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John Milton’s Personal Influence on the Writing of Paradise Lost college admissions essay help Literature assignment help

A look at John Milton’s political and religious forum in the novel `Paradise Lost`.

This paper examines John Milton’s Paradise Lost and explains how it is more than just another entertaining tale, but rather a religious and political forum for Milton’s personal views and feelings.
From the paper:

`Perhaps Paradise Lost was more than just a biblical tale of humankind?s fall from God?s grace, out of paradise. It was more, it was a religious and political forum for Milton to express his views unopposed, by using the conflict of good and evil in Paradise Lost portraying his own philosophies. With each struggle he illustrates his political and religious notions connecting them with the conflict of the main subject introduced in Book I, ?the creation, fall, and redemption of the world and humankind? (Lazzari 367). With certain influences in his life Milton?s beliefs were shaped into what they were during the composure of Paradise Lost. With these influences and these beliefs he wrote a Paradise Lost.`