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Last year saw many newcomers to the pop music category. Some had a lot of success while others didn’t fare too well. Jon Secada, a former member of Gloria Estefan’s “Miami Sound Machine,” has just released his third single from his debut album. All three of his songs show his incredible talent – he can sing fast or slow, always showing off his beautiful falsetto. His first two releases made it to the top five of the Top 40. His first, “Just Another Day,” made it to number five and stayed there for quite a while. His second, “Do You Believe in Us,” also stayed in the Top 40 for a long time, reaching its peak at number four. His newest release, “Angel,” is also headed in the same direction. Jon Secada is Hispanic and seems very proud of his heritage. He made Spanish remakes of “Just Another Day” and “Angel,” which both appear on his album. Gloria Estefan helped Jon Secada a lot on his album – especially with the Spanish lyrics. Many of the songs on Secada’s album are good, but I doubt most of them will have the same success as his first two. I am pretty sure though that one song, “I’m Free,” will make it to the Top 10, maybe even the Top 5. It’s a beautiful song, listen for it on the radio after “Angel” has reached Number One. n

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