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Job Satisfaction and Motivation college admissions essay help Earth Science

This paper reviews the impact of mergers and acquisitions on employee job satisfaction and motivation.

This paper states that mergers and acquisitions have a major impact on a company and its employees and discusses the impact on job satisfaction and employee motivation that such changes cause. The work of Milward, McNamara and Moss-Kanter is reviewed in detail. The paper concludes that the key to maintaining employee performance during a merger is to recognize the impact it will have on employees, to take actions to minimize these effects and to provide systems to give employees direction during a major time of change.
“One of the key factors that Milward suggests is responsible for the people problems encountered in mergers is organizational culture. As Milward says culture “represents people’s collective attempts to bring order and predictability to daily organizational life. Culture gives people a sense of belonging, a sense of direction and a sense of meaningful contribution in pursuit of a cause