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JNTU Selecting the Proper Color Amount for Data Visualizations Discussion

JNTU Selecting the Proper Color Amount for Data Visualizations Discussion.

Kirk (2016) states that the topic of color can be a minefield.The judgement involved with selecting the right amount of color for a particular application can be daunting. With regards to visualizations, there are different levers that can be adjusted to create the desired effects (Kirk, 2016). The levers are associated with the HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness) color cylinder.Select and elaborate on one of the following:Color Hue SpectrumColor Saturation SpectrumColor Lightness SpectrumReferenceKirk, A. (2016). Data Visualisation: A Handbook for Data Driven Design. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Ltd.Note: Use the attached textbook (chapter 9, Pages 323 – 359) for reference and content length should be 250 – 300 words.
JNTU Selecting the Proper Color Amount for Data Visualizations Discussion

PSY 138 Cuyamaca College The Fault in Our Stars Analytical Review.

For this week’s writing assignment, you will analyze portrayals of attraction in the media. To begin, select a media source – TV show, movie, or song – that demonstrates elements of attraction. In your written response, you must identify THREE concepts from Chapter 8 (Links to an external site.) that appear in your selection.You may choose to analyze more than one source to capture all THREE concepts if desired but cannot analyze the SAME concept in more than one source. You need to:Provide an explanation of the concept in your own wordsProvide an example from your chosen sourceExplain why the example is an appropriate illustration of your concept
PSY 138 Cuyamaca College The Fault in Our Stars Analytical Review

FU Mental Health Services in Inwood Washington Heights Evaluation Proposal Paper.

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The Common Assignment is a Process or Outcome Evaluation Proposal – Based on your program evaluation strategy, write a 10 page paper and include the six following steps: (1) Engaging stakeholders; (2) Describing the program; (3) Focusing the evaluation; (4) Proposing data collection and analysis; (5) A discussion of possible plans for findings; and (6) Dissemination of the possible lesson learned. Please use the model in Grinnell et al. (2019). The detail are listed below: Introduction. Statement of the problem in the context of the particular program that will be addressed. Literature Review (NOTE: Students should use their earlier Literature Review andexpand upon it) Description of the program to be evaluated, including a statement of the underlying explicit or implicit theory of change for the program (i.e., the mechanisms through which the intervention is expected to produce its intended outcomes). Description of the agency environment: including the receptivity of the administration staff, and other stakeholders Client and organizational factors that influence the evaluationFocus the Evaluation Focus the Evaluation – Address the questions specific to your evaluation approach. Please use the detailed focused questions in each chapterProcess Evaluation –Chapter 12 – Focusing the EvaluationOutcome Evaluation – Chapter 13 – Focusing the Evaluation Possible Data and Measures – Evidence to Data Evidence to Data — Address the questions specific to your evaluation approach. Please use the detailed focused questions in each chapter Process Evaluation –Chapter 12 – Evidence and DataOutcomeEvaluation – Chapter 13 –Evidence and Data, including outcomes measurementSteps 5 and Step 6 – Remember this is “possible findings and possible lessons learned” Address the questions specific to your evaluation approach. Please use the detailed discussion in each chapter Process Evaluation –Chapter 12 – Refer to Step 5 and Step 6 (Possible findings and lessons that may be learned)Outcome Evaluation – Chapter 13 –Refer to Steps 5 and 6 (Possible findings and lessons that may be learned) References
FU Mental Health Services in Inwood Washington Heights Evaluation Proposal Paper

CC Gutzler Company Accounting Practices Case Analysis.

