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Job-Fit Analysis Nasim Ghaffar HRM 531 July 12, 2010 James Pepitone Job-Fit Analysis Self-Assessment for Career Anchor This is a guiding force, which influences people to choices the career. This based on self-perception of their own skills, values, and motivation. This is a pattern of skills, interest, and values, which developed in the early stages of one’s career, when that person begins to recognize his or her competencies, abilities and the aspects of work that enjoys the most. Career anchors influence to guide the subsequent decisions about jobs and careers. U S organizational theorist Edgar H. Schein introduced this term.

I am more comfortable in the kind of job in which more opportunity for innovation or introducing something new in the market takes place. My area of interest, self- perception and values drive me in the kind of work in which I can enjoy the freedom in decision-making and working in a group admiring various ideas, thoughts and challenges, and able the work done for achieving the goal. Self-Assessment for Professional Ability This is an ability of an individuals increased knowledge, experience, and skill that practice in every day activities. This is how an individual can handle any situation with critical care.

This has a huge impact in one’s career successes. Strength: I am very creative person. I am very good at working with people and helping others when help needed. I like the kind of work those are creative, and somewhat challenging. I like to observe anything in very detail from the perspective of different angles. I am optimistic, passionate, and devoted in my work. I like to concentrate into the deep and focus the center. I am a person with ability to analyze everything very critically and to solve any problem I try the best for finding a way to overcome with suitable solution.

My interested is always in the kind of decisions those are mostly result oriented. I am skilled in communicating with people from different backgrounds and ethnic orientations. I am a good listener, analyze any communication and try to assume the core thing from it. I can describe any situation and can express the substance in few words/sentence. I am well-disciplined type of person. Weakness: I sometimes think passive when faced with obligations. I cannot strike on adverse decision especially on ethical ground. I feel hopeless when too much pressure on me.

I also feel alienation when observe lack of cooperation from authority, sub-ordinate, and peers. I cannot trust people when question strike on believes. I dislike any argument those are theme oriented and those have no evidence of positive result. I dislike working in bossy environment in which limitation of freeness and fear occurred all the time. I feel discomfort to work with dishonest and flattery people. I am not a good writer in literature side. I don’t have enough poetic word in my vocabulary. I can’t express anything very elaborately.

I have constrained in expressing myself, and feel shy for asking any favors, kind of introvert. I am kind of talk less and quite person. Self-Assessment of Temperament I am skeptical, critical, independent, determined, and stubborn person. I am also punctual, cooperative, and trustful. According to Enneagram my traits belongs to “Type Six, The Loyalist” (The Enneagram Institute, 2002. p. 235). I am protective in character look for more clarity and risk free environment. I feel more relax with something, which is more stable and save.

My attitude sometime fluctuates very quickly from one state to another when in frustration. I become crankier and negative, decisive and self-assertive, self-doubting, aggressive and openly disobedient in this state. My emotional states are very contradictory with situation, when I losses temperament and control that leads me toward self-destruction and inferiority complex. Job Analysis Potential to Generate My Values There are some areas in which I need to generate my values. I need to put more emphasis to build myself acquiring with more relevant knowledge in perspective to the chanced environment in job market.

I need to develop my values in the area of my comprehensive contribution in sharing ideas, critical thoughts, and constructive concept, which make possible the work success and achieve the goal to the desired target. I need to learn more of the modern and new technologies in managerial aspects to perform my activities smoothly without wasting more time to do one task rather perform multiple tasks as quick as possible. Supporting Technology, System, and Culture The growing technological advancement and new innovation brings constant change in the job environment.

This change not only occurs for the product design and manufacturing areas but also reflects in the field of management aspect and approaches. Development of new software and techniques makes managerial job more convenient and easy also reduces the pressure and dependency. Managers at present can obtain any required information or data needed at any time to get the work done or solve a problem as fast without any complexity. Culture is the response of a group to survive from external environment and integrated internal problem those they learned from long time of practice.

Culture plays a bigger role in job environment in which cultural diversity has some influences in application and present globalization makes it more complex. Hence the competency becomes more acute and the organizations occupation has opened to a wide market. At present people in my work-place are from multi cultural system with different ethics, religion and background with whom I am dealing on regular basis. Considering the entire above situation in mind, it is the time to improve me with adequate proper knowledge that could direct the right direction.

Engaging Work The work in which at present I am engage is a small retail business. This is a convenient store, which I own for last four years. As an entrepreneur I am quite satisfied with this business. I am doing entirely everything by myself to run and grow the business as well. As a new immigrant with my foreign degree, I had hard time in my initial stage to find a satisfactory job, which I desired. I start my career in Wal-Mart as cashier for livelihood also with an intention to learn the culture, ethics, and system of the society.

Working two years I got an opportunity to lease a C-store and I grabbed it. I run the store for three years with little knowledge of management background; I learned enough from dealing with every day situation, customers, employees, vendors, and different regulatory agencies and also gained experience. Finally I owned the business after I become confidant to handle it with no difficulties and obstruction. I am psychologically satisfied as I am working for my own without any kind of pressure and bossing environment.

I am also satisfied with the earning that makes me to live a better livelihood, satisfactory standard of living, and personal sense of self-worth comparing to my initial stage. Autonomy This is the magnitude or level of freedom and discretion allowed to perform a job by an employee with a sense of responsibility. Considering to autonomy I have full freedom to do everything according to my desire and will in my job. I also enjoy the freedom of flexible schedule and doing any work in my own way with every responsibility. My satisfaction level of autonomy prevails a high degree in my work. Overall Alignment

Major Areas of Alignment The areas those are most align with my career anchor are entrepreneurial creativity, pure challenge, customer care, general managerial competence, service, autonomy, functional competence, satisfaction for financial gain and security. Major Areas of Mis-alignment The area those dose not align with my career anchor are determine as ambiguity, work load, total responsibility, communication, and role conflict from regulatory body Quantitative Job-fit Estimate I made a quantitative percentile analysis of satisfaction level in the areas of my recent job those perfect fits to me are as follows.

Less constrain in job: 85% Confident with job function and performance: 70% Magnitude of satisfaction in job environment and relation with coworkers: 60% Scope of application of personal merit, skill, knowledge and experience: 75% The earning that is worthy: 80% Trichotomize job complexity: 55% Reliability, security, and protection of job: 85% Relationship, attitude, and fairness of upper management (regulatory authority): 75% Value of responsibility, contribution and limitation of performing the assigned job: 75% Reference The Enneagram Institute. (2002). Type description. Retrieved from http://enneargraminstitute. com

Strategic Plans Matrix

Strategic Plans Matrix.


Your assignment this week is to compare three K-12 Strategic Plans. The matrix is to be submitted in order to receive a grade for the comparison criterion in the grading rubric. Therefore, the comparison Matrix is to be included as an appendix. (The matrix is attached). The matrix needs to be filled out comparing the three stratetgic plans. (The three strategic plans are attached). Additionally, you are to write a synthesis (Using sources) of your matrix findings. Include the following: Please make sure to use headings. The underline words can be used as headings or to formulate headings. 1. How were the internal and external stakeholder relationships considered in the plans? 2. What are the most significant elements of governance and structure that were evident in all of the plans? 3. How do these plans support continuous school improvement and sustainable change? 4. How will the knowledge gathered in this assignment be used in your future?

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