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Keiser University Tampa What Constitutes Sexual Harassment Paper

Keiser University Tampa What Constitutes Sexual Harassment Paper.

What Constitutes Sexual Harassment?
According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination that violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute sexual harassment when submission to or rejection of this conduct explicitly or implicitly affects an individual’s employment, unreasonably interferes with an individual’s work performance, or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment. There are two types of sexual harassment: quid pro quo and hostile work environment. Quid pro quo, which means “this for that,” involves a person with power over someone else who uses that power to either benefit or harm a person based on his or her willingness to participate in or tolerate some form of sexual behavior. A hostile work environment exists when an individual is exposed to conduct that is sexual in nature, severe and/or pervasive, and unwelcome or unwanted; a power imbalance may or may not exist.   
Assignment:  Read each scenario below, and then in a 400-word document (100 words per scenario) that explains each scenario and determines whether each constitutes sexual harassment, and explain why or why not.  Be sure to utilize what you have learned about sexual harassment this week, and cite your sources on your reference page. You should have a title page, reference page, and 400 words in the body of your paper. 
Scenario 1
Mary and Bill work in the same department and have known each other for over a year. Mary and Bill are friendly, but nothing romantic has occurred between them. One day, Mary asks Bill if he would like to go out after work.
Scenario 2
Charles is attracted to his coworker, Shelly, but Shelly is unaware of the attraction. He tells her one morning, “You look really nice today.”
Scenario 3
At a company party, employees are called up individually to receive year-end bonuses. Susan is shocked to discover that whereas the men in her department receive cash, she and her female coworkers receive flowers.
Scenario 4
Adam and a coworker are looking at a sexually explicit Web site. Someone walks in and sees the Web site. That person is offended and reports the incident to Adam’s supervisor, who never tells Adam about the complaint. The person walks into Adam’s office three more times in the next several months and again sees sexually explicit material on Adam’s screen. The person never tells Adam that he is offended.

Keiser University Tampa What Constitutes Sexual Harassment Paper

Discussion board Question.

Mary Jane went shopping on Tuesday night with her brother and sister from 7 to 9 p.m. She happened to be shopping in the same shopping center that had a burglary at 8 p.m. Tuesday night. The next day, while sitting in class, juvenile officers came and detained her for the burglary. They took her to a juvenile detention center and screened her for any prior illegal activity. Mary Jane had never been in trouble previously, so they let her go home with her parents with a notation of the time to come to juvenile court. Mary Jane insists that she had no part in the burglary.Do you feel that most people have a predisposition toward teenagers (e.g., they are always looking for trouble)? Why or why not?Do you think this is ever a reasonable belief? Why or why not?Regarding the scenario above, how do you think that might she prove her innocence? Explain.What evidence do you think might exist that could prove that she is innocent? Explain.Considering that she is a juvenile, how do you think that evidence will hold up in the court? Explain.400 – 600 words, APA Format w/ reference
Discussion board Question