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You are the in-charge auditor examining the financial statements of
the Gutzler Company for the year ended December 31. During late October, with
the help of Gutzler’s controller, you completed an internal control
questionnaire and prepared the appropriate memoranda describing Gutzler’s
accounting procedures. Your comments relative to cash receipts are as follows:
All cash receipts are sent directly to the accounts receivable clerk with no
processing by the mail department. The accounts receivable clerk keeps the cash
receipts journal, prepares the bank deposit slip in duplicate, posts from the
deposit slip to the subsidiary accounts receivable ledger, and mails the deposit
to the bank. The controller receives the validated deposit slips directly
(unopened) from the bank. She also receives the monthly bank statement directly
(unopened) from the bank and promptly reconciles it. At the end of each month,
the accounts receivable clerk notifies the general ledger clerk by journal
voucher of the monthly totals of the cash receipts journal for posting to the
general ledger. page 259 With regard to the general ledger cash account,
the general ledger clerk makes an entry each month to record the total debits
to cash from the cash receipts journal. In addition, the general ledger clerk,
on occasion, makes debit entries in the general ledger cash account from
sources other than the cash receipts journal, for example, funds borrowed from
the bank. In the audit of cash receipts, you have already performed certain
standard audit procedures: All columns in the cash receipts journal have been
totaled and cross-totaled. Postings from the cash receipts journal have been
traced to the general ledger. Remittance advices and related correspondence
have been traced to entries in the cash receipts journal. Required: Considering
Gutzler’s internal control over cash receipts and the standard audit procedures
already performed, list all other audit procedures that should be performed to
obtain sufficient appropriate audit evidence regarding controls over cash and
give the reasons for each procedure. Do not discuss the procedures for cash
disbursements and cash balances. Also, do not discuss the extent to which any
of the procedures are to be performed. Assume that adequate controls exist to
ensure that all sales transactions are recorded. Organize your answer sheet as
follows: (AICPA adapted) Other Audit Procedure   Reason for Other Audit
CC Gutzler Company Accounting Practices Case Analysis

DART 3320 The University of New South Wales Week 1 Pornography Assessment Essay

DART 3320 The University of New South Wales Week 1 Pornography Assessment Essay.

Assessment1 and 2From weeks 4-10 students will engage and respond to the readings and lecture. Each week 3-5 students will lead a discussion in small online groups for 40-60min (one leader per group). You will guide your group’s discussion, directing it to concepts, topics, issues and examples that you find important or significant. In addition, you will produce a 1000 word document that is uploaded on the day of your tutorial. It will;Summarise the main arguments from the readings for that week.Develop your own position/argument in relation to the readings.4-6 discussion questions that will structure your session.4-6 examples (from art and visual culture) with a sentence or two explaining how it relates to the reading/topic.To prepare for leading your discussion try to make connections between the readings, the overall topic, and other materials from class and your own research. Ask yourself, what ideas are the most critical, controversial, enlightening, provocative or difficult to understand? What key terms or questions can you draw from these readings, and how might you use these ideas outside this particular context? Try to illuminate key issues with specifics and examples from the readings, culture and everyday life. You might want to bring relevant passages your group’s attention, or compare different authors, scholars, and artists. Your goal is to prompt interesting group discussion, so highlight things in the readings you found illuminating, challenging, surprising, informative, and unusual. Think about different ways to engage the group and generate discussion. Please make sure to be respectful of your classmates and sensitive to differences.This is an individual assessment, but we encourage you to work collaboratively with others who will be presenting the same week you are. You will be assessed on the document you upload, and your tutor’s observation of part of your discussion group. Your tutor will not observe your whole presentation, as they will occur simultaneously. See the rubric for details on how you will be assessed.
DART 3320 The University of New South Wales Week 1 Pornography Assessment Essay

