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Kennesaw State University Cyber Security Threats and Whaling Discussion

Kennesaw State University Cyber Security Threats and Whaling Discussion.

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Critical Inquiry
2.1 Engage in effective critical inquiry through a process of problem definition, evidence
gathering, and evaluation.
2.1.1. Definition – identify the problem and associated constraints; set the parameters
of the inquiry. 2.1.2. Evidence – identify and gather sufficient relevant information of appropriate
quality. 2.1.3. Evaluation – assess defined problem in the light of available evidence.
2.1.4. Discernment – distinguish fact from opinion*this is for email forensics*2.2 Examine complex security problems and propose innovative solutions, incorporating
scientific approaches, theoretical knowledge and relevant practical experiences taken
from a variety of sources. 2.2.1. Definition – identifying the overall problem and associated constraints; set the
parameters of the inquiry. 2.2.2. Evidence – identify and gather sufficient relevant information of appropriate
quality. 2.2.3. Innovation – recommend bespoke solutions. 2.2.4. Justification – explain pedigree, suitability and shortcomings of proposed
solution.*this is for cyber security*and I want it exactly by the rubric.
Kennesaw State University Cyber Security Threats and Whaling Discussion

The assignment will be checked for Plagiarism Watch the movie Losing Isaiah- Isaiah Imagine that you are a CYC working with Isaiah. Answer these questions in full sentences. This is not an essay. Spelling/ grammar will be check 1.According to Piaget, what stage of development is Isaiah at when the custody battle began? 2.What are some behaviour traits typically seen in children in this stage of development? 3.What are some behavioural challenging that Isaiah has? 4.What is an example of Isaiah learning through play? 5.What trauma(s) did Isaiah experience? 6.According to Erikson, which stage is Isaiah in when the custody battle began 7.Comment on your overall reactions to this story. Less than 100 words
Gender Studies homework help. This is a paper that is focusing on the Clear Laundry Ltd company question 2 assignment. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description to follow:,Clear Laundry Ltd company question 2 assignment,Question 2,Alex works for Clear Laundry Ltd as sales staff. She visits the headquarters of Appliances for Everyone (AfE) Ltd, a company that sells appliances to members of the public. Alex informs AfE Ltd that Clear Laundry Ltd would be willing to sell to AfE Ltd washing machines for a price of £150 per item wholesale if AfE Ltd was willing to order at least 2000 units. As AfE Ltd has 400 stores, it ordered 10 units per store (total 4000 units). They negotiated a reduced price of £120 per unit wholesale.,Secondly, Clear Laundry Ltd does not manufacture its own products as it is more cost-effective to allow a third party to manufacture them. Clear Laundry Ltd ordered 4000 units from Electrowash Supplies Ltd. Delivery in instalments was to commence on 1 May 2019 to AfE Ltd.,On 1 May 2019, delivery of the orders commenced directly to AfE Ltd, with the goods bearing the brand Clear Laundry. AfE Ltd was please with the sales of the washing machines. There was a high customer demand for this product, and on 1 August 2019, AfE Ltd ordered another 4000 units to be delivered on 1 December 2019.,Unfortunately, the drain pumps used in these washing machines were faulty and also caused the ,washing machine to malfunction,. This meant that the washing machines were often leaking after a few uses. AfE Ltd issued a product recall of all units sold by 1 September 2019. AfE Ltd refunded all customers for their purchase costs plus additional amounts for time, travelling and inconvenience.  Additionally, AfE Ltd also cancelled the order for the additional 4000 units placed on 1 August 2019.,Also, AfE Ltd wrote a letter to Clear Laundry Ltd demanding compensation not only for the amounts that it had paid to its customers but also for the damage to its reputation. Clear Laundry Ltd notified Electrowash Supplies Ltd that it intended to sue the company for any loss that it would have to pay AfE Ltd. The contract between AfE Ltd and Clear Laundry Ltd made no special mention of the quality of the goods supplied.,Advise Clear Laundry Ltd concerning its position towards AfE Ltd and also its possible claims against Electrowash Supplies Ltd (Approx. 1500 words), 50%,Total mark (Q1 50% + Q2 50%) 100%,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Gender Studies homework help
Complete Lab 10-1: Implement Backup and Recovery using the MindTap Access link. I’m studying for my Programming class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

Lab 10-1: Implement Backup and Recovery

Review the Getting Started with Live Virtual Machine Labs Video Series found at the beginning of your MindTap learning path to acquaint yourself with this lab environment.
Enter the live virtual machine lab environment where you will engage in hands-on practice that will help you learn the material.

