times, the Wall Street Journal, Times Magazine, Newsweek, CBS, NBC, ABC… And the Non-Mainstream media which run no corporate commercials /advertisements and are publicly owned (mostly supported by donations by their subscribers /the public.) Examples of Non-mainstream will be Pacifica Radio (KPFK in Los Angeles Area F.M. 90.7), NPR F.M. 89.3, the Nation Magazine, the Humanist, Z magazine… In this assignment, you must compare non-mainstream and mainstream media coverage of current pressing domestic and global political issues in a scholarly fashion. You must also answer the 5 questions at the bottom of this post. In order to accomplish these tasks, you must first read chapters on the mass media from both Democracy for the Few and the Struggle for Democracy. Furthermore, you must go online or and listen to one of Amy Goodman’s “Democracy Now” program on that radio station. You can also navigate through that site and obtain a hard copy of the same program. There are several other important programs at KPFK like “the Middle East Focus”, “Beneath the Surface”, “Nation Magazine”, “Lawyers Guild”.. Listening or reading its programs online is mandatory. This is not optional. You must cite specific examples from that radio station. You cannot cite just few simplistic headlines information. You must cite specific, detailed information from KPFK programs and your detailed responses to them. You should also access the web site of the nation magazine by clicking “” and read a couple of articles on one or two current major foreign and domestic policy issues/ crisis like the war in Iraq, the Palestinian Israeli conflict, International Economic Crisis or Global Environmental condition /crisis . -You must also read a couple of articles on at least one of the following current major domestic issue/ crisis: the Patriotic Act and its restrictions of Civil Liberties in the United States or the current economic crisis and meltdown in the United States. Furthermore, you must watch a couple of CNN or CBS news programs and read a couple of articles from the L.A. Times or the Wall Street Journal or any mainstream media of your choice on at least one current major foreign policy issue/ crisis AND at least one current major domestic issue/ crisis. Please read the examples provided above. This is also a must. This is not optional. Then you must compare and contrast the coverage of those issues by both the Mainstream media; (CNN, L.A.Times,…), and the non-mainstream Media; KPFK F.M. 90.7, the Nation Magazine. After that you must answer all of the following questions: 1) What does Dr. Parenti mean by “He Who Pays the Piper” and by “the ideological monopoly”? Based on your research which media (mainstream or non-mainstream) is guilty of those charges? (Manifests ideological monopoly the way described by Dr. Parenti.) 2) Which one, the mainstream or the non-mainstream media deals with the root causes of current issues or crisis like the Palestinian Israeli conflict, the Patriotic Act and the restrictions of Civil Liberties in the United States. 3) What does Dr. Parenti mean by the “official manipulation?” Based on your research did you see more official manipulation in the mainstream media or the non Mainstream Media? Which one feeds us the official line of the current U.S. administration and why? In other words which one of the two media: mainstream or non-mainstream, feeds us the official line and which one is doing a better job to play its role as the watchdog? 4) Focus on a section on “Prevailing Themes in Political News” and “Limited Fragmented, and incoherent political information.” PP: 166-168 (The struggle for Democracy.) Which one of the two: Mainstream or Non-mainstream is guilty of those charges. 5) In your essay, you must include KPFK’s programs comparison with either CBS or CNN news programs. If you live in an area that you cannot get that radio station you can go online and listen to that station online. The online address of that station is or these two links both give you access to KPFK and give you the option of listening to or reading the programs of your choice online. (11 font, single spaced)

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lab experiment

i need you to do the workings in a piece of paper an take a picture of the same then upload it for me. Thanks.
Write a balanced molecular and net ionic equation for all chemical reactions in this experiment.
Step 2: Copper (II) hydroxide from copper (II) nitrate The reaction taking place is aqueous copper (II) nitrate reacting with aqueous sodium hydroxide to give solid copper (II) hydroxide and aqueous sodium nitrate.
Complete Ionic:
Net Ionic:
Step 3: Copper (II) oxide from copper (II) hydroxide The reaction taking place is the decomposition of solid copper (II) hydroxide into solid copper (II) oxide and water with heating
Complete Ionic:
Net Ionic:
Step 4: Copper (II) sulfate from copper (II) oxide The reaction taking place is solid copper (II) oxide reacting with sulfuric acid to produce aqueous copper (II) sulfate and water.
Complete Ionic:
Net Ionic:
Step 5: . Recovery of copper from copper (II) sulfate The reaction which occurs is zinc metal reacting with aqueous copper (II) sulfate to produce copper metal and aqueous zinc sulfate.
Complete Ionic:
Net Ionic:
Side reaction: A second reaction also occurs. Zinc metal reacts with sulfuric acid to yield hydrogen gas and zinc sulfate. Because of this, you must add an excess of zinc metal.
A) Molecular
Net Ionic:
Complete Ionic

Case Study: Porter Airline

Case Study: Porter Airline.

Using the Porter Airline Case conduct additional research to complete the following. 1. Identify three environment forces that will impact the airline industry over the next five years. Please source relevant information,( I think you should use PESTEL Analysis) 2. Research three other airline companies and identify how you think they are positioned to address these forces. Please source all relevant information. 3. In light of this information, what should Porter Airlines do to address these same forces? – Use 1.5 spacing, one inch margins. – Maximum 6 Pages

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