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Juveniles in Drug Courts: Evidence-Based Program Research Paper

Table of Contents Introduction The Reasons to Implement BSFT for Addiction Treatment Theoretical Framework of the Program The Goals and Basic Principles of the Program The Domains of the Program Outcomes Supporting the Efficacy of the Program Conclusion References Introduction The juvenile drug court is a problem-solving institution that has a huge impact on the court system. Like any other court, it requires interaction among agencies, comprehensive treatment, continuous program assessment, and development of new models for change. It is highly important to find out what programs really make a positive difference in improving life and self-perception of teenagers, and what components a successful evidence-based practice must feature (Henggeler et al., 2006). Evidence-based intervention is the one relying on the premise that the program can prove its effectiveness through the use of scientific methods. Despite the fact that a lot of juvenile courts are now encountering financial challenges, there are still many evidence-based interventions that can be implemented without additional expenses involved (Chandler, Fletcher,
Analyze the Security Baseline of the Global Economic Summit. Paper details   Please answer the questions in the attached document. The company is mistral bank from the united kingdomAnalyze the Security Baseline of the Global Economic Summit

Global Warming: Causes and Consequences Essay

Global warming has been recently a very popular term among many famous people including Al Gore who came up with the documentary “ An Inconvenient Truth” in which he talks about global warming. On a more formal note, The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) uses the term “climate change” for human-caused changes and “climate variability” for other changes. Other definitions of global warming are “the increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s near-surface air and oceans since the mid-twentieth century and its projected continuation.” According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the average global air temperature near the Earth’s surface increased 0.74 ± 0.18 °C (1.33 ± 0.32 °F) during the hundred years ending in 2005. The IPCC also states that the most significant increase in temperatures was between the mid-twentieth century. There has also been a lot of experts in this field who are trying to determine the causes and effects of this phenomenon which are also sparking some controversies. Some of them are listed below. In the Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore, he highlights various causes for this occurrence. One of them is that the destroying of trees, which causes our ozone layer to become thinner and therefore be more vulnerable to the sun’s rays. This causes the sea levels to evaporate more quickly and when this happens, the water levels start going lower. This for one causes more mosquitoes who were below the sea level and could not reach land to start to come up to land and cause various unwanted diseases. This for example is like the country Nigeria. Other reports suggest that the increase in atmospheric greenhouse gases due to human activity caused most of the warming observed since the start of the industrial era. However, Al Gore argues that not only does the industrial era cause this effect but also the inconsiderate behavior of people who turn on their car engines and increase the amount of gas and pollution in the area. Research also proposes that warming may be the result of variations in solar activity. It also concludes that none of the above effects were immediate and according to the experiment results took about 50 years to produce such negative results. One of the reasons is that the “thermal inertia” of the Earth’s oceans and slow responses of other indirect effects mean that the Earth’s current climate is not in balance with the forced pollution around it. Another important cause of this global warming is the greenhouse effect. This is basically when the air pollution from cars, factories and so on is trapped in our atmosphere and unable to get thru it, thus it generates heat. The greenhouse effect was discovered by Joseph Fourier in 1824 and was first investigated quantitatively by Svante Arrhenius in 1896. As a result of having more trees cut down, we are therefore unable to allow the trees to absorb all this carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen. Thus, our earth is in a very dangerous position of becoming overly polluted and worst of all, retaining this pollution. Al Gore argued that the government is not helping make this better, in fact, they are encouraging it. He says that we should reduce the consumption of petrol which will lessen the amount of carbon dioxide produced every second. Apart from that, he also suggests that the government takes charge and close down industries that let out harmful chemicals to protect the ozone layer that we have left. He also urges companies and factories to educate themselves on how to use better materials to generate lesser or zero pollution while they are operating. