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Jeter, W. K. (2018). Thinking critically about social psychology (2nd ed.). Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt Publishing Company. ISBN 9781524947637 Essay

Jeter, W. K. (2018). Thinking critically about social psychology (2nd ed.). Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt Publishing Company. ISBN 9781524947637

Chapter 5:

1. What are some common gender roles and how have they impacted our society and culture?

2. After watching the interview with Samantha (found in our eBook), discuss the following:

What does it mean to be transgender? There are many terms our book uses to describe sex and gender (e.g., cisgender; agender; intersex). Were you aware of these terms and meanings before reading the book? What was familiar/unfamiliar to you?
How does Samantha describe her journey and experiences with gender identity? What does Samantha mean by a “dead name”? What is her dead name?
Are there any connections that can be made between Samantha’s experiences and the Minority Stress Model discussed in the chapter? Why/why not?

Chapter 11:
3. The chapter and the short video on the Science of Attraction provide information on what attracts us to others. If you could identify one thing in general that is the MOST important factor in determining who we are attracted to, what would that be and why is it the most important thing?

4. In romantic relationships things like jealousy and lying might occur. Consider the following:

Is jealousy ever a good thing/healthy part of a romantic relationship? Why/why not?
How often do you think that romantic partners lie to each other (on average)? Is lying ever a good thing/healthy part of a romantic relationship? Why/why not?

Bio 130 written


Each of the following elements is found in living organisms. For each symbol shown, name the element, list the atomic number, the atomic mass, the number of protons, neutrons and electrons.
Symbol Element Atomic # Mass # Protons # Neutrons # Electrons
C Carbon
H Hydrogen
N Nitrogen
O Oxygen
P Phosphorous
S Sulfur
Na Sodium
Mg Magnesium
Cl Chlorine
K Potassium
Ca Calcium
Mn Manganese
Fe Iron
Atoms normally contain equal numbers of protons and electrons, thus they are electrically ( positive / negative / neutral ) .
An electron is a (negatively / positively) charged particle. So if an atom loses an electron, it will then have an overall (negative / positive ) charge.
If an atom were to gain an electron, it would have an overall (negative / positive ) charge.
If a hydrogen atom loses its electron, it ends up with a (negative / positive ) charge. (This hydrogen ion is often referred to as a proton, as the entire structure of the atom is now simply the proton that is left in its nucleus)
The atomic symbol for magnesium is ___ _________.
How many protons does a magnesium atom have? _____ How many neutrons? _____
How many electrons? ____________
In the space below, draw a magnesium atom. Label the protons, neutrons, and place the electrons in orbitals with the correct number of electrons in each. Remember, the first orbital can take 2 electrons, the second can take 8 and the third can take 8.
Atoms with 1,2 or 3 electrons in their valence shell (the outermost shell) will lose electrons in order to become stable, thus forming positively charged ions. What will happen to the magnesium atom?
In the space below, draw a chlorine atom with the protons, neutrons and electrons correctly placed in orbitals.
Atoms with 6 or 7 electrons in their valence shell will gain electrons in order to become stable, thus forming negatively charged ions. What will happen to the chlorine atom?
If magnesium and chlorine atoms were to come into proximity with each other, what would be the formula of the molecule that would be formed?
For each of the following molecules, list the elements that are present, the number of atoms of each and draw the structure of the molecule.
Molecule Elements Present

The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci

Jeter, W. K. (2018). Thinking critically about social psychology (2nd ed.). Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt Publishing Company. ISBN 9781524947637 Essay The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci.

In a 1750+ word paper, please trace the compositional, stylistic and symbolic development of the story of the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci.

What makes Leonardo’s work unique? You may cite earlier examples, such as those by Andrea del Castagno or Domenico Ghirlandaio in your answer. Have a Minimum of 5 sources cited. Annotate three sources with a 10-sentence paragraph that reviews the source. Each annotation should include full sentences in essay format that detail what the link explores and how it is organized. You may include your thoughts on whether you think the link is successful or not, and explain why.

Web sites


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Research in Clinical practice

Research in Clinical practice.

Use of Research in Clinical Practice Throughout this course, you have examined and considered how the research process contributes to the field of clinical nursing practice. More than just an exercise in developing a research question, searching the literature to guide future research, and performing actual data collection/data analysis, the conclusions you draw from your research findings are useful in helping to develop and enact effective clinical practice. In essence, the process of conducting research contributes to positive social change in that the solutions that you might propose as a nurse researcher and professional will likely impact quality of care and patient safety. For this Discussion, read the book chapter by Titler (2008) presented in this week’s resources that describes evidence-based practice and translational science, as well as the kind of research needed for both. Then, reflect on how the knowledge you gained about research will support your effort as a nursing professional to improve patient quality and safety. Describe how you will use evidence-based practice to improve patient quality and safety in your health care setting. Be specific and provide examples. Then, explain how the knowledge gained about research in this course will support your role in practice as a nursing professional. Then, describe how you will use evidence-based practice to improve patient quality and safety. Be sure to include in your Discussion any unanswered questions that need to be considered by your classmates and/or Instructor. Note: Post a three paragraph (at least 350 words) response. Be sure to use evidence from the readings and include in-text citations. Utilize essay-level writing practice and skills, including the use of transitional material and organizational frames. Use the writing resources to develop your post. Evidence In-text Citations Essay-Level Transitional Material Organizational Frames

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Employment Harrasment and Discrimination

Employment Harrasment and Discrimination.


Quite possibly, the most significant issue impacting business today is the rise in employment harassment and discrimination claims. This impacts not only the workplace, but dominates our political realm as well, as referenced by a recent Supreme Court nominee and US Senator. With that as a background, write a paper that addresses the following: Describe/define the principle federal laws associated with harassment and discrimination. Discuss the state of harassment and discrimination in today’s workplace (statistics, scope, for example). Finally, as a human resource professional, detail a thorough and comprehensive strategy that would significantly reduce the level of harassment and discrimination complaints that currently face US businesses. Your strategy must include at least three strategies, including any impediments that may affect their implementation. Your paper should be: 5-7 pages in length, or about 2300 words, not including title and reference pages Supported by at least three scholarly sources. (several sources will be provided, 3 of them must be used) For this assignment, a credible source is defined as: A scholarly or peer-reviewed journal article. A government-based website or publication. A trade or industry journal article, publication, or website, including those from trade organizations such as and

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ECON 330 Short answer writing response

Hi there,
I have a reading thats roughly 10 pages long on industrialization in south eastern Europe. The question asks you to read the paper and answer a question that should be 1.5-3 paragraphs long or 1-2 pages. Please refer to the attached doc for the question itself and the reading. Please also answer the question in its entirety.
Thank you!

Visit to Latin American Museum

Select one museum, visit the museum and take notes and then write the essay.
Your essay must must include a description of the exhibit and an explanation on how the exhibit relates to some of the materials covered in this class. In your essay, you need to explain how the visit to the museum has increased your knowledge about Latin American cultures. The essay must be 3 double-spaced pages in length. Use Times 12 Font

I already have most of the introduction and some of the conclusion done. I have also completed three pages worth of notes to use.