Analyzing Office Discipline Data Submit the assignment by 11:59 PM PT Sunday of Module 1. For this module’s assignment, assume you are a candidate for the position of principal at the hypothetical Walters School. You have been asked to review and provide an analysis on data related to discipline at this school. You will begin by analyzing three years of office discipline referral data to identify trends and assess for disproportionality among ethnic and gender student groups. You will then conduct your own research (online and/or offline) to identify 1) the top five major disciplinary issues among elementary schools, middle schools, or high schools in general (your choice of level), and 2) major responses of these schools to these disciplinary issues with respect to their student groups. Finally, you will discuss your personal perspective on the greatest issue in school discipline today. Your analysis will include two parts, both of which will be submitted in one document. View/Download the Module 1: Data Analysis Packet download(PDF) for office referrals at the case-study school. Carefully study the packet, and look for trends and patterns in the data. Compose your responses for Part 1 and Part 2 in a 7- to 8-page Word document (not including the title and references pages). Use APA format for the title page, references page, and citations. Part 1: Data Analysis Table 1: Data Summary of Office Referrals for Disciplinary Incidents Study the progression of discipline incidents over the three years. Identify and describe in detail three major trends/patterns from these data. Table 2: Data Summary of Disciplinary Actions on Office Referrals Study the progression of disciplinary actions over the three years. Identify and describe in detail three major trends/patterns from these data. Look at all the data shown in the tables and bar graphs. Generally, what do you observe happening with different student groups at the school in regard to disciplinary incidents and actions? State a hypothesis based on the trends you identified in your data analysis. Explain how you would confirm your hypothesis. Part 2: Research In Part 2 of the analysis, you will conduct research to determine the top five major disciplinary issues for either elementary, middle, or high schools and the major school-based responses to these issues. Compose a 5-page paper identifying: the top five major disciplinary issues among elementary schools, middle schools, or high schools in general (your choice of level), and major responses of these schools to these disciplinary issues with respect to their student groups. Finally, you will discuss your personal perspective on the greatest issue in school discipline today. Use APA 7th edition format for citations. Include at least one professional, scholarly source from outside the course.
Globalization consists of the integration of views and ideas into an international perspective. It is the emergence of a network of social and economic systems. The concept helps in raising the standards of living of people in developing countries through the spread of knowledge. It tends to bring people of different cultures together, thereby creating a community bound by diversity. Amartya Sen’s article, ‘How to judge globalism,’ captures the concept of globalization from the perspective of anti-globalists. Sen suggests that anti-globalists feel upset because of globalization and see it as a curse. Globalization is not a curse. Over the years, globalization has contributed to economic progress through trade, tourism, and the spread of cultural diversities and knowledge. Global interrelations have contributed to the advancement of different countries. The rejection of globalization would result in economic retrogression for world states. Sen presents the concept of global civilization as a world heritage and not just a collection of different local cultures. Globalization is not exclusively an initiative of the West. The West has not made many global improvements. Anti-globalists propose that developing countries should oppose globalization because it is a foreign concept. The belief by anti-globalists undermines the benefits of globalization. Certain globalization issues may relate to imperialism. Sen points out that all nations should address the issues of distribution of economic gains and losses among the rich and the poor. Extensive economic interrelations among world states have reduced poverty levels in the world. Appropriate use of globalization may lead to the mitigation of poverty in the world. Countries should formulate strategies that address wealth sharing between the rich and the poor. World economies must create institutional reforms to address the sharing of wealth among rich and poor countries. Globalization should address wealth distributional factors. Equal distribution of wealth among rich and poor countries may expose economic indicators that contribute to imperialist perceptions among poor countries. Anti-globalists do not believe that poor countries that participate in global trade may improve their economies. They do not believe that poor states can fully benefit from the economic benefits of interrelations. Peaceful relations among countries constitute the first step towards economic stability in the world. Anti-globalists cannot prove the view that a distributional arrangement is unjust. They cannot also justify that the global system is unfair because poor countries gain from globalization. Sen argues that poor countries benefit from social and economic globalization by integrating their economies into the global market. This aspect happens due to their consistency with various ownership structures, resource endowments, social systems, and rules of operation. According to these conditions, the market economy generates variance in prices, terms of trade, and income distribution. A market-based economy may be the only way of achieving economic prosperity for poor countries. A market-based economy does not work without peaceful relations among world states. Appropriate conditions like human resources and regulations of trade relations depend on all systems that feature both regionally and internationally. From earlier studies, market outcomes are influenced by government policies in education, land, credit opportunities, and appropriate legal laws. All the mentioned concepts can change global economic relations. Sen concludes by pointing out problems related to globalization. He captures various omissions that countries need to address institutional frameworks. Appropriate regulatory frameworks like laws hold the solutions to the unequal distribution of wealth among poor and rich countries. Another common problem that relates to globalization involves global ethics. These commissions include ineffective trade restrictions that reduce exports from poor countries and patent laws. Sen also views institutional inequality as a major setback for globalization. International relations experts need to assess the concept of globalization in order to measure the availability and nature of the national and global institutional arrangements. Proper institutional structures may strengthen economic and social relations among countries. Multinational companies can contribute to the economic prosperity of world states by donating funds that help in the alleviation of illiteracy and poor health conditions in poor countries. Although Sen presents the positive side of globalism, he does not capture the negative impacts of globalization. Globalization is strengthened by cultural diversity. Sen does not evaluate the demerits of cultural diversity. Movies, music and art can negatively affect children due to exposure to drugs, crime, and deviance. Governments must regulate globalization to ensure that it does not negatively interfere with the productivity of society — evils like drug-trafficking, human trafficking, and child labor related to the aspect of globalization. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More World states must strengthen labor laws and unions to regulate the effects of globalization like trade. Globalization may result in the loss of skilled workers from one region to another. Sen does not bring out the demerits of international companies in developing countries. The companies exploit human resources in developing countries by underpaying them. Globalization tends to make particular countries rich while impoverishing others. Countries can only tackle the negative effects of globalization through the creation of sound legal systems and trade monitoring and evaluation structures. In conclusion, Sen’s article does not counter environmental issues. Globalization has brought about many industries in various countries. A number of the industries release poisonous gases into the air that lead to environmental degradation. Many international companies take advantage of the inexistence of environmental laws in different regions in the world. As a result, the companies interfere with natural resources like water catchments by releasing chemical substances into them, making them unhealthy for human use. The anti-globalists advance that rich countries control the wealth of poor countries, and hence, the excluded states do not access resources for their utilization and sustainability. Deforestation, a major evil, ruins the value of agriculture, a major economic activity of the developing economies. Sen’s article does not suggest an appropriate legal framework necessary to safeguard globalization’s negative effects. Western countries should develop a global convention that addresses the gaps created by the unequal distribution of trade. Anti globalists always view the concept of globalization from a negative perspective because developed countries benefit from world trade than developing states. Sen does not address the need for additional research to counter the effects of trade imbalances of word trade. Anti-globalists see globalization as a way through which rich countries exploit poor states. They see globalization only as a means of provision of knowledge about international cooperation without tangible benefits. World states must adopt measures that address the costs and benefits of globalization. International trade ought to be beneficial to all countries. World states should create an international economic crimes court that would arbitrate cases involving trade among countries. This aspect would help in the alleviation of economic exploitation of poor countries by rich states. It would also help in the mitigation of graft and economic exploitation of developing states by developed countries.

