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JM Coetzee Analysis Of Disgrace English Literature Essay

J.M Coetzee, one of South Africa’s most prominent writers, is known for writing the most famous book “Disgrace”. This book is very interesting in which this author talks about very important issues that are important in this life. These issues were actually occurring in South Africa. J.M Coetzee’s book has a difference between the statuses of cultural problems that are presented in this book which are: the reason why J.M Coetzee wrote this book, talking about the book in general, and discussing the cultural issues of the book. The book Disgrace took the award “Booker Prize”. J.M Coetzee, in this book is talking about suspect and fear. The books states that political change in general doesn’t do anything and can do nothing in order to eliminate human misery. Disgrace is the first book in South Africa that deals with explicitly that it covers a sad picture that no one’s is comforted from, excluding the one’s race, one’s nationality, and one’s point of view (“Disgrace – J.M. Coetzee.”). Disgrace was written afterwards of the new constriction that was done in South Africa. This constitution said that men and women should be equal and should enjoy equal rights. Also, this constitution gave general rights, apart from sexual orientation. At this time, in South Africa, violence was spread all over in the country. A lot of commercial farmers gave up their work and jobs because of the cruelty and violence incidents that were dedicated against them. From 1989 and 1994, the rate of murder was doubled in number. Also, every young African woman was almost raped twice in her lifetime (Coetzee in the Promised Land). One of the major issues that J.M Coetzee discussed in his novel was the issue of rape. Lucy, who is the daughter of the main character who is David, was raped by three men who were stealing things from her house. This rape that has happened to Lucy was very brutal. Lucy decides not to report the accident because of private matters. Another thing that made Lucy not report the rape is that she knows very well that justice won’t be served the relationship between her and her father was changed after this accident. She realized that men and woman judged her and there was a clear division between both genders that showed her that he father we one of the people who misjudged her. (Page 25)her father from the outside kept on watching her going through this harsh experience of rape, which makes her enter a phase of fear and depression. Her father was unable to comfort her at all. Rape is a second issue that the author talks about in this novel ‘disgrace’ that is a very important cultural issue. “Lucy is raped by three men as they rob her house. The rape is a violent, hate-filled act”(pg.85-disgrace J.M. Coetzee) although the ones, who raped her, were stranger and Lucy didn’t know them she took it as a personal issue towards herself. Justice is another standard that is discussed in this story ‘disgrace’. It talks about guilt and innocence. However, in this novel J.M Coetzee explores the morals in which justice depends. When the investigation of sexual harassment filed against Laurie, it was modeled against the criminal justice system (‘french,philip’). In this story justice becomes a public act in which is driver by guilt and dishonor. Not only David and Laurie that suffered injustice, but it was Lucy to that was struggling with the justice system itself (‘the deadly serious games of J.M Coetzee Disgrace’).however Lucy was sure a hundred percent, that even if she had reported the robbery and the rape the criminals would have never been prosecuted, due to the problems that were occurring in south Africa. J.M Coetzee discussed the issue of “geriatric sexuality” in his book. This book said that when David was fifty-two years he was a very sexually actively man, which all he was worrying about was sex. He married twice in his life time and in the beginning of the book he was sleeping with a prostitute to fulfill his sexual needs. The huge conflict was when Laurie which is David crosses both departmental and generational boundaries when he sleeps with his student which he taught (Tait Theo. J.M Coetzee Disgrace). The student which Laurie slept with was put in a difficult situation when he crosses his boundaries. No such professor should commit such an act, because he