Note: If you exit the lab prior to completion, progress is not saved and the next time you launch the lab it will be considered a fresh start.

Note: This lab provides hands-on experience with view disk allocation information to review storage pool data, create a Protection Group, and add members and client computers to a Protection Group.
Complete Lab 10-1: Implement Backup and Recovery using the MindTap Access link

DEP 2004 Human Growth and Development Discussion

DEP 2004 Human Growth and Development Discussion.

In a 3-page paper, written in APA format using proper spelling/grammar, conduct research on the topic of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and address the following:Explain the primary responsibilities and priorities of the IRB.Identify an organization, such as a research hospital or pharmaceutical company, that involves human research subjects including all of the following at-risk populations:childrenwomenminoritiescognitively impaired subjectsDescribe the organization’s specific guidelines/policies regarding conducting research on each of the at-risk, human populations listed above.Be sure to include APA citations for any resources you used as references.Rasmussen’s Library and Learning Services team has developed a variety of Guides to help support students’ academic endeavors. For this assignment, the Writing Guide and APA Guide may both be helpful. Also consider submitting each assignment to the online Writing Lab for feedback on your draft prior to submitting it for grading. You will find links to these Guides as well as other writing resources and services on the Resources tab.
DEP 2004 Human Growth and Development Discussion

FSM 3060 Providence College Restaurant Services Essay

assignment writer FSM 3060 Providence College Restaurant Services Essay.

There are a total of five (5) question topics on the essay.. Each of the questions is designed to test your knowledge of a particular topic that we have
discussed throughout the term. Perhaps more importantly, the questions are designed to
evaluate your ability to apply these topics operational and your ability to understand the
interrelatedness of these topics. The depth and quality of discussion in your response is far more important than the length of
the submission. addressing the question directly,
 offering your understanding,
 supporting your argument with credible sources and
 offering a summary conclusion. you must use credible and relevant sources in your submission. You must
include a list of references in MLA format for each of your responses.Questions: 1. What is service? And, how would you differentiate the generalization of the concept
of service from “appropriate service” based on operational variables such as; type of
operation, target customer, service style, meal periods, and menus offered? 2. What are the different types of service styles? Pick (2) styles and explain when and
why you would use the styles. Explain how the selection of the service style affects
customers, employees, and management. 3. Based on the table top picture below at the start of service (seating) offer some
thoughts about the potential operational variables (type of operation, target
customer, service style, meal periods, menu (s) offered, menu price point, staffing
needs to execute service of courses and reset…) you can discern from the FOH
equipment selected. Be specific when explaining why you are associating each FOH
item to an operational variable.
What other additional equipment would you expect to see as the customer’s meal
progresses from initial seating to completion?(PICTURE AS ATTACHED)
4. We spent a good amount of time this term discussing how well planned and
executed human resource employment function help to attain the business goals of
higher employee retention and employee satisfaction.
First outline and briefly explain all the phases of a well planned employment hiring
process. Select one typical staff position (job title) in a restaurant and describe how
this employee would be sourced, interviewed, selected, and trained based upon the
phases you described.5. It will become increasingly important for the next generation of restaurant
managers to embrace the use of new technologies in an effort to remain competitive.
Discuss the current technologies being implemented in terms of their ability to increase sales or reduce costs, obtain customer feedback, and improve employee
FSM 3060 Providence College Restaurant Services Essay