Westcliff University Finance for Business Management Question

Westcliff University Finance for Business Management Question.

I’m working on a management question and need an explanation to help me learn.

Please answer the following questions in detail, provide examples whenever applicable, provide in-text citations.
Discuss the risks and payoffs of the following positions, accompanied by payoff graphs.
Buy stock and a put option on the stock.Buy a stock.Buy a call.Buy stock and sell a call option on the stock (covered call).Buy a bond.Buy stock, buy a put, and sell a call.Sell a put (naked put).
What is put–call parity and why does it hold? Could you apply the parity formula to a call and put options with different exercise prices?

Over the coming year, Ragwort’s stock price might drop from $100 to $50 or it might rise to $200. The one-year interest rate is 10%.

What is the delta of a one-year call option on Ragwort stock with an exercise price of $100?
Use the replicating-portfolio method to value this call.
In a risk-neutral world, what is the probability that Ragwort stock will rise in price?
Use the risk-neutral method to check your valuation of the Ragwort option.
If someone told you that in reality there is a 60% chance that Ragwort’s stock price will rise to $200, would you change your view about the value of the option? Explain.
Westcliff University Finance for Business Management Question

USC World Bank and Struggles for Social Justice in The Age of Globalization Quest

online assignment help USC World Bank and Struggles for Social Justice in The Age of Globalization Quest.