should be their role model and teaching them good morals. Laurie’s position of power gives him an unfair advantage which made the young student drop out of school and charged for what she had done. Laurie was fired and publicly humiliated for his action when the student’s boyfriend told him “stick to your own kind (Disgrace J.M Coetzee-pg 128).” This novel talks about the effects of losing power, discusses whites in South Africa that aren’t governed by whites anymore. It’s a bit romantic in a world that values youth and future ion which in his mid years lives in a society in which his powers are reduced. Everyone can resist changes or they can respond exactly like Lucy (“rolled round in earth’s course, with rocks, stones, and tree’s-pg 200). Lucy concludes that it’s important as a white person and is living in South Africa, in which he considers women to be adaptable to begin a fresh new start. He wants women to start all the way from scratch “at ground level period with nothing, not anything, but with no cards no weapons, no property, and no dignity? Like a dog (pg 205)”. In the end of the story, Lucy decided to get married to the first guy that proposes to her and live with him in the farm. She agreed to do this because she was pregnant from the rape that had occurred to her. This shows that in real life, a women that is to be raped, people look at her in a way of shame and don’t approve of her coming decisions that are to be coming such as keeping the baby. Another thing, Lucy didn’t care about her fathers objections anymore because she was looking out for her new future. So, her father was waiting in the farm they had and was waiting for his grandchild. In the end of the story he had to accept the fact that his daughter was raped and that a new baby will be born to this life. Lucy’s father kept on killing animals while he was in the farm, waiting for the arrival of the baby. This shows that there was animal brutality in South Africa in which people killed animals for no reason. People should have mercy on all God’s creatures. In conclusion, the book Disgrace explores reactions in which humans fight for their rights even if they have nothing to start with, to be human beings. Also the theme of this book is that no matter what Professor Laurie experiences, he should not cross the line with his students. His job was to protect her and not cross the red line which seemed like nothing to him, he should have learnt a valuable lesson when the girl that he slept with boyfriend, told him to stick to his own kind. A guy hi age should be respected from others, and be a role model for many, but not bringing disgrace to his family. One should not bring humiliation upon himself, because one fights all his life to protect his name. What goes around comes around, in which he has harmed others he was fired out of his job, and his daughter was raped. He didn’t defend his daughter because he wasn’t on her side, in which Lucy wished she could get her rights from the South African government which she couldn’t do. This story has very cultural issues that can be applied to real life problems in which, they should be put into consideration. Citations: “Coetzee in the Promised Land | Quarterly Conversation.” The Quarterly Conversation. Web. 04 Apr. 2011. . “Disgrace – J.M.Coetzee.” Complete Review – Entrance to the Complete Review. Web. 04 Apr. 2011. . French, Philip. “Disgrace | Film Review | Film | The Observer.” Latest News, Comment and Reviews from the Guardian | Web. 04 Apr. 2011. . “J. M. Coetzee.” Contemporary Writers in the UK – Contemporary Writers. Web. 04 Apr. 2011. . O’Hehir, Andrew. “”Disgrace” by J.M. Coetzee –” – Web. 04 Apr. 2011. . Tait, Theo. “JM Coetzee’s Disgrace | Film | Culture | The Guardian.” Latest News, Comment and Reviews from the Guardian | Web. 04 Apr. 2011. . “The Deadly Serious Games of J M Coetzee’s ‘Disgrace’.” AFRICA IS A COUNTRY. Web. 04 Apr. 2011. .
Please read and consider the attached poem that was written by Yehuda Halevi in the 1500’s. It is pretty profound and I would like you to write a little response to the poem telling how it is still speaking to modern times and how it might speak to you. There is no wrong answer. I have also attached the link to the funeral scene in Godless where it is used. It might speak to what is happening today with the funeral of a past president and all the chaos in our world.  link to Godless scene 3 paragraphs