Financial Challenges of College Students Essay

It is valid to say that the majority of young individuals and high school graduates regard education as a priority because it provides opportunities to succeed later in life by getting a fine and desired job. However, it certainly is not very easy to graduate from a university and obtain a degree. One of the reasons for this is that being a student, a person is exposed to a lot of stressors and pressures on a daily basis, including an expectation to show excellent academic results, as well as the needs to balance studying and personal interests, to earn money to cover debts and support living, et cetera. Multiple external and internal factors can substantially influence the way one performs in a college. It is possible to say that the presence of support sources and possession of skills and flexibility needed to overcome existing obstacles to successful studying are essential in avoiding big failures during the pursuit of a degree. In my case, the most challenging barrier to receiving the undergraduate degree was the absence of financial assistance. Currently, both of my parents are studying as well so I do not have a chance to refer to them for financial support and, unfortunately, I was not regarded as eligible for the scholarship by either community foundations or the college. For these reasons, I had to work part-time in a nursing home in order to earn some money to support myself and proceed with my education. In the given situation, time management was one of the largest issues for me, and I struggled with balancing my attention across various domains of life at first. Since the largest part of the day during weekends I spent working, sometimes it was hard to keep up with the pace of learning expected from students in the college. Nevertheless, I was always very much aware of the benefits one can gain through education and a need to study hard despite all possible hardships. Moreover, my interest in medicine was and remains extremely strong. Thus, I have found a way to cope with excess stress and to improve my academic performance by trial and error. Through this experience, I learned that self-discipline and self-organization are keys to success in both educational and professional spheres because they help to manage time, which is one of the principal resources required for acquiring a great variety of skills and excellence. Therefore, I began to set right priorities whereas education was always the first and the foremost one. Since I did not have a proper and a regular income and could not get money from anyone and anywhere else, I continued working in the nursing home. However, for this, I allocated just enough time to earn a sufficient sum for buying gasoline needed to get to the college by car and purchasing some other essential things that could facilitate my progress in studying. I also started to develop short-term and long-term academic progress plans, which included a few clearly defined learning objectives serving for me as orientation points and metrics for the evaluation of current achievements. This self-organization tool allowed me to estimate my abilities and needs realistically based on time availability, and helped to control and modify the learning process better. Financial problems are probably the primary barriers to obtaining a high-quality education and better studying for many individuals. However, it is always possible to find a way to attain the formulated goal if you really want it. In my case, strong motivation to become a competent health care practitioner and serve the members of my community in the future gave me the strength to not give up. The challenges did not break me and, by facing them, I understood that I had made a right choice of profession and future career because my interest in medicine continued to grow when my knowledge about it kept on developing more and more throughout the semester. Because of the described experience associated with financial challenges and the coping mechanism they provoked, I now look forward to my further academic path with optimism. I believe that by improving self-discipline and implementing time management principles, I became more adaptable to adverse circumstances and managed to enhance the capability for learning and acquiring new competencies, which will allow me to make a valuable contribution to medicine through the provision of high-quality medical care to patients in the future. Overall, the lessons I learned during this challenging time will be useful in many ways. First of all, they will assist in fulfilling my major objective of acquiring high-standard practical skills in the field of my interest. Secondly, I will be able to apply the same coping and self-evaluation tools during my career in order to develop comprehensive long-term plans for continual self-improvement and enhancement of professional competence. Based on this, I view the design and implementation of the strategy aimed at overcoming obstacles to studying as a significant milestone on the path towards academic and professional self-realization.