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Unfortunately, the government argues that by doing the above lesser companies would want to operate and this would cause a shortage of supplies to the public! The existence of the greenhouse effect as such is not disputed. As quoted, “occurring greenhouse gases have a mean warming effect of about 33 °C (59 °F), without which Earth would be uninhabitable and on Earth, the major greenhouse gases are water vapor, which causes about 36–70% of the greenhouse effect (not including clouds); carbon dioxide (CO2), which causes 9–26%; methane (CH4), which causes 4–9%; and ozone, which causes 3–7%. As a result, the temperature will increase drastically in a few year’s time as shown in Al Gore’s movie and the water level will decrease significantly. He also portrays that the ice caps melting and a result of global warming. Consequently, this will soon also submerge a lot of low lands around the region. This also affects polar bears in the artic as they are starting to feel the warmth in the area. As shown in the video, more polar bears are finding various ways of sheltering themselves from the sun and moving to places where it’s colder. Apart from the above, other sources like the IPCC also reports that some other naturally occurring gases contribute very small fractions of the greenhouse effect; one of these, nitrous oxide (N2O), is increasing in concentration owing to human activity such as agriculture. Research by NASA climate scientist James Hansen indicates the 0.75° rise in average global temperatures over the last 100 years has been driven mainly by greenhouse gases other than carbon dioxide. There are several effects that can be caused by global warming. One of them will be the increase in global temperature which will affect us, humans, in various ways. Firstly is of cause the increase in temperature. Most of the cold countries will start feeling much warmer and the warmer countries would feel so hot as though the sun is piercing thru the skin. This effect has already been felt in some places such as in the Asia Pacific region. Apart from that, the increasing global temperature will also cause sea levels to rise, consequently, it will lead to an increase in the intensity of extreme weather events and change the amount and pattern of precipitation. Besides the above, among other effects of global warming include changes in agricultural yields, trade routes, glacier retreat, species extinctions, and increases in the ranges of disease vectors. Moreover, several predictions for secondary and regional effects include extreme weather events such as rising sea levels, glacier retreat, artic shrinkage, and altered patterns of agriculture are cited as direct consequences. Besides that, there are also other impacts such as the expansion of tropical diseases, changes in the timing of seasonal patterns in ecosystems, and drastic economic impacts. This has been a controversial issue as concerns have led to political activism advocating proposals to mitigate, eliminate, or adapt to it. We will write a custom Essay on Global Warming: Causes and Consequences specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Developing countries are expected to be especially vulnerable to reduced economic growth as a result of warming. Increasing temperature is likely to lead to increasing precipitation but the effects on storms are less clear. Robert E. Tuleya of NOAA stated in 2004 that warming induced by greenhouse gas may lead to the increasing occurrence of highly destructive category-5 storms. Over the course of the 20th century, evaporation rates have reduced worldwide this is thought by many to be explained by global dimming. As the climate grows warmer and the causes of global dimming are reduced, evaporation will increase due to warmer oceans. It’s predicted that each 1% increase in annual precipitation would enlarge the cost of catastrophic storms by 2.8%. The Association of British Insurers has stated that limiting carbon emissions would avoid 80% of the projected additional annual cost of tropical cyclones by the 2080s. The sea absorbs heat from the sun, while the ice largely reflects the sun’s rays back to space. Thus, retreating sea ice will allow the sun to warm the now exposed seawater, contributing to further warming. As quoted, “In 2007, higher incentives for farmers to grow non-food biofuel crops combined with other factors (such as rising transportation costs, climate change, growing consumer demand in China and India, and population growth) to cause food shortages in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Mexico, as well as rising food prices around the globe.” Furthermore, increasing average temperature and carbon dioxide may have the effect of improving ecosystems as some studies have reported. In conclusion, if we the public do not attempt to make a difference, very little will change. Schools should be taking the lead in educating the younger ones on global warming. The subjects should include more on the environment and its decreasing life span due to our human activities. Thus, the younger ones would be environmentally aware and would grow up to at least appreciate it. Apart from that, the government should step up and take more stern steps towards stopping companies who use pollute the environment and also to impose strict regulations to protect the environment. As Al Gore said, now is the time for us to act. We should take responsibility for each and every one of us to ensure that our environment stays for a longer period of time. Several campaigns can be organized to ensure that the public is aware of how they can also make a difference. For example, The Competitive Enterprise Institute has launched a national advertising campaign, focusing on the threat to affordable energy posed by Al Gore’s global warming agenda. There is a question of whether the burning of renewable fuels such as forests should be counted as contributing to global warming. The public should lessen the use of petrol and switch to other energy-consuming vehicles which would protect the environment. Simple steps like turning off your engine while waiting for someone rather than polluting the environment will make a lot of difference. There are many things we commoners can do, we just have to be responsible enough to do it. Bibliography “CEI Launches National Ad Campaign on the Impact of Al Gore’s Global Warming Policies”. Web. “The Inconvenient Truth”. A documentary by Al Gore. Not sure if you can write a paper on Global Warming: Causes and Consequences by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More “Attribution of recent climate change”. Web. Pidwirny, Michael Dr. “ Chapter 7:Introduction to Atmostphere”. “ Greenhouse Effect”. Web. “Global Warming”. Web.

