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Journal 1

The Synopsis will include a 150-word (½ page) summary of the assigned chapter followed by 160 words (½ page) of personal reflections and questions. Include in this Journal Summary details of information from the chapter that is new and particularly interesting to you. The Journal Summaries will be due on the date given in the Course Calendar. Please see syllabus for deadline policies related to late submissions.Please submit your journal summaries through the Assignments link.

Chemistry Question

look at the pricing over time of two textile products. These can be fiber, yarn, fabric, or a finished product. The two products can be similar (e.g., two types of fiber, or two different yarns) or sequential in production (e.g., fiber and yarn, or yarn and a fabric).
look at the price development over a long period of time, (5 to 10 years) and show monthly data. The prices should be actual (nominal) prices, not price indices, or inflation corrected prices (like in 2010 US Dollars).
The paper should have title page, a table with the prices of the two products over time, a chart showing the same information graphically, and a brief analysis/commentary describing what you see. (No less than 300 words) Don’t forget to put the bibliography with your source(s)

Organizational chart and job description sheet for TIEZTIE

Journal 1 Organizational chart and job description sheet for TIEZTIE.

Organizational chart and job description sheet for TIEZTIE


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Does marijuana use amoung college students cause anxiety?

Does marijuana use amoung college students cause anxiety?.

 Locate and comprehend a research article based on a chosen research topic. ✓ Identify the research article’s purpose, goals, aims, research questions, and/or hypotheses. ✓ Summarize the major points of the article in the format understandable to a lay audience. ASSIGNMENT OVERVIEW: ✓ SELECT A Research Article on your topic of interest. You are responsible for finding your own article. It must be on college students and your chosen topic. ✓ READ The Research Article thoroughly. ✓ COMPLETE The Research Article Review sheet based on your careful reading of your article. INSTRUCTIONS: 1- Search for articles on your topic of interest using WPU library website. 2- Choose an article on your topic of interest. 3- Read the article carefully. 4- While not all articles include all the followings, make sure you identify the following information: ➢ Research questions ➢ Aims, purpose, rationale of the study ➢ Research objectives ➢ The participants in the study ➢ The research methods used by the author ➢ The major themes or issues studied by the authors ➢ Results of the study ➢ Conclusion of the study ➢ Limitations of the research ➢ Gaps noted by the author(s) ➢ Suggestions for future research 5- After reading your article fully (do not just read and use the abstract for this assignment) and making notes about important elements of the article, use the review sheet to answer all of questions. You must answer the questions in your own words. You may not copy the author’s/authors’ language directly. 6- In parentheses next to each piece of information on your annotation sheet, indicate the page number on which you found the information. 7- After you complete your review sheet, submit it through Blackboard Drop Box on the due date with the article you reviewed and hand in a hard copy before class Here is the Article I found from my school website. Factors Associated With Marijuana use and Problems Among College Students in Colorado. Images Chart Chart Chart Authors: Phillips, Kristina T.1 (AUTHOR) [email protected] Phillips, Michael M.1 (AUTHOR) Duck, Kerry D.1 (AUTHOR) Source: Substance Use & Misuse. Feb2018, Vol. 53 Issue 3, p477-483. 7p. 3 Charts. Document Type: Article Subject Terms: *CANNABIS *DRUG control *PSYCHOLOGY of college students *MENTAL depression *MENTAL illness *QUESTIONNAIRES *REGRESSION analysis *RESEARCH *SELF-evaluation *SEX distribution *URINALYSIS *VARIABLES (Mathematics) *CROSS-sectional method *DATA analysis software *DESCRIPTIVE statistics Geographic Terms: COLORADO Author-Supplied Keywords: cannabis college students depression impulsivity Marijuana

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What makes an American an American?

What makes an American an American?.