Bill Gates Person Of Success Information Technology Essay

History is made by people. Some individuals have more influence on history than others, thus leaving their names in history and textbooks similar to a scripts left on the stones. They are of different backgrounds, personalities and they pursued many different things each with own method but one common feature of all of them is that they are unique – extraordinary personalities. And this report is a reflection on what I knew and found out about a person who already became modern world’s idol of wealth, power and success – Mr. William Henry “Bill” Gates III. Hereby, we will mainly focus on his personality and motivation, group working and leadership skills and finally his decision making abilities. Being very popular worldwide, there is so little known about Bill Gates’ personality except the fact that he is uniquely odd! Even being only part time CEO of Microsoft, he is a person who can influence the lives of tens of millions of ordinary people and the way thousands of firms do their businesses. Then the question comes “what kind of person he is?” Those who know him in person would definitely say that being apathetic but easily excitable, confident and competition feared, he is a boy that hasn’t grown from the sixth grade who fits neither Hippocrates’ temperaments theory nor any other. Knowing one sided approach to his personality is by far not rational, we will be analyzing his personality from different theories’ logic and try to avoid being categorical since categorization itself is true subjective. Myers-Briggs’ indicator is widely used technique for personality analysis which based on four personality traits: personality type, perception, judgment and approach to an environment analyzes human’s behavior and personality. From this theory perspective, I tend to consider Gates to have introvert personality type not only because he couldn’t approach his classmates in the 8th grade and any time later and has never been sociable but also never expressing emotions apart from irritation, he seems emotionless (he married Melinda so, possibly he has some!). Even though he makes use of everything and anything that he has, which gives the impression of practicalness that may lead some to think he is sensing person. However, the fact that in 1975 he exchanged Harvard for his goal, having only plans, confidence, intuition, Paul Allen and 5,000$ only, makes us consider him to have intuitive perception. Not only this but several cases of Trey (his father calls him so because of the “III”) to invest into future technologies such as 1980s and 1990s investment in OS, 1990s investment in internet, 2000s investment in tablet PCs, investment companies, think-tank companies, nuclear reactor manufacturing also prove that he has the ability of intuitive foreseeing. Next, when Trey graduated the school he scored SAT 1590 out of 1600 and in his workplace he processes data coming from 2 monitors each having 4 parts showing different data, in addition, he himself designs his daily and long term plans and instructs his personal assistant twice a day. That all is the indication of strong analytical and structured thinking abilities, time management and decision making skills, making his judgment true thinking, approach to environment true judging. If we look at Gates’ personality from another well known personality classification method – the big 5 model perspective then we notice the followings. In openness terms open-minded, creative intellectual – Gates with his readiness for challenges and expansion to different markets including banking and investments (Cascade Investments LLC), imaging and licensing services (Corbis), nuclear reactors (TerraPower) and many others fits explorer extreme by far more than the preserver part. Regarding the conscientiousness dimension, we already know that Trey is very much self-disciplined which puts him closer to the focused extreme. However, the best proof is that when Trey studied at the 6th grade he was at war with his mother due to which he was forced to attend the psychologist for more than 1 year after failing to change him, psychologist concluded “You’re going to lose. You had better just adjust to it because there’s no use trying to beat him (beat Trey).” This very conclusion is applicable to his whole life, this fact indicates that in agreeableness terms he is vivid challenger. When it comes to extroversion dimension, it is difficult to define him either introvert or extrovert since there are facts supporting both extremes. Despite of his sociability with anyone on the job related topics during meetings and presentations, from my point of view the absence of this ability in his daily and personal life outweighs the former, thus putting him closer to introvert side. Up to me, in emotional stability criterion of the big 5 model he is right the middle point, neither reactive nor resilient, because he is self-assured but anxious, other features of those model personality factors also do not describe him. Now we know what might possibly give the mix of risk taker stubborn intrinsic explorer and poor self-monitoring willingness! Now let us observe what motivates this unique mix. To start with we should accept that Trey always was and is intrinsically motivated person. This is seen from the fact that he always does what he wants to do because of interest or necessity of his own. For instance, during the school times he started learning programming and played with PC bugs which were not in the curricular and the motive was his own interest. Likewise, being head of Microsoft he smashed many competitors on desktop software developing, it is true that partially he pursued the corporation’s benefits but I am convinced that he treated this competition the same way as he did towards _____ that he played being a boy. As a lot people did Gates also started his life from the belongingness stage of the Maslow’s hierarchy, but unlike