Public Safety Decision-Making and Political Issues Essay

In the article “L.A. Police Chief Charlie Beck endorses ‘sanctuary state’ bill that Eric Holder hails as ‘constitutional’”, Ulloa describes the reaction of the current LAPD Chief Charlie Beck to the recent bill that would establish California as a sanctuary state, therefore prohibiting the law enforcement officers from investigating, reporting, detaining, or arresting people who are due to be deported. This case is part of the current political controversy brought by Donald Trump’s deportation policy and immigration law changes. It is also not the first time that the LAPD Police Chief refuses to comply with deportation laws: last year, he publicly stated that Los Angeles police officers would refuse to help in deportation efforts. The purpose of the article is to inform people about the controversy and support the statement of Charlie Beck. The article was published in L.A. Times, which is among the key newspapers for people living in California. Therefore, the article is aimed at a wide audience, consisting primarily of local residents interested in daily affairs. The key challenge discussed in the article is the Senate Bill 54, which was “sparked by the Trump administration’s broadened deportation orders” (Ulloa). With many people criticizing the new policy as unethical and nationalist, deportation efforts are among the most significant policy issues evident in the U.S. today. The situation was further worsened by the fact that the law enforcement officers were often required to participate and assist in deportation efforts. Beck argued that such cooperation between the local police and the immigration forces could impair community trust in the police, thus affecting its efficiency (Ulloa). There are three key lessons that can be learned from the event. First, it is important to ensure that public safety leaders have some influence on political issues that concern public safety, as these issues influence their work. Secondly, in case of a controversy, public safety leaders should take into account the impact of political decisions on the population they serve, as Charlie Beck did. Thirdly, being politically savvy can help public safety leaders to be involved in political processes, thus allowing them to influence policy and the work of their employees. In a different scenario, Charlie Beck could have supported the deportation efforts and the law enforcement’s involvement. However, this could lead to the dissatisfaction of the workforce and impaired relationship with the local community. Clearly, the LAPD Chief aimed to reduce the negative effect of deportation policies on the work of the law enforcement, and it was a mindful decision not to allow local police officers to be engaged in deportation and immigration operations. Overall, the article exemplifies this week’s learning objectives by portraying the complicated relationship between ethics, public safety decision-making and political issues. The case shows how leaders in public safety are impacted by political controversies and are forced to make difficult decisions to ensure the lack of implications for local communities. Being a political savvy can thus help a public safety leader to understand the political process and its consequences for his or her area of responsibility, which enables him or her to make effective decisions. However, as evident from the example, ethical decisions could be risky in case of a political controversy; for instance, such decisions can cause dissatisfactions among workers or political leaders, thus affecting the public safety leader involved. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Works Cited Ulloa, Jazmine. “L.A. Police Chief Charlie Beck Endorses ‘Sanctuary State’ Bill that Eric Holder Hails as ‘Constitutional’.” Los Angeles Times. 2017. Web.

San Diego State University Simple Linear Regression Analysis Worksheet

i need help writing an essay San Diego State University Simple Linear Regression Analysis Worksheet.

