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Kennesaw State University Particular Group Has Something Valuable Discussion

Kennesaw State University Particular Group Has Something Valuable Discussion.

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Watch the following TED Talk Danger of a Single Story by the higher position Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and respond to the following prompt:
QUESTION: Connecting Adichie’s ted talk to Peggy McIntosh’s discussion on privilege, discuss how the notion of privilege has influenced and continues to influence life in the US and other countries?
In order to receive full credit for discussion board participation, you MUST 1) Respond fully to the question above and 2) Respond to at least ONE classmate’s postings.  Please refer to the syllabus for specific requirements in terms of length and quality of the postings. 

Kennesaw State University Particular Group Has Something Valuable Discussion

PJM 6640 Northeastern University Wk 3 Stakeholder Challenges & Solutions Report.

Week 3 Learning Objectives This assignment is directly linked to the following learning outcome from the course syllabus: Create strategies for engaging stakeholders at all levels of the organization effectively, so as to increase consensus building. Assignment Components Write a 5-6 page paper about three specific stakeholder challenges that you anticipate encountering or have encountered, and what you might do about them. If you have examples from your own past, use them, otherwise describe issues that you anticipate would be common for a working BA.Do additional research into these issues, to provide adequate backing for your ideas.
PJM 6640 Northeastern University Wk 3 Stakeholder Challenges & Solutions Report