The management of wound dressings whilst on placement

essay help online free Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp This reflective piece will look at the management of wound dressings whilst on placement in the community. I will use the Gibbs model of reflection this will allow me to describe the event, explore my thoughts and feelings, make an evaluation on the event and then analysis different components which can be explored separately including different dressings and why they are used, finally I will conclude and action plan looking at if this happened again what I would do differently. Whilst on placement in the community I visited a lady who had chronic leg ulcers on both legs and the district nursing team had been visiting this lady for a number of years. The lady had oedematous legs and poor mobility and sat in a recliner chair although the chair was never reclined. I had visited the lady previously on a number of occasions and had applied her dressings and documented what I had done and the dressings used in her district nursing records. On this occasion the lady requested that I didn’t put the K-lite dressing on and allows the other nurse do this, as previously when I had dressed her legs she stated the dressing had become loose. I mapped the dressing so that the notes had an up to date record of the size of the wounds and washed and redressed the legs as per the plan of care. The plan of care stated to wash the legs apply aqualcel ag silver this is used for wounds that have a high level of exudates, then atruman was applied covered by mesorb, comfifast yellow then K-soft and then I passed over to the Registered Nurse (RN) to apply the final layer, whilst she applied the final layer I documented the notes that the leg had been mapped, washed and redressed as per the plan and noted that strikethrough was on the dressing prior to removal I also noted the patients level of pain at the time of the cleaning and mapping of the wounds and also after the legs had been redressed. I documented the patient’s records that the patient had been advised to elevate the legs when resting to aid healing. When the patient advised me that she would prefer the RN to do the top layer I felt like my confidence had been knocked. The patient had never said this before and always stated not to wrap the dressings too tight as she found it very uncomfortable. I told her that I didn’t do them too tight as she always stated not to do so and apologised to her that they had fell down and in future would ensure that they weren’t too tight but would not fall down either. When I left the patients house with the RN she told me that this lady does this to all the new nurses that visit her and not to worry about it. Pressure sores and leg ulcers are classed as chronic wounds and are defined as slow healing wounds with the likely hood of reoccurrence and the pain that a patient feels may be severe and ongoing (Dealey 1999). The dressing plays a major part in the reduction of pain and by choosing the wrong dressing this can cause discomfort when removing the dressing and the nurse needs to avoid this by using careful assessment prior to administering the dressing (Dealey 1999). For a wound to heal the key is to have successful wound management, the nurse should use a wound assessment tool this will ensure that there is valid reliable and also consistent information documented. Wounds need to be regularly reassessed to ensure that evaluation is given on the treatment that the patient has received. When making a wound assessment this should include the location of the wound, the cause, etiology, tissue type the size and the exudates and finally the level of pain the patient is experiencing (Prescribing Nurse Bulletin). To achieve optimum healing the role of the nurse is to be able to select the most appropriate dressing for the wound, this is to be based on the most up to date evidence, and recent development of new dressings makes this a challenge for the nurse (Lansdown 2004). The wound should be assessed for slough and necrosis, signs and symptoms of infection and wound malodour. The patients records need to be documented to state if the wound is healing, e.g. granulisation and epithelisation (White 2005). The ideal wound dressing that will meet the treatment objective and promote the wound from further injury would be a moist wound healing dressing, that manages excess exudates and prevents the wound from maceration and further wound breakdown, ensure that it prevents the exit and entry of organisms, it will cause minimal trauma at the time of removal and is cost effective (Northern Health and Social Services Board NHSSB 2005). One important factor in wound dressings is to ensure that dressings get the maximum exposure to the wound bed. This can be achieved by a dressing that decreases the voids and spaces where bacteria can thrive (Jones etal 2005). Aquacel Ag dressings contain Hydro fibre Technology and it gels on contact with the exudates and micro-contours to the wound bed this helps to eliminate voids or spaces where bacteria and fluid can collect it maximising exposure of the wound to antimicrobials. It is presented as a soft sterile, non-woven pad and is impregnated with ionic silver (Aquacel Ag 2006). This dressing can absorb a large amount of fluid and helps to prevent exudates leakage onto the periwound skin. The dressing can be left in place for up to 7 days however should strikethrough be evident on the dressing then the dressing needs to be changed (NHSSB 2005). It has been recognised that silver is an effective antimicrobial agent (Thomas and McCubbin 2003). It has proved that it is effective against methicillin and vancomysin-resistant strains of bacteria (Lansdown 2002) Atrauman dressings are made of a fine mesh of hydrophobic, polyester fibres and have mesh pores with a smooth surface this effectively counteracts adhesion to the wound by preventing new tissue from penetrating the dressing and allowing the exudates to pass through, this means that the dressing is easy to remove and causes minimum discomfort to the patient and also to the wound. The dressing is highly permeable to air and water vapour and has been found to be very well suited to the management of infected wounds (Hartmann 2010). In recent years Honey has been found to benefit wound healing, clinically topical honey treatment has been found to possess antimicrobial properties, promote autolytic debridement, deodorise wounds and stimulate the growth of wound tissues to quicken healing, it also stimulates anti-inflammatory activity helping to reduce pain, oedema and exudates (White 2005). A fast rate of healing has been reported in wounds treated with honey (Ahmed 2003) it helps the developing of a clean granulating wound bed (Stephen-Hayes 2004) It is clear that wound management is a complex area and the it is the nurses responsibility to ensure that they give the correct care to the patient and they use the dressings that are selected on their knowledge and understanding of what the dressing will achieve they need to be constantly aware of new products available to treat the wounds. By regular assessment of the wound they will be able to see if the dressing selected is helping to promote wound healing. I am aware that if I wish to work in the community I would need a good knowledge of dressing that is used in wound management. I know that I am likely to meet patients who try to make me doubt my ability however this is something that I know I will over come as my confidence builds and I become more used to working in the community. Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp

