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Jessica making her way to school was abducted by 17-year old Austin Sigg when he first saw her walk past his car and bound her arms and legs with zipties, threw her in the back, drove around a little bit then took her to his place. He tried atrangllng her with the zip ties but later switched to Just his bare hands.

But he truth all came out when Austin Slgg called and told a 911 dispatcher: ” I murdered Jessica Ridgeway. I have proof that I did it. ” (P. Soloman, 2013, pg. 1) He continues with telling the dispatcher that he has some of Jessica’s body parts In a crawl space at his mother’s house. After kidnapping Jessica on the date of October 5th he had sexually assaulted the 10-year old prior to cut up her body. Austin Slgg managed to cut Jessica’s body Into so many pieces that when authority had found her nothing was intact they weren’t sure it was even Jessica.

Westminister police department Trevor Materasso even said “This Is extending the length of time it’s taking for investigators to positively identify who that body is” (Claton S, 2012, pg. l) Sentencing At the moment in time 17-year old Austin Sigg was ordered by a Judge to -stand trial and be held with out ball for Jessica’s slaying and a May attack on a jogger at Ketner Lake” (P. Soloman, 2013, pg. 1) Now 18-year old Sigg is charged with murder. sexual assault and robbery. Austin was not eligible for death penalty because he was 17 at the time ot Jessica’s death.

Because ot tlrst degree murder was only one ot the 15 counts Sigg was charged with he will spend life in prison. Not only that but District Judge ordered an addltonal 86 years for other crimes Slgg was guilt of. (Associated Press, 2013, pg. ‘) Conclusion For the murder of Jessica Ridgeway, Austin Slgg was done right with serving life In prison because glvlng him the death penalty would be an easy way out for him. Jessica was not Siggs only victim either, Austin is guilty on 14 felony counts including the murder of Jessica. (ShaLJI T, 2013, pg.