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Life & career of 17th Cent. French playwright & his satirical social comedies, focusing on “Tartuffe”.

The purpose of this research is to examine the life and work of the French playwright Moliere, with special focus on the play Tartuffe. The plan of the research will be to set forth the biographical context in which Moliere’s work emerged, and then to discuss how Moliere’s work reflected the culture in which he lived and how that culture influenced and is reflected by his plays, as well as how his unique style of comedic theatre connected with the social environment of the period.
Among the most significant features of Moliere’s work is that it took place by and large in the milieu of the French court. Born in 1622 into the bourgeois family licensed as upholsterers to the king, Moliere abandoned a law career to create an acting troupe in 1643, and he spent the next thirty years as an actor-playwright-manager whose company was either under..