Please follow the directions document added below. Simple Linear Regression (SLR)I am interested in buying a used car for my niece. She moved from the east coast to San Diego for an extended job training program. I am only interested in 4-door cars (no sports coupes, no trucks) with automatic transmission and costing less than $50,00, although cars approaching that top-end price point would need to be ideal. I have collected data on 100 used cars meeting the criteria that are for sale within 25 miles of San Diego city center.For myself I want a good deal financially. That involves the purchase price. As the job training program is more about “training” and less about “job pay,” for my niece I want a car that does not cost a lot to operate – low maintenance, reasonable insurance terms, and good gas mileage, as the job training requires many miles of driving around the county, and occasionally to the counties north of San Diego.I would appreciate you performing a two-pronged analysis on the data:● First, please analyze the relationship – via SLR — between the age of the car and selling price. ● Second, of the three listed cars below make a recommendation as to which one I should further investigate as to purchasing.. Car 1: Age – 6 Years Old Price: $18,300 Audi Tires & Wheels Upgraded Head Up Display for Driver 2d Owner MPG: 20 City, 25 Highway 1 Year WarrantyCar 2: Age – 9 Years Old Price: $8,600 Volvo Sold As Is Advanced Safety Features Excellent Condition MPG: 23 City, 34 Highway Confident HandlingCar 3: Age – 3 Years Old Price: $33,000 BMW Low Miles! Drivetrain AWD Loaded! MPG: 20 City, 29 Highway 36/36 WarrantyOpen the Excel SLR File Data Sheet – The Age and Selling Prices of 100 Used CarsSLR Analysis Sheet – This sheet contains a preconfigured table to instantly peel, analyze and tabulate the relevant results of your Raw Data regression analysis.SLR Analysis1 Start on the Data Sheet2 Click on the DATA TAB on the toolbar, select Data Analysis, and then select Regression.Fill the dialog box as follows: ● Input Y Range: The range of the data in Column B, including the heading, Selling Price● Input X Range: The range of the data in Column A, including the heading, Car Age● Click Labels.● Output Range: E1 (You must use Cell E1 as the Output location.)● Click Okay3 The table on the SLR Analysis sheet should now be complete. SLR Graph1 Highlight the Car Age and Selling Price data2 Click on INSERT on the ribbon tool bar, select Charts, Scatter Plot● Add a trendline to the chart. To do so varies greatly across different versions of Excel. You may need to click on the “+” sign beside the chart, then select Trendline. You may need to click on Chart Elements on the ribbon bar. You may need to click on the graph, select Layout from Chart Tools, and then Trendline and lastly Linear Trendline. If none of these works, Google Trendline Scatter Plot and your version of Excel. ● Label, identify, scale, format, and clean up your graph, as needed.SLR Submission Form1 Copy & Paste your SLR Used Cars Selling Price Table into the first box. 2 Copy & Paste your SLR Graph into the second image box.3 You can click on an image and use the circle resize handles to fit an image to fill its box.4 Based on any of the given information/data, output data, or your personal insight, provide your recommendation in the third box.5 Do not go behind 1 page.
San Diego State University Simple Linear Regression Analysis Worksheet

ECON 2166 WU Economic Impact of Corona Virus to Aviation Industry Discussion

ECON 2166 WU Economic Impact of Corona Virus to Aviation Industry Discussion.

I’m working on a Economics report and need guidance to help me learn.

Essay Requirements: • include a title page with a statement signed by all members of the group stating that the paper
is entirely the group’s own work and that each member made a significant contribution (include
a similar statement for a project by one student)
• be typewritten, double-spaced, 12-point font, with top, bottom and side margins of 2.5 cm
• ideally be about 7 – 10 pages by one student (or 8 – 12 pages by two students) in length,
excluding the title page, figures, tables, and a list of references.
• attach an article dated Jan. 1, 2020 or later which bears on the topic. These would normally be
from a newspaper or industry journal, but they could include material from magazines or
articles originally published on the Internet. For articles obtained from the Internet, provide the
publishing organization and the URL address in your reference list.
3) Essay Topic Selection
To select a topic, you should immediately start reading some major daily newspaper on a regular basis
(e.g. the Globe and Mail, the National Post, the London Free Press, the Wall Street Journal). You may
also look at other weekly/ monthly sources (e.g. The Economist often has thoughtful pieces).
Supplement your reading in any way you wish: older news items on the topic, internet sources,
magazines, journals, books and class notes. Since it may take some time for you to settle on a topic, you
may want to first collect material for two or three topics. Suggested Outline of Essay
A suggested outline follows, but feel free to amend this as required by your topic.
1. Motivation (1-2 pages): Describe the issue briefly and demonstrate why it is important. Include a brief
description of recent developments in the issue. This is likely to draw primarily from the newspaper
articles and other readings which you have collected.
2. Analysis (5-7 pages): This is your analysis of the topic. Please try to use concepts and tools we learn
from the course. You can include statistical tables and / or diagrams to support your analysis.
3. Conclusion and Recommendation (1-2 page): If you reach a conclusion, set it out here. You are NOT
REQUIRED to take a particular side. You may highlight lessons you learn from analysis and point out
future research topics
4. References: The articles and other literature that you use should be cited in the footnotes as you
proceed, with a full reference list provided at the end of the essay. Print sources should be cited
following any standard style text. (One example is Turabian, Kate L., A Manual for Writers of Term
Papers, Theses and Dissertations. Chicago, University of Chicago Press. Other citation styles are
acceptable.) Internet sources should be cited with the name of the writer, the title of the story, the
name of the organization supporting the web page, as well as the page’s URL address.
ECON 2166 WU Economic Impact of Corona Virus to Aviation Industry Discussion

Health Class Final Project

Health Class Final Project.

