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Johannes Van Den Bosch Sends an Email history essay help Technology assignment help

Seminar 1: Johannes Van Den Bosch Sends An Email Introduction The van ben Bosch case illustrates issues in different cultural values and responsiveness and cross culture communication in particularly the style and medium. In the case, Johannes van den Bosch, the Rotterdam office representative of Big Four Firm, is having difficulty communicating and getting the expected actions and results from his Mexican partner, Pablo Menendez.

As the result of this Van den Bosch has been receiving a lot of pressure and verbal abuse from his angry British client, Malcolm Smythe-Jones. In the hope of solving the problem and to please his client, van den Bosch composes an email for Menendez expressing the situation that they are in. The email was originally written in a strong worded fashion but then van den Bosch decided to edit it to “stick to the fact” while still communicating the appropriate level of urgency.

Mapping The first aspect of the MBI model involves identifying and understanding the differences and issues that exist between the parties. Identification of issues and differences Communication barriers: Communication should be able flow through easily without having to go through barriers to ensure timely delivery and to minimize the chance of lost of the original meaning.

In another word, maybe all three parties involved in the case should be communicating together rather than having van den Bosch as the middleman so that the client can express his needs and expectations to Menendez directly. Communication medium: different types of communication mediums may present a different type of urgency. In global communication, email is a medium that is often adopted as the most effective tool but sometimes it is hard to express the true message in writing. Identification of common grounds

Both van den Bosch and Menendez understand who they are representing. Bridge The second element of the MBI model involves communicating across the differences and consists of preparation, decentring without blame and re-entering. Integrating The goal of pleasing the client, Malcolm Smythe-Jones, can be achieved by adopting different communication methods. Emails exchanges should definitely be continued but sometimes in a more serious situation an online conference may be a good idea to get all three parties involved in the same communication.