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When I first heard the song Suit & Tie by Justin Timberlake featuring Jay-Z, I was blown away I always have loved J.T (Justin Timberlake) ever since I heard his music!
Suit & Tie is on the album the 20/20 Experience with J.T featuring Jay-Z which was released on March 19, 2013. The songs that are on the album are; pusher love girl, Suit & Tie, Don’t hold the wall, Strawberry bubblegum, Tunnel Vision, Spaceship Coupe, That Girl, Let the Groove in, Mirrors, and Blue Ocean Floor. J.T is 33 years old (Born-January 31, 1981) Justin Timberlake was on an old show called star search at 11 years old singing country music. (He lost) J.T is married to Jessica Beil (J.T even has a baby on the way!)
Justin Timberlake released another awesome album with a really cool name Justified; it came out on November 4, 2002. Justified had 13 songs 3 more than 20/20 experience. Those songs are Senorita, Like I love you, (oh no) What you got, Take it from , Cry me a river, Rock your body, Nothin else,Last night, Still on my brain,(and she said) Take me now, Right for me, Let’s take a ride and Never again. My favorite song in that album is Cry me a river. Justified was a really good album. Justin’s songs are very long, but very enjoyable. Justified is my second favorite album.
Suit & Tie really wants to make you get up and dance! If you are a dancer I would recommend listening to J.T (Justin Timberlake). When you hear his music it makes you feel so alive and enthusiastic. I definitely recommend Justin to be your favorite singer; he was even in some movies! The movies he was in were, In Time, Friends with Benefits, Runner Runner, Shrek the Third and many more.
Cry me a River is my second favorite song I really recommend listening to it. Although it is a sad sounding song it has really good rhythm. Cry me a River is very fun to sing along with. I still can’t believe that I have not even been to a concert yet! I really suggest trying to get some tickets for J.T concert. My mom and I are really trying to get tickets! I have always loved Justin Timberlake ever since I heard him; my favorite song is Suit & Tie!