Different cultural values

A Contrastive Analysis As we all know, different cultural values are reflected in speech acts. As a commonly and widely used speech act both in Vietnam and English-speaking countries, the speech act of complimenting is not an exception. In addition, pragmatic transfer does exist in compliments by Vietnamese learners of English. Above all, the fundemental aim of language teachinging is to help learners improve their communicative competence in the target language, researchers pay much attention on the contrastive analysis between students’ native language and the target language. With this idea in mind, in this paper, I focus on English and Vietnamese compliments, and draw out some differences in terms of common topics for complimenting, syntactic and semantic formulas used to give compliments, and compliment response strategies between the two mentioned languages. According to Wolfson and Manes, a compliment is defined as “a favourable judgement, or opinion, saying something nice to another individual” (1980, p.339). Also, in Holmes’ view, “a compliment is a speech act which explicitly or implicitly attributes credit to someone other than the speaker, usually the person addressed, about their ‘goods’ (possessions, characteristics, skills, etc.)” (Holmes,1986, p.485). It seems that the major function of compliments is to establish and maintain social “rapport” (Manes and Wolfson, 1981, p.124) and smoothness between participants. In analysing their American data, Manes and Wolfson point out that the major function of compliments is “the reinforcement and / or creation of solidarity between the complimenters and complimentee” (1981, p.124). Meanwhile, Holmes (1986) holds the similar view that compliments function as “social lubricates” which “increase or consolidate the solidarity” between interlocutors (p.486). However, the speech act of complimenting can be very complicated and confusing, not only cross-culturally, but even within the same community. Therefore, how to pay appropriate compliments, identify them and give appropriate responses is an important aspect of communicative competence everyone in a given society needs to develop in order to avoid pragmalinguistic and sociopragmatic failure (Holmes

HCS370 Phoenix Impact of Organizational Structure and Communication Paper

HCS370 Phoenix Impact of Organizational Structure and Communication Paper.

This assignment will help you research and understand what impact organizational structure and communication have on organizational behavior within an organization. As you complete this assignment, consider experiences you have had with organizational structure and communication.Complete a 7-10 slide Power Point that includes the following: Explains how organizational structure affects organizational behavior.Identifies how effective and ineffective application of structure impacts organizational behavior.Discusses how organizational communications can be used to support organizational behavior.Include effective and ineffective communication methods.Cite 2 reputable references used to complete your project. Reputable references include trade or industry publications; government or agency websites; scholarly works; your textbook, Organizational Behavior, Theory, and Design in Health Care (2nd ed.); or other sources of similar quality. All power points must include a title page, reference page, detailed speaker’s notes, introduction and conclusion. All team members should review all slides an be in agreement with the content and format prior to submission.Format your work according to APA guidelines.Submit your assignment.
HCS370 Phoenix Impact of Organizational Structure and Communication Paper

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