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Introduction In the context of the given experience, the pressure of the culture clash, or the clash of people belonging to different generations, i.e., to teacher and the students, should be named. To face this pressure, the strategy of charismatic leadership was used. Questions, context, and practice: learning processes in Saudi Arabia public schools The given research has several objectives to achieve: Defining the key specifics of the learning process in public schools in Saudi Arabia; Specifying the peculiarities of the intercultural relationships in Saudi Arabian public schools; Analyzing the role of a teacher in the aforementioned relationships; Defining the effects that the current rates of diversity have on Saudi Arabian public schools; Defining the skills that a teacher needs to sustain the required environment in Saudi Arabian public schools in the current cultural setting. Specifics of analytical framework: life informal educational institutions. When deliberate pedagogical actions must be carried out Aside from the analysis of the practical use of the framework in question, it is necessary to mention its specifics, as well as provide a viable definition for it. According to the explanations offered by Kalantzis and Cope, the framework of life informal educational institution ties in such issues as the specifics of the students with a background that is different from the rest of the class. Thesis statement With the help of the analytical framework introduced by Kalantzis and Cope, a better understanding of the learning process, as well as the alterations in the latter, became possible in the learning context of public schools in Saudi Arabia; with the help of the framework provided by Kalantzis and Cope, the author of the given case study has succeeded in not only observing the specifics of life in formal Saudi Arabian educational institutions but also in improving some of its aspects, i.e., defining the methods of motivating the students for them to improve their academic performance. Organization of the essay: from theory to practice and the analysis of its results The given essay is going to revolve around the practical use of the framework provided by Kalantzis and Cope, i.e., its analysis, theoretical reasoning for its use, practical implementation of the given framework. Therefore, at the beginning of the paper, the definitions for the theoretical framework, the theoretical concepts, and the basic terminology used in the given research, is going to be provided. Later, the educational setting in which the theory was used, will be provided. The analysis of the experience acquired in the given educational setting is going to be carried out. Finally, the conclusions concerning the given experience, including the solution and the recommendations, is going to be provided. Examination of the Analytical Framework: Specifying the Features of the Tools to Be Used As it has been stressed above, Kalantzis and Cope’s theoretical framework of life in a formal educational setting will be used for not only analyzing the effects of the given framework on the relationships between the students of different age, as well as the effects that age gap has on the relationships between a teacher and students (Kalantzis

Purdue Experiences of Social Workers with Hospice Patients Annotated Bibliography

Purdue Experiences of Social Workers with Hospice Patients Annotated Bibliography.

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NEED BY 11:45 PM- WILL INCLUDE TIP!! An annotated bibliography is a list of sources on a specific topic that includes a summary of each source. As you research your topic, construct an annotated bibliography of relevant sources. Your final annotated bibliography should include annotations for at least ten sources that represent multiple perspectives on your issue. Please note: your next paper will require you to summarize sources that advocate at least three different positions on your issue, so you can save time on that paper by including in your annotated bibliography sources that support at least three distinct positions.The list should be complied in alphabetical order using Modern Language Association (MLA) style. Consult the Purdue OWL website ( ) for directions on how to format entries.Your annotation for each source should consist of two paragraphs.In the first, answer the following questions:What kind of source is it — e.g., a book, journal article, magazine article, newspaper article, encyclopedia entry, database summary article, website, etc.?What is the genre of the piece — e.g., a news report, an editorial, a report of scientific research, a summary of a number of sources? What is the purpose of the text?Who is/are the author/authors? What are the author’s credentials? How does the author establish his or her authority to speak on this subject? Also consider the credibility of the publication venue.Who is the intended audience? Consider where the text is published, the degree of specialized knowledge needed to understand the text, and how objective or argumentative the text is.When was the text published? How does the publication date affect the relevance and usefulness of the source?The second paragraph should include the following:A summary of the content of the piece in a way that demonstrates you have read the source and understood its content.If the source is an argument, as opposed to a purely informational text, identify its main claim and supporting reasons.Explain how you plan to use the source in your Researched Position Paper (obviously this plan may change as you conduct further research and begin drafting). For example, will you use the source for background information, and if so, what information specifically do you plan to use? Does the source contain evidence that you plan to borrow, and if so, what evidence? If the source is an argument, will you position it as an ally or an opponent, and why?For examples of Annotated Bibliography entries, consult the “Annotated Bibliography” sample available in our course. Also, for additional criteria view the Annotated Bibliography rubric below.
Purdue Experiences of Social Workers with Hospice Patients Annotated Bibliography

SQL Server 2012 – Term paper

essay writer SQL Server 2012 – Term paper.

ESL Inc. is a large company that has been using a series of spreadsheets, access databases, and manual records to keep track of the majority of the organizations records and customer data.  They have grown significantly over the years and are now looking to you to provide a comprehensive solution for their entire database needs. While they are willing to hire staff to maintain whatever system you propose, they have an expectation that data can be mined and made useful for various areas within the company.For your final assignment you will create a proposal that will address the organization’s needs by way of Microsoft SQL Server 2012. While you are welcome to utilize some of the material from your critical thinking assignments, the bulk of this proposal should be comprised of new material with elaboration detail to support your selection.Your proposal should include all of the following elements:– Type of SQL Server including installation suggestion– How you will ensure data security– High availability and Disaster recovery elements to ensure data accessand continuity– Plans and details to backing up the system– Integration Services– Any other system suggestions that will provide a complete system forall end users to utilizeYour APA-formatted proposal should be 8 pages, not including the title and reference page(s),
SQL Server 2012 – Term paper

Predicting Spam and Phish Complains in Ooredoo Telecommunication Company

Predicting Spam and Phish Complains in Ooredoo Telecommunication Company. I need an explanation for this Business question to help me study.

Write Thesis about “Predicting Spam and Phish Complains in Ooredoo Telecommunication Company”.
The Outline will be:
You’ll find structure of the project inside attachment named “Format Guidelines”. In this project you’ll write only from chapter 1 to chapter 4.

Note That:
I have uploaded previous thesis it consists of 6 chapters so you can know how steps and procedures will be in file name “Thesis Example”. Just consider from chapter 1 to chapter 4.

*** Words count = 17000 words.
*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.
*** I have uploaded two attachments “Thesis Example” and “Format Guidelines”.
Predicting Spam and Phish Complains in Ooredoo Telecommunication Company

2 page paper case study APA format

2 page paper case study APA format.

Your work is to develop and integrate the course work, the readings, and your life experience in your discussion. You will be asked to write 4 “reaction papers” the assigned case studies. The papers are to be typed and no more than 2 pages double-spaced. APA format The first half should be a concise summary of the case itself. It should answer the following questions: What is the primary question/issue/hypothesis that the author wanted to address?Why is the question interesting or important?What data does the author use (if empirical paper)?What are the author’s findings or conclusions? The second half should be a critique of the case. It may consider one or two of the following questions: Are you convinced by the author’s results/arguments? Why or why not?What parts of the case where helpful in your decision for the simulation?How is this article connected to your life?What would you or could you have done differently? Explain.What should business man or women learn from the case?
2 page paper case study APA format