You will construct a photo narrative. You must take 15 photos yourself to construct the story and argument which you’ve made for your paper. You must pull 5 sources from the internet. You will have a total of 20 photos. You may have more but not fewer. You must properly cite your photos MLA style on a works cited page at the end of your power! Please also put in the captions and note each image that you took from the internet so I can quickly identify the images. Essentially, this is supposed to be a fun and creative project. Imagine if you had to visually represent your arguments within your essay how would you do this? I’ll give examples from previous students: One student wrote her paper on the prison systems. She dressed her dog up as an “inmate” and photographed him in various scenarios. She put a sign around his neck with things like “sent to prison for 6 months for drinking beer in a parking lot.” She photographed him inside his cage as his “prison.” She left a few pieces of food in his bowl to illustrate the poor feeding conditions of inmates. I’ve had students who used Legos to create their projects. So think outside the box for your assignments and have fun! Remember you’re required to specifically take photos for this assignment.

Please DO NOT pull up old photos you already have on hand and use them for this assignment!! Also, do not simply take photos of text. In other words, don’t write out a bunch of statistics and information onto a sheet of paper, have someone hold it up and photograph it. This assignment is graded on quality and creativity of photos in addition to how well it visually represents your arguments. In other words, submitting the required 20 photos will not guarantee an A. NOTE. ALL PHOTOS PULLED FROM THE INTERNET HAS WHAT IS CALLED METADATA. What this means is I will know these photos do not belong to you. So please do not cheat and claim online photos as yours! I will know and you will lose points. Part 2 will be submitted under the module “power point presentation.” the topic is immigration and the question is What makes an American an American? What are the requirements (religion, language, heritage, race, ethnicity)? If this country was a “melting pot” when it was first formed, why should it be any different now?

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Cultural Road Trip Report

Cultural Road Trip Report.

Description The Cultural Road Trip is an opportunity for you to explore arts resources near where you live or, if you happen to be traveling, near your destination. By the end of this week, you should have completed your visit to a gallery, museum, work of public art; a performance of dance, music, or theater; an art film or a literary reading near you. Now it’s time to write up a 2-page report on a SINGLE artwork you observed during your visit. And remember, you must include at least 3 outside sources from the Library databases. Instructions: 1. Describe your Cultural Road Trip destination. Where and when did you go? Describe the venue: what was the space like? What was the crowd, if any, like? Include the information about location, date and time, and cost. 2. Identify which work of are you will focus on. This can be one work of visual art, a specific song in a concert, one dance piece in a dance concert. If you watched a film, or a play, or read a book, discuss the work overall and then focus on one or two specific parts. Be sure to identify the arts discipline the artwork you choose belongs to: dance, film, literature, music, theater, visual art. 3. Describe the context for the artwork you choose. This should draw from any research you included in your Cultural Road Trip Plan as well as any new information you gather onsite. When you include this information in your report, be sure to use APA format to cite your sources. Review the APA format for online resources, museum labels (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., performance programs (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., and personal conversations (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. with staff at the venue. If you quote material from a performance, be sure to cite the song (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., play (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., or film (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. in APA format as well. 4. Describe the medium, content, and FORM of your selected artwork. Review the 5 Things to Look/Listen for Tool for the appropriate discipline that you included in your plan. For each of the 5 elements, write what you observed on your cultural road trip. Be sure to use the Art Analysis toolbox (below). Please feel free to include photos or video of our artwork if appropriate. 6. Conclude your 2-page (500 word report), by writing at least one paragraph on your analysis of the subtext. What does the artwork mean? Be sure to refer to both the context and the subtext, especially the form, when you interpret the subtext. And be sure to use the Art Analysis toolbox (below). 7. If you cannot complete your Cultural Road Trip in the first 3 weeks (because of your schedule or because your event will not take place until later in the term), advise your instructor and note the date and time you will complete your trip. If you must postpone your trip, use this week to get ahead on your Art Analysis Presentation.

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Health Disparities Affecting Children In The Foster Care System

Health Disparities Affecting Children In The Foster Care System.


This Research paper is a proposal paper. Rather than making health disparities among this vulnerable population the focus, identify a need (specific disparity) and the associated challenges with accessing affordable quality care. What services are available and are they easily accessed. In this paper, scholarly web sites must be only used. All citations must be in APA format. At least use 1 annotated biographies. The paper must be analytical. Decide what are the parameters, discuss what methods were used. What is your objective, identify the setting, discuss how was it measured what samples were used. And discuss what is your objective. All work must be in APA format even the citation or in-text citations. 

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