1. Argue for or against fair-trade as a way to solve the problems of development for poor coffee
farmers in Ethiopia. In the process, make sure to state what fair trade is, and what problems it
addressess. Use examples from the film, “Black Gold,” and lecture where necessary.2. Identify and briefly describe the characteristics of the four eras of the World Bank’s Project of
Development?3.. Why is the subaltern unable to speak? 4. Describe the difference between producers vs. consumers and strategies vs. tactics as explained
by De Certeau. 5. What is Pixacao? What role does the city of Sao Paulo and it’s history play in producing the
Pixadores? 6. Explain the difference between authentic and inauthentic modernity as told by Marshall Berman.7. What were the key policies, philosophies and interventions of the French in Algeria and
Morocco?8. Why is the world not flat despite what Tom Friedman argues? only need to answer 5 of them. and each question approx 400 words
USC World Bank and Struggles for Social Justice in The Age of Globalization Quest

Impact of Poor Service Quality in Healthcare

Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Issue 1 – The impact that poor service quality will have on Kindly Residential Care Rest Home as a geriatric service organisation and stakeholder in terms of Reputation Accountabilities in both the private and public sector Stakeholders Answer: Residential carerefers to continuing care agreed to adults or offspring who reside in a suburban setting to a certain extent than in their own home or family home. Voluntary caregivershome carehome-based careKindly Residential Rest Home offers several of services to the residents of the facility to have satisfactory services that will give the residents a meaningful life and quality care that they deserve. With poor services, there will be a reflect of feedbacks and may lead to poor reputation or may consider a facility with low standards. Accountabilities from public and private sectors will also take at risk for giving a facility with poor services offered on its residents that is not acceptable to the amount of payment the residents that they are paying to. It also a risk on its business with such a poor services being done. Because of unsatisfactory of its client, may lead to revolt and may file justifiable sanctions that restricts the funds of each services being offered to the residents, as first stated on what they have marketed. Organizations that hold fitness database or are part of network of health database have the task to guarantee the eminence and safety of health data. Such health database organizations can be created by business coalitions, built by entities supported with personal funds, mandate by state health legislation, or reputable by central accomplishment. Isolation and privacy are key fundamentals of ensure superiority in the health care system. To the extent that people worry about the confidentiality of the information that they present to physician and others, they force refuse to give in sequence, thus compromising the value of their own care, deterioration the quality of data used for other purposes, and causal to weakening in trust between patient and physician and between patient and health arrangement. If people fear that seeking particular kinds of medical services will make their health check times gone by accessible to employers, credit organizations, and others, they may even avoid on the lookout for needed health check care. In progress state protections often apply duty of discretion to the record keeper but these protections are no longer in upshot once the statistics have absent the record keeper’s been in command of. It is central to note that video-rental accounts, for example, have more centralized isolation fortification than health check records. Notwithstanding a large amount deliberate and debate, several important labours to secure national moment alone safeguard have not yet succeeded, even though current legislation may modify that. Both internal accountability and external accountability are important in ensuring the value of healthiness heed. InternalExternalThere are a range of residential care options accessible, depending on the requirements of the human being. Persons with disabilities, mental health problems, or scholarship difficulties are often cared for at home by paid or, such family and friends, with additional bear fromagencies. However, ifis not on hand or not fitting for the individual, residential care may be required. Reputation of a social entity is estimation about that article, uncharacteristically a result of common evaluation on a set of criterion. It is significant in trade, and many other fields. Reputation may be measured as a module of as distinct by others. Reputation is known to be and highly efficient in expected societies. It is a focus of learning in social, and technological. Its authority ranges from aggressive settings, like markets, to obliging ones, like firms, organisations, institution and communities. Furthermore, reputation acts on altered levels of society, character and supra-individual. At the supra-individual level, it concern groups, communities, collectives and nonfigurative social entity (such as firms, corporations, organizations, countries, cultures and even civilizations). It affects happening of like chalk and cheese scales, from on a daily basis life to associations