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Joseph McCarthy Essay, Research Paper

Throughout the early 1950? s, the state was profoundly engrossed in frights of a Communist coup d’etat. At a clip when America? s frights were at their really height, Joseph McCarthy, a Republican Senator from Wisconsin pushed America? s frights to an extreme. As a gambit to acquire himself re-elected, and to do America detest Communism every bit much as he did, the Senator devised a oblique strategy. McCarthy, while giving a address, held up a piece of paper and exclaimed, ? I have here a list of 57 known Communists who are presently employed by the U.S. State Department? ( Fried, 89 ) . A few yearss subsequently, McCarthy raised the figure of people on the list from 57 to 205. The reaction to McCarthy? s proclamation was absolute terror. Until that clip, the state had a sense of security. Now all peace of head was lost, and America wanted these people that were on McCarthy? s so called? Blacklist? ( Fried, 65 ) . So began a long-run hunt by Congress to seek these persons. One group that was extensively looked at was Hollywood. By Joseph McCarthy mistreating his powers, he non merely destroyed many people? s lives, but he besides wronged the American populace.

To get down with, the type of individual that Joe McCarthy was must be considered. McCarthy was a hardline Republican who played along rigorous party lines. By all considerations, he was an extremist or a reactionist. By keeping a piece of paper, and stating that the enemy who everyone feared was so close, McCarthy diminished all ideas that America was genuinely safe. The existent piece of paper was clean ; McCarthy had no composing on the paper at all. He knew that by stating the people of the U.S. that the enemy was so near, he could eventually see a war erected against Communism. He merely used the people? s aspirations and frights to do a mountain out of a molehill. Communism in America before McCarthy? s fiasco was merely a cant. Everyone knew about it, but no one of all time talked about it. The first cognition many American? s had of Communism came from Winston Churchill? s? Iron Curtain Speech? ( Matusow, 45 ) . Churchill fundamentally said in his address that the Soviet Union was forcing frontward a planetary Communist coup d’etat. And Churchill besides said that he believed, ? We should non allow such a force loose on the planet? ( Matusow, 46 ) . That was the first clip many American eyes were opened to Communism, and McCarthy made certain it was non the last. The full pandemonium that Senator McCarthy caused had become jointly known as? The Red Scare? ( Feuerlicht, 34 ) . McCarthy used this full? Red Scare? thought to hike his hopes for re-election. But an elective functionary is supposed to be a representative of the people. All McCarthy did was mistreat his power and draw the wool over the people? s eyes. McCarthy did non work for the benefit of the people. He merely worked for the benefit of himself.

Next, the people whose lives McCarthy destroyed must be looked at. In the immediate wake of McCarthy? s address came many accusals. America wanted the people that McCarthy said were on his list. But when asked for the list, McCarthy said he lost it, and he could non retrieve which persons were on the list. But he said he did see some cardinal Hollywood figures on it. That was when the focal point shifted to all of Hollywood. If anyone thought that an histrion or actress seemed leery, they would merely get down chitchat about them. Finally, the particular Congressional commission appointed to look into the issue would hear of it. And when they did, they would convey the person in inquiry before Congress, and they would

fundamentally rupture them apart. They would inquire them about their life styles, their fellow employees, and their friends. And so they would find if the person in inquiry were guilty or guiltless. But it truly made no difference if they were guiltless or non. Once they were brought before Congress, their callings were fundamentally ruined. Movie companies refused to engage them. They were afraid that the people would boycott any films they made, if they hired? Communist sympathisers? ( Matusow, 88 ) . And when the accused did acquire occupations, the people did non desire to travel see? Dirty Communist assholes? ( Fried, 67 ) . All these histrions and actresses worked for old ages to construct their reputes, and now Senator McCarthy stepped on every individual one of them.

Finally, the manner the tests were conducted has to be looked into. When all these esteemed histrions and actresses were brought before Congress, they did non have a just test. Some persons were brought before Congress with perfectly no grounds against them. Congress overstepped its boundaries by puting people they knew had nil to make with Communism on the base. All that Congress wanted to make was look busy. So when they had no leads on anyone, they made them up. When a informant did non be, one cryptically appeared. They called some people merely to acquire them to advert other people. What was really traveling on was a elephantine cringle. Nothing was acquiring done. All they were truly making was indiscriminately picking people whose lives would be ruined. Most members of Congress knew it was a witch-hunt. That was when Arthur Miller came into the image. Miller himself knew a batch of the people involved in the tests. He was one time married to Marilyn Monroe, and he besides directed a few noteworthy movies. Miller found a high degree manner of knocking Congress. The Crucible was Miller? s word picture of what was traveling on in America at the clip. Miller wrote a drama in which the Salem enchantress tests of the 1600? s were brought to visible radiation. He straight compared the witch-hunts of the yesteryear, to the congressional proceedings of the present. It was a superb thought, until Congress called him in for oppugning. During the test, Miller made every effort to knock Congress and their handling of the proceedings. He was finally jailed. Once once more this is another illustration of how Joe McCarthy ruined the life of another guiltless individual. McCarthy had the full state in an tumult and all he had to state about it was? Vote McCarthy? ( Fried, 104 ) .

In summing up, Joseph McCarthy ruined many lives and caused general terror in America. McCarthy was the type of individual that would make whatever it took to acquire what he wanted. By all agencies he was an self-seeker, and he merely disregarded the wake of anything he did. The people who had their lives destroyed in this full state of affairs lost old ages of work, fundss, household, and places. Many dark of slumber were lost over that

Single blank piece of paper. Many callings were besides lost over that same piece of paper. And in McCarthy? s head, that piece of paper should hold said? chumps? . Merely since McCarthy played the full state for saps. It is astonishing how simple chitchat can go so much more. In most ways this state of affairs was indistinguishable to what happened in Salem. Congress conducted a modern twenty-four hours witch-hunt. The full state was left aghast and scared. They had more frights of an atomic bomb being dropped by the Soviet Union now so they of all time had before. In some ways, a bomb was dropped. McCarthy fundamentally dropped his ain bomb on the state when he held up that piece of paper.

Chain Reaction : Narratives

Chain Reaction : Narratives.

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