Strategic Supply Chain Management Business Essay

professional essay writers Strategic Supply Chain Management Business Essay. Abstract In early stages supply chains were seen as just the supply process from a company’s immediate supplier through to the immediate customer. They had their own goals, targets, deadlines, margins, and policies and also all these were depend on them based on how to cater the market demand. It is easy to perform especially in a monopoly market with very few outlets which is spread in a limited area. But when the business is growing they have to take solid decisions about expansion policies as well as the integration of supply chain operations to survive in the market and to gain the competitive advantage with the rapidly changing competitive climate. The manufacturing industry faces great challenges equally as any other industry, which is a result of economic crisis, especially when it comes to the diversified, large-scale companies with huge expansions and a customer base, as Singer Sri Lanka PLC. In particular to perform in the current competitive environment its not only the existing methods are important, but the latest logistics and supply chain management practices are matters a lot as well. Time has changed and out thinking about the way we manage our improvement activities also has to change. Good is not good enough – Only our very best will attract the customers in today’s competitive environment. Producing an excellent product is not “cut the mustard” today. Over the years Singer (Sri Lanka) structure has strengthen immensely to incorporate with the strategies formulated to face the changes in the environment. A critical study was carried out to understand the major competitive priorities in current supply chain of Singer Sri Lanka PLC; the supply chain management principles, strategies and techniques that are used in achieving these competitive priorities; other possible tools which could be used for improving the present performance of the organization and how the company can go beyond the excellence by using these practices as well. (Abstract is not included in the word count) 1.0 Scope of the Assignment To investigate Singer Sri Lanka PLC’s supply chain with a view to, Understanding the supply chain systems and operations and to assess its impact on the chain. Identify the current supply chain strategies and the influence from various market conditions. Make recommendations in order to improve the current supply chain in the company and over come the identified critical issues and challenges by applying strategic supply chain management principles. Company Overview Singer Sri Lanka Started its operation in 1872 in Sri Lanka and is a Company that has grown over the years into a benchmark entity in Sri Lanka in terms of popularity, modernity and reach. Singer today is synonymous with quality, wide reach, and wide product range across diverse lines and wide appeal to consumers across the entire spectrum of buying power. Source -Singer (Sri Lanka) PLC Annual report Singer Sri Lanka PLC is a diversified, large-scale company, which was established and started its operations with few shops and now Singer has nearly 550 retail outlets spread all over the country with a group of more than thousand permanent employees. Furthermore Singer has widely spreaded distribution channels, such as Singer Plus, company’s largest distribution channel, Singer Mega ,which optimises true modern trade retailing, promising a shopping experience on par with the best in the world, Singer Homes, the “furniture store” contributed to offer high quality and stylish furniture, Sisil World, promotes mainly Sisil brand products and it is the second slot in the distribution hierarchy, Singer Wholesale, Satellite shops and Duty Free etc are the other channels of distribution. Singer’s product portfolio is highly diversified and consists of products across a range of household, industrial and financial categories. Singer product portfolio: (Source: Singer (Sri Lanka) PLC Annual report – 2009) Organization Structure Pyramid Singer Organization structure consists of three main management levels which include Junior, Middle and Senior. Senior and middle levels has two sub layers as illustrated below. A – Foreign Component Suppliers B – Local Component Suppliers Prodimix International – Germany Arpico Haffle Fittings – Italy Regional Sharpeners Dolken Company – Germany St. Anthony’s Company Hevea Company – Malaysia Laminex Company – Australia C – Other Local Suppliers D – Foreign Suppliers Soft Logic National/ Panasonic Epsi Computers Sony Craft Suppliers Samsung Nilkamal Hitachi TCL Whirlpool Wedge Unix E – Retail Outlets F – Corporate Customers Singer Mega Dilmah Singer Homes Nestle Singer plus John Keels Holdings Sisil World Media Services (Pvt) Ltd. The Supply ChainStrategic Supply Chain Management Business Essay

BUS110- Essay ethics and social responsibility

BUS110- Essay ethics and social responsibility.

Read chapter 2 on Ethics and Social Responsibility.Go to your company’s website and read what it states about ethics and social responsibility. In a minimum two page double spaced, 12 font, typed report, discuss what you have learned about your company from reading the website. Has your company been ethical and socially responsible? Include why you think a company should be ethical and socially responsible. How can a company benefit from being ethical and socially responsible? Research one article about your company and social responsibility/ethics. Summarize the article. You can find articles in the databases found on the NCC library’s website: Business Insights: Essentials or Business Source Complete. CITE YOUR SOURCES.…………
BUS110- Essay ethics and social responsibility

Why Are Some People Evil Evidence of Psychological Theories Paper

Why Are Some People Evil Evidence of Psychological Theories Paper.