between nations. Reputation is a primary gadget of, based upon disseminated, spur-of-the-moment social control. Quality-improvement and quality-management hard work to build up and propose care and to observe quality of care are indispensable. They engross health plans and fitness systems performing on their own scheme to measure and look up their routine and their patients’ outcome. Such efforts will also add force to the steps that physicians and other health care professionals can take now to improve the performance of narrow health care institutions and health plans. Monitoring of quality of care will also be needed to ensure the truthfulness of the quality-of-care in turn that plans report and to build assessments from a broader inhabitant’s outlook. It is vital that the impact of health-system changes on the quality of health care and the health standing of the entire people be track. Both public and private organizations are involved—often communally—in work to devise valid, unswerving, and realistic ways to measure and contrast the quality of care provided by health diplomacy, institutions, and clinicians. These dual accountabilities—internalexternal quality monitoring and improvements—are not well tacit by the health care community, policymakers, or regulars. They need to be persistently advanced and non-breakable. The wealth of public agencies at federal and state levels with oversight accountability and the range of private organization that endorse health care organizations and re-examine care, as well as internal quality-improvement efforts of health plans, would guide some to believe that declaration of quality is well in hand. Unfortunately, replication of endeavour and gap in dimension coexist. For example,methods for adjusting health-outcome and presentation method to reflect differences in the age, physical condition status, and other sort of health-plan members or other populations are recovering but are still derisory.Without correctly used to comparisons, we can get the wrong idea about how well strength campaign care for and serve their members. The difficulty of “severity-adjusting” outcome measures parallels the trouble of “risk-adjusting” government, employer, or other outgoings to health plans (in conduct that do not rely on folks who are ill to pay superior premium). Without properly adjusted expenses, we might make somebody pay plans that be a magnet for unhealthy and more-costly members (the plans that understanding difficult selection). Such fiscal incentives could challenge efforts to advance quality and hold health plans responsible for their behaviour. Thus, sound methods to alter payments to health strategy and comparisons of health plan presentation for differences in members’ characteristics are important. Stakeholders are all those people who have a wager (or share) in a meticulous issue or system. Stakeholders can be groups of people, organisations, institutions and sometimes even individuals. Other terms every so often used in a parallel way to stakeholders are “actors” and “interest groups”. The word “actors” stresses that stakeholders are vigorous and act together with each other. The use of the language “interest groups” indicate that individuals can be grouped according to a general interest. Stakeholders can be at any stage or location in society, from the worldwide to the public district, domestic or intra-household level. Stakeholders include all those who involve and are artificial by policies, decisions or actions within a meticulous system. The term stakeholder breakdown was first used in management science for identifying and address the interest of diverse stakeholders in business. Nowadays, stakeholder study is commonly used for: policy formulation, project formulation, implementation and evaluation For understanding and analysing complex situations in natural supply administration. Stakeholder analysis is a way of considerate a system from end to end its stakeholders. It looks at their concentration, objectives, supremacy and relationships. In considering stakeholders, it is sometimes helpful to believe their meaning and weight. Vital stakeholders are those whose desires are main to a project or study. High-ranking stakeholders are those who have the command to be in command of decisions in an movement or who can pressure others in the decision making procedure. Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp

George Mason University Hallelujah Chorus from The Messiah Report

George Mason University Hallelujah Chorus from The Messiah Report.

Listen to Handel’s famous Hallelujah Chorus from The Messiah and answer the following questions.The heading of your paper should include your name, class/section, and date. You will submit answers in word or .pdf format only. Write the correct word for each answer.1. At the opening the chorus sings the word “Hallelujah” in a(n) _____________texture. a. imitative b. homorhythmic2. At the words “For the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth,” the texture changes to: a. monophonic b. homophonic3. When two ideas are combined (“Hallelujah” and “For the Lord Omnipotent”), the texture becomes: a. homophonic b. polyphonicWrite the definitions of the following terms:Texture:Monophony:Polyphony:Homophony:Imitation:
George Mason University Hallelujah Chorus from The Messiah Report

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