Fashion as a Mirror for Social Change Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Fashion in the ancient Greeks Restrictive clothing Conclusion Sources Footnotes Introduction The period shortly after World War I marked such a vivid change in the fashion of women, that it indeed shaped the future of the emancipation of femininity. Whether or not fashion is a definable mirror for social change is no better described than in terms of the ‘Flapper’ culture of the 1920’s. In many ways fashion is a mirror of cultural and social change but also of social identity and counter-culture. Exploring fashion from the times of ancient Greek culture to our modern day, we see a number of styles and expressions that recur over time, meaning that in the strictest core of our society, we keep returning to those cultures as ancient and sophisticated as they are. Fashion in the ancient Greeks The ancient Greeks set the scene for what we consider to be fashion today. Clothing had previously performed the duty of warmth and protection, but in Greece it also distinguished class difference and social standing. Fashion was loose fitting and elegant and those that wore tight fitting clothing were considered barbarians (Rymer, 2008).1 Both men and women wore loose fitting sleeveless tunics and the distinguishing factor was that women wore these tunics to their ankles and men wore shorter versions. The wealthier you were the more colourful the tunic was, as the ‘common’ folk wore plain colours. Winter saw the introduction of heavy woolen cloaks over this (Ibid.). Women wore their hair long and curled, or braided, but slave women had their hair shorn short (Ibid.). Already with this information we are able to see how fashion distinguished class and social structures in ancient times. Hence the idea of the ‘urchin’ haircut that became popular in the 1920’s as a counter-revolutionary approach to the social norms that dictated what a woman should look like. In one sense this narrowed the gap between the rich and the poor, making it possible to have whatever style you choose regardless of what side of the food chain you were on. However, if it is considered that today the cost of hairstyling and colouring, it can be presumed thus that at times the wealthier people are still able to afford more expensive styling. Restrictive clothing The restrictive clothing of the previous years, counting up to the ‘Flapper’ era, had been a mark of the suppression of women and was shrouded in societal myth and sexual restraint but became a lesser concern after the war. When the war began, women were forced to run their countries as the men had done, working in factories, making ammunition, earning a living and looking after the home and children. Fashion changed drastically in this period partly as a practical measure and partly as a freedom expression. “In fashion history terms time never stands still. In the Edwardian era, new influences and a changing society in a young century began to challenge the stiff formality that prevailed. In the years between 1905 and 1918 clothing styles emerged that were evolutionary in bridging the gap between the rigid formality of the Edwardian styles and the ultimate changes that led to the knee high dresses of 1926.”(Weston Thomas, 2008).2 Shorter skirts and flatter chests were more practical for those working in the factories and definitely more comfortable, but did it have another message? In previous years, revealing a part of your body was considered restricted to those who worked the streets and in brothels and criminal practices, but since women were now free to explore their sexuality, the length of the skirt was not distinct to social standing. So fashion did indeed change with society as we have seen the manner in which it distinguished social status in the ancient times and up to the Flapper era. Prior to the Flapper era, Victorian fashion was considered the most suffocating and restrictive of all, since making a good marriage was more important than physical comfort, it became necessary to expose a woman’s assets without being provocative. The bustiers were built for playing up the curvaceous bosom and the bustles were created to enhance the derriere, both body parts depicting the essence of the feminine form. Since women were unable to flaunt their assets any other way, this was considered the most practical way of gaining the male attention even if what lay beneath was not quite as voluptuous. Incarcerated within a farthingale and numerous layers of voluminous fabric the lady was constantly aware of the quality of her performance within these garments. “The earlier bid for simplicity and freedom was overwhelmed by a profusion of puffs, ruchings, fringes, ribbons, drapery, flounces with additional headings and edgings, and strange combinations of materials and colours.” (Nunn, 2001).3 At this stage women were as incarcerated by social obligation and niceties as they were by their clothing, making it impossible to explore the freedom of the human body as it is naturally. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Tentatively though, women are every bit as dictated by fashion today as they were in their suppressed era. The idea that women have more power now is complemented by the wearing of jeans and T-shirts, compliments of Coco Chanel. “Beauty/ seduction are also important purposes of dress. Most people want to look attractive, at least under certain circumstances. But what is considered beautiful is also subject to variation. Ideals of beauty also change over time within the same culture, as we will see.” (Jirousek, 1995).4 It can be said that the fashion statements of the 1980’s is no longer pertinent to the present day. Cork-screw perms and three layers of various coloured bobby-socks are no longer considered practical or beautiful and neither is the be-muscled body that Jane Fonda popularised. Then again neither are the voluptuous hips of the Romantic period very popular either. The media are responsible in part for this phenomenon. Constantly highlighting the stick-thin long-legged freaks of nature such as models are, it requires a great deal of strength not to concern oneself with the popular culture. Initially women were chosen as models not for their sake of their slender frame, but because their slender waif-like figures were bland and therefore would not detract from the clothing they wore. Today, however, that has become a cultural norm. IF fashion were NOT a mirror of societal change, then there would not be a pandemic of eating disorders ranging from anorexia to bulimia and the new craze of orthorexia. “One certain thing in the fashion world is change. We are constantly being bombarded with new fashion ideas from music, videos, books, and television. Movies also have a big impact on what people wear. Ray-Ban sold more sunglasses after the movie Men In Black. Sometimes a trend is world-wide. Back in the 1950s, teenagers everywhere dressed like Elvis Presley.” (PBS, 2008).5 So suddenly everyone is sporting the shaggy look popularised by Jennifer Aniston? Suddenly the whaspy waist is a must ad then it isn’t and then it is and then…well, it isn’t. Conclusion Fashion definitely mirrors society, whether we are concerned about it or not. In fact, society is really so segregated in terms of fashion that even if you refuse to follow popular trends, you are still identifiable by your non-conformity. Hence the ‘Goth’ culture of black clothing, black hair and black make-up being a counter-culture movement and as much a form as identity as fashion preferences. This is one reason why fashion will always resemble society, because it identifies the individual by what he/she conforms to. Human’s are gregarious creatures, their strength being in their numbers, therefore making it essential that they fit into one or another social group. The way in which we conform to that social group is evident in the way we look. Amish culture denies the female the luxury of flaunting their assets and in order to fit into this culture it is necessary to look that way. In the same way as identifying oneself as a ‘skater’ culture dictates that to fit in one must have jeans that hang a little above the knees, ‘hoodies’ and socks that reach the bottom of the ‘shorts’. Sad though it is, fashion is definitely a cultural and societal model around which we all survive and indeed around which we judge and identify others. Sources Charlotte Jirousek. 1995. “Dress, Fashion and Social Change.” Art, Design and Visual Thinking. Web. Eric Rymer. 2008. “Fashion in Ancient Greece.” History Link. Web. We will write a custom Essay on Fashion as a Mirror for Social Change specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Joan Nunn. 2001. “Victorian Women’s Fashion.” Victorian Web. Web. Pauline Weston Thomas. 2008. “Towards Dress Reform.” Fashion Era. Web. PBS. “What is Fashion?” History of Fashion. Web. Footnotes Eric Rymer. 2008. “Fashion in Ancient Greece.” History Link. Pauline Weston Thomas. 2008. “Towards Dress Reform.” Fashion Era. Joan Nunn. 2001. “Victorian Women’s Fashion.” Victorian Web. Charlotte Jirousek. 1995. “Dress, Fashion and Social Change.” Art, Design and Visual Thinking. PBS. “What is Fashion?” History of Fashion.

