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The politics and writings of John Dickinson.

The paper starts with a brief outline of who Dickinson was and talks about his pre-Independence writings to the colonial population. It then analyzes and examines Dickinson?s beliefs and ideas regarding the economic, political, and social considerations involved in central government, regulation of trade, slavery, tariffs and taxation, and the right to vote.
From the paper;

“John Dickinson, the leading opponent of John Adams in the debate upon the Declaration of Independence, has correctly been dubbed the ?Penman of the Revolution? by later historians. Besides writing the original Articles of Confederation, Dickinson served as a Pennsylvania legislator and represented that colony at the Stamp Act Congress and later, in the Continental Congress. Dickinson?s first elaborate publication against the new policy of the British cabinet was printed in 1765 and was entitled The Late Regulations Respecting the British Colonies on the Continent of America Considered. In his celebrated Letters From a Farmer in Pennsylvania to the Inhabitants of the British Colonies, Dickinson had a great influence in enlightening the American people on the subject of their rights, and preparing them for resistance.”