Each student will select a question (problem) associated with human behavior and examine different explanations for the behavior. (Examples: Why are some people evil? Why are more children diagnosed with ADHD or Autism now than previously? Why do people lie? Why do people XYZ? What causes XYZ in humans? How does XYZ behavior in humans develop?)Each student will a) research, b) analyze possible explanations, and c) evaluate answers to his/her question using at least two prominent psychological theoretical perspectives that we have studied in this course: biological, evolutionary, cognitive, behavioral, psychodynamic, sociocultural, and humanistic. The student will also form conclusions about which psychological perspective best explains the identified problem and address ethical issues associated with the problem. The student will document the information in the form of an essay (4-5 pages) using APA style. The essay will be submitted through the assignment link on the course Blackboard site. Steps to assignment completion:Statement of the problem: Identify and explain your question of interest regarding human behavior. Why is this of interest to you? Why is this question important? Why is this behavior considered a problem (include supporting data)?Evidence: Select (and thoroughly describe) two prominent psychological theoretical perspectives which address the problems. After describing the psychological perspectives, research and identify one source for each perspective (total: 2 sources) which address the question. List and summarize each of the sources. These sources should be written by professionals who have expertise in the subject.Influence of Contexts and Assumptions: Using the information from these sources, thoroughly explain how a psychologist working within each perspective views the problem, and how she or he would try to answer the question. (IN-TEXT CITATIONS AND REFERENCE PAGE ARE TO BE COMPLETED IN APA STYLE.)Student’s Position: Evaluate the information you’ve described and form personal conclusions. Explain why you agree with one perspective over the other or offer an alternative psychological perspective as the explanation. You must select only one perspective and support your position with evidence. How do your conclusions impact you? Why are your conclusions important for you?Conclusions and Related Outcomes: Expand beyond your personal conclusions and further evaluate the information. What implications or impact do your conclusions have for psychologists and society at large? For example, do your conclusions suggest different areas for psychologists to investigate or study? Could what you have concluded be used to help society at large, or do your conclusions suggest dangers or warnings for society? What might be the economic, political, social, or educational implications of what you’ve concluded?Ethical Considerations: Psychologists often encounter ethical issues/concerns when addressing human problems. Using the 8 key ethical questions as presented by James Madison University (fairness, outcomes, responsibility, character, liberty, empathy, authority, and rights) think about the ethical issues that may result from the problem you have identified. Select at least 3 of the most appropriate questions and explain how each applies to your selected problem about human behavior. (The questions provided below are examples of possible ethical issues/concerns associated with depression.)Fairness- How can I act equitably and balance legitimate interests? What if I am unable to care for my family and continue my employment? Do I have to reveal my illness to my employer?Outcomes – What achieves the best short- and long-term outcomes for me and all others? What happens if I get treatment for my depression? What if I choose not to accept treatment? How does the treatment or lack of treatment impact my family, friends, and coworkers? Will the depression eventually go away? Are there advantages to getting treatment sooner rather than later? What types of treatment seems to work best?Responsibilities – What duties and/or obligations apply? Even though my friend/family member has not admitted directly to me they are suicidal, should I contact a professional if I suspect someone is suicidal? What professional should I contact?Character – What action best reflects who I am and the person I want to become? Those who suffer from depression experience many negative symptoms; irritability, lack of interest, intense sadness, confusion, fatigue, sleep difficulties, thoughts of suicide, etc. Could depression impact who a person becomes? Can depression influence relationships at home, school, or work? Does depression own the sufferer or can the sufferer learn to own the depression?Liberty – How does respect for freedom, personal autonomy, or consent apply? Can those who experience severe depression be forced to seek help and receive treatment for depression? What should I do if someone confides they are suffering from depression? Should I call someone? Who do I call? Is my call confidential?Empathy – What would I do if I cared deeply about those involved?Would I want to see those I care about suffer from the negative symptoms of depression? How can I help since I am not a therapist?Authority – What do legitimate authorities (e.g. experts, law, my religion/god) expect of me? Can I be forced into treatment? Will my parents/family support me getting help?Rights – What rights (e.g. innate, legal, social) apply? Should insurance companies be required to cover mental health services? Should counseling centers be required to provide services to individuals who do not have insurance or available funds?After you have written your essay (4-5 pages) in APA style, save it as a WORD or PDF file and submit through the Critical Thinking Assignment Link on Blackboard. In addition to content, students will be graded on preparation and planning, APA formatting, written product, level of engagement, and overall attitude. Refer to the GRADING rubric for specific
Why Are Some People Evil Evidence of Psychological Theories Paper