Effects Of Inflation On International Competitiveness

order essay cheap Inflation erodes international competitiveness. Governments are trying to reduce inflation in many ways as it leads to distortions and problems in an economy. Inflation should be maintained at lowest level for the people in a country to self- assurance in the value of the money they use. Inflation can decrease in purchasing power. During an inflationary period, low – income people can reduce their purchasing power of money. This is because the dollar is worth less and they are not able to purchase goods and services. Finally, the demand drops. So as a result, suppliers such as grocer suppliers and farmers are going to limit their production. Besides, companies will have to face with falling demand of their products. The decline in production guides to the need for few inexpert workers and low- income people who are naturally not having highly developed education. So they are the one who must face first with the effects of inflation. Fixed income people’s purchasing power will be low if inflation is high while people with variable incomes (who are moderately richer than those people will not get too much effects with inflation. Inflation can also create a reduction in the real value of savings [2] of real interest rates are negative. It means the interest rate does not recompose for the increase in the general level of price. The real value of borrower’s debt moderated. Therefore, inflation errands borrowers at the expense of savers. Moreover, higher nominal interest rates could be happened due to the inflation and then business planning could be troubled. Companies profits can be deliberated When inflation is unpredictable from year to year, individuals and business couldn’t forecast what the rate of price inflation will be happened in the near future. When people are able to make precise calculation on inflation, they can look forward to protect themselves such as companies can fix their prices and also lenders can regulate interest rates. Because of these, I think government wants to tackle inflation. These are the reasons for governments why the government might want to tackle inflation. Cost push inflation can be occurred due to the oil prices and other raw materials. Policies to reduce cost push inflation are the same as in demand pull inflation. Fiscal policy which means higher taxes and lower spending can increase interest rates. Later, cost of borrowing and reduce consumer spending and investment. [3] Supply side policies could help for lasting of cost push inflation by increasing productivity and move the aggregate supply (AS) curve to the right. Nevertheless, such kind of policies would take a long time to have an effect on cost push inflation. Better education and training Lower taxes Increasing flexibility of labor markets All those above policies would take time to have an outcome. The government could face with difficulties to decrease inflation and unemployment at the same time. Monetary policy can diminish inflation but, conditions of unemployment can become worse if the interest rates become higher. Demand -pull inflation When there is surplus demand in the country, producers or manufactures are able to lift their prices and attain bigger profit margins as demand is running forward of supply. If direct taxes are lowered, consumers will have more disposable returns and it can cause rising in demand. To reduce aggregate demand, the government has to spend a small amount of money itself otherwise they have to use its tax-setting powers (source: bank of bizle in order to influence other people’s spending less. Effects on aggregate demand which includes all the expenses in the economy will be caused if interest rates are increased. As for the example, people who have used money in borrowing money will find out that their loan expenses have raised. Consequently, they have a little amount to spend on other equipments therefore; the level of consumption is reduced. [4] According to the Monetarist view, the interest rate should be raised so people can save more and their spending would be reduced later. This could lead to lower in demand. Governments, borrowers, have to give interest on the National Debt so that interest rates will be raised. This might mean a transaction with other spending. So, we are going to cut spending on some other public service. So, higher interest rates could harmfully have an effect on exports and can direct to a supplementary fall in aggregate demand. Total word count of task 4 ( 747)

Instructions This assignment will consist of two parts. Both parts will be compiled into the same document for submission.

Instructions This assignment will consist of two parts. Both parts will be compiled into the same document for submission. Part I: Thus far at Acme Automotive Parts (AAP), you have determined that controls are required in the paint booths, at the hand-welding stations, and on the machining lines. You have also determined that you cannot substitute any alternate chemicals in these areas because of requirements from your clients. You decide to use general dilution ventilation for the machining lines and local exhaust ventilation systems for the paint booths and the hand-welding stations. Complete the following tasks. For the general dilution ventilation used in the machining lines: Discuss why you believe a general ventilation system is appropriate for this operation. State where you would you place the fans associated with the ventilation system. Explain how you would test the effectiveness of the ventilation system. For the local exhaust ventilation systems: Describe the local exhaust ventilations (LEVs) you would use for each area (paint booths and hand-welding stations). Choose a hood type for each of the two LEVs. Calculate the flow rate that would be required if you placed the LEV for the welding operation 24 in. from the weld and desired a capture velocity of 100 ft per minute (ft/min) given W=12 in. and L=24 in. for any of the three hood types. Discuss any barriers you might face in implementing the use of the LEVs for these two operations. Part II: You also determined that engineering controls are needed for the hydraulic press area. Discuss some types of engineering controls that might be implemented for the hydraulic press area. Describe the information you might require prior to designing engineering controls for the hydraulic press area. Explain how you would evaluate the effectiveness of the engineering controls for this area. Your assignment must be a minimum of two pages in length, not including title or reference pages. Your assignment must use at least two references. One must be gathered from the CSU Online Library, and the other may be your textbook. All citations and in-text citations must be formatted according to APA standards

Managed Health Care

Managed Health Care. I’m working on a Health & Medical exercise and need support.
Using the website above– the entire guide must be read completely.
After doing so you will choose 4 topics. Each week one of the topics will be used for your journal entry. You will do additional research on each of your selected topics and provide the appropriate citation for your research– 2 additional references will be expected.
The length of your entry must reach 500 words. It can be written directly into the journal or attached as an RTF or Word document.

This is the 2nd week and you have to pick 1 topic for this week.
Managed Health Care

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