This needs to be an A  paper original work.  I really need to max out the points to pass the class.  Your final project is coming up in unit 9.  This project counts for 20% of your grade this semester.  It is important to start early, even if you are still working to finish up the previous unit’s project.  You need to record your intake for 3 days.  This is easy to do even if you are still working on the previous unit because you should already be eating each day.  The only difference is that now you will record all the information.  I will provide you with additional details for the project, following along with the directions posted already in the classroom.  This will serve as a guide to let you know what I am looking for.1.Keep a food diary for 3 days. >> This means a full food record, complete with all food details, how much, what kind, etc.  List the times with the meals/snacks.  This will be presented at the end of the paper, after the reference page, as an appendix (does not count towards the page count, but I do want to see this).  You may decide to use this as a starting point for your introduction to the paper.  For this assignment, it is appropriate to write in the first person (using “I”).  Do not include the entire list of foods you ate, but you can include something about the process as you are introducing your paper.2. Visit for this.  To highlight, you may find ti easiest to copy and paste the table into Word and then highlight using Word functions for highlighting.  Again, these charts are not part of the length/page count of your paper, so they need to come as an appendix.  You can refer to the appendix in your paper if needed (Looking at appendix B, we can see that the intake of xxxxxxx- to give you an example). 4. Compare your results if you were a pregnant woman, a lactating woman and a 70+ elderly man (even if you are really female). Identify areas where you can improve your diet. What changed (in your requirements) because you were pregnant? lactating? elderly?  >>> This is to show your learning as compared to other groups of individuals.  If you have assessed yourself and you are really pregnant, remember that the program does not know this and you were assessed as if you were not.  Therefore, there should be no trouble with this section.  The same goes for a lactating woman and a 70+ year old man.  Find out what their needs are and how these differ from your needs.5. Compare your recommended kcal intake (in your personal profile) to your actual average kcal intake. If you were pregnant, lactating, elderly…would you be meeting your calorie requirements? Would you be gaining, losing, or maintaining weight?  >>> This is a discussion on energy balance and will likely be different between all of these groups.  Calculate what you would need based on your own energy needs (from the program) and then add what is recommended in pregnancy and lactation to obtain those values.  For an elderly person, use the Mifflin St. Jeor equation, with your height and weight, and then use 70 as the age.  You may use your own gender for this, it does not have to be male.6. Can any of these cause specific diet-related health problems (as a pregnant female, lactating female, elderly man) for you over time? Be specific.7. Do you think this 3 day dietary record can be used to make accurate assumptions about your overall, long- term nutritional status (as a pregnant female, lactating female, elderly man)? Why or why not?8. Some nutrients to look at: Calories, Fat, Protein, Carbohydrate, Fiber, Vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin E, folic acid, zinc, calcium, iron, fluids.  >>> This is a side note, this should be included throughout your actual paper as you discuss the needs in all groups.This project is a CLA assessment for this class. The paper you submit must be your own work. The paper must be at least 4-5 pages in length and in APA format. If you borrow ideas from printed sources or from people you have spoken to or heard speak, be certain to cite the sources of those ideas, even when paraphrasing. Include a separate reference page that is formatted as per APA guidelines. At least 3 professional references (other than your textbook) must be included in your paper. For information in formatting per APA guidelines, visit Kaplan’s Writing Center.  >>>Please note that you need 3 professional references other than your textbook.  This means to carefully evaluate any reference you are using, especially if it is a website. I will not count non-professional/non-academic websites towards this.  If you have a question about a website or anything else, please message me in advance.
Health Class Final Project

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