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Jini Network technology: Strategic Imperatives essay help writer essay writing tutorial

A research report about Jini network technology, its developments and strategic plans.

This report concerns Sun Microsystem’s Jini technology and the strategy for its widespread adoption in the networking world. The report proposes a marketing plan and other necessary initiatives to make the technology a standard of networking. The report covers both the strategic initiatives taken thus far and the way forward and includes various diagrams and explanations.
Executive summary
Jini technology
Market Overview
Strategy for growth
Community Building
Industry Partnership for standardization
Branding Jini
Target Segment
Over the last quarter century, network technology has evolved immensely. Emerging network interaction has the capability to shatter existing performance ceilings. Participants in one network will directly access and use the services provided by participants in another network. Constructing networks that can adapt to the demands of dynamic computing environments requires an innovative architecture that can effectively and efficiently accommodate change and complexity. And at the same time, this technology must be easy to learn, use, and deploy. Remarkably elegant, yet unexpectedly simple, Jini network technology is designed to meet these requirements.

measurement-based practice approach

measurement-based practice approach.

Assignment : Using measurement-based practice approach Using a current, past, or hypothetical client OR the target population of an agency or of a policy framework, please apply the Measurement Based Care approach to guide either case conceptualization, or administrative / policy response to a specific problem. 1. Problem statement (in the context of a clinical case, or administrative or policy-related situation) 2. Theory framework guiding response to the problem (for clinical cases may be represented by the intervention methodology); key constructs of the theory framework. 3. What characteristics (outcomes, and, if needed, predictors) should be measured to represent relevant constructs of the theory framework, to conceptualize the clinical case, or build administrative strategy, or policy? 4. Operationalize constructs you have to measure: a. identify measures, b. report their reliability, c. if available, report validity; d. whether the measure has been tested in the population you are serving; e. if not tested I target population, how will you address it? 5. Discuss measurement schedule a. who collects data, b. when, c. where, d. how frequently) 6. How will measured results inform your practice decision-making 7. Discuss (imaginary) implementation issues a. Is the organization well prepared for the above

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