the same majority he reached the very top of this pyramid – self-actualization point. Since he always was introvert, he didn’t demand affiliation. He always puts purposefulness and achievements higher than the rest. He is convinced that “the end justifies the means” thus practicing unethical business sometimes as with Sun Microsystems case. Having the information above McClelland’s theory would suggest that if at the dawn of his business he had need for achievement, later on this need turned into need for Power. In Trey’s case the need for affiliation always had the lower priority to the two other needs. Although some may not see a leader in Gates, I am firmly convinced that he is the one and he is one of a kind. I do agree that he does not fit the standard leader image who we expect to be an orator with charisma and ability to convince and communicate. On the other hand Bill Gates is a person who controlled a company with about 78,000 workers for 33 years. He built a corporation that is richer than some countries! He fails to communicate effectively, especially with subordinates, never deals with others’ opinions and so on. However, he is pragmatic strategist with clear view of future, who brings big profits to people around and donates billions to community. Furthermore, he is highly goal oriented person, combination of which with those above makes others to follow him, after all not only charisma and affection make leaders but also achievements, character, purposefulness and some of a mystery too, make a good leader as well. “The personality of Bill Gates determines the culture of Microsoft,” says his intellectual sidekick Nathan Myhrvold. Indeed, during all 33 that he ruled the company and formulated the cultural climate of it by changing the approach toward surroundings several times that was successful as we now know. He is exactly the one described by “the great leader theory” who from more of a democratic and directive subordinate participation model in early years of Microsoft, moved to autocratic and directive model that covers the biggest part of the Gates era of the Microsoft. Finally, in recent years before he left his full-time job at Microsoft he experimented democratic and participative models. Being able to be idolized by his subordinates, inspiring and directing them, he can be regarded to as “new leader” in respect to organizational strategy and effectiveness part of the Frank Heller theory. In order to a better extend , we will have a look on what environments he has been in. During early years of Microsoft he was working in a group that was task, interest and friendship group types at the same time but not a command group. It is proven by the fact that at the start-up he worked with Paul Allen – his friend from Harvard who shared the same interest and they were task oriented and worked on several projects but they were not accountable to anyone as an administration, they themselves were administration for themselves. At that time maybe he was a good team player and I suppose the group was effective and well formed due to the mutual trust resulted from their friendship, motivation and common goals. However, as time went Gates’ attitude towards the group work, especially about subordinates, changed considerably to an unpleasant extend for subordinates. For example, there are evidences that he often interrupted presentations with such comments as, “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!” and, “Why don’t you just give up your options and join the Peace Corps?”. When subordinates appeared to be procrastinating, he was known to remark sarcastically, “I’ll do it over the weekend.” This indicates that Gates lacks good listening and constructive criticism skills as well. Maybe this resulted from the fact that Gates always was on the top of the organizational hierarchy and the only people to whom he was ever accountable for were Board of directors of Microsoft. His great authority may lead to a groupthink. In the book “Business @ the speed of thought” of Gates, that represents his own opinion, views and approaches to future business, it is clearly seen that Gates with his analytical thinking, tends to make decisions based on rational economic model. This model, as Trey does, includes several steps starting from problem or opportunity identification, search, evaluation and selection of alternatives. One of the first business decisions he made represents the rational economic model. When he got the agreement for trial OS for new IBM PC in 1980, he had nothing in his hands and that was an issue. He had clear view of the situation, thus immediately found a company that owned OS and after buying and customizing it to what IBM needed, he sold it to IBM. Quick, easy and profitable decision making! To conclude I would like to say that although Mr. William Henry Gates III is a person who seems to be inadequate, not sociable and strange, he earned “person of success” title with his persistence, quick wit, purposefulness and foreseeing ability. Part II Hereby drawn is an anthill which I think has by far a lot more similarities with organizations than one might think. Especially, with that of an autocratic type which has one leader who makes strategic decisions that affect the firm’s performance most thus sets the firm’s future, similar to a queen ant that makes crucial decisions for colony such as where to move. There are departments in organization each busy with certain part of the common for whole firm goal accomplishment of which puts the firm closer to the result. The same is observed in an anthill where there is department-like job distribution. While ant-workers gather food for whole colony, guards protect it and nannies grow the next generation up. Similar to an autocratic management, job distribution and task allocation in anthill goes downwards. Thus next time when you pass by the anthill be more attentive and maybe you will notice more similarities than I did.