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Jazz Age A Clash Of Cultural Values History Essay

“Cultural civil war” (Digital History), Symbolizes the era of the 1920’s. Author F. Scott Fitzgerald labeled this decade the Jazz Age. In his novel, The Great Gatsby, he criticized the exterior and possessive lives of Americans after the war. The traditional lifestyles were fading away while the luxurious, party lifestyle flourished. Throughout the 1920’s Americans continually tested the universal image of desired behavior. The decade was shaped by wealth, parties, moonshine, and sexually expressive dancing. The changing lifestyles developed major cultural conflicts within America. Alcohol, music, immigration, racism, and flappers of the 1920’s illustrate the changing lifestyles brought about by the jazz age. During the 1920s, alcohol was the greatest contributor to the lifestyle changes and cultural conflicts. These changes eventually became noticed by the governing power, and on January 16, 1920 the 18th Amendment came into effect. The 18th Amendment, known as prohibition, was the forbidding by law of manufacture, transport, and sale of alcohol. Along with 18th Amendment, congress passed the Volstead Act to enforce the new prohibition on alcohol. The mob and gangsters took advantage of the opportunity and began smuggling and bootlegging liquor, and became quite profitable. Alcohol was smuggled in from Mexico and Canada, also being shipped from abroad to the U.S. from Europe and the Caribbean. Canada was exporting roughly a million gallons of alcohol to the United States a year. Bootleggers made their own drinks with wood, alcohol and medical supplies, sometimes causing blindness, paralysis, or death. In The Great Gatsby, and in the 1920s, bootlegging was sociably acceptable. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, Nick comments on Gatsby’s house after his huge party, telling him that his house party glowed immensely like the “world’s fair” (Fitzgerald 86). All of Gatsby’s guests knew he was involved with organized crime, but yet seemed to attend all of his parties without hesitation. Because of the Prohibition law, Gangsters developed secret drinking establishments, Speakeasies; which provided an entertaining atmosphere, jazz music, food, and alcohol. The illegal bars were called speakeasies because you had to speak the password to enter. With the flood of liquor expanding, the government created the Prohibition Bureau, which always fell short of men and money. The mob, due to the amount of money they were making, were able to expand their influence on bribe public officials; many judges, law makers, police, and Prohibition Bureau members were on various crime organizations payrolls. Alphonse “Scarface” Capone was one of the famous bribers of the Jazz Age. Capone essentially owned Chicago, and in 1927 he made around $60 million by bootlegging. In the End, “The idea behind Prohibition was to reduce crime and poverty, and generally improve the quality of life in America-by making it impossible for people to get their hands on alcohol. But this so called ‘Nobel Experiment’ was a colossal failure” (Speakeasies, Flappers
MET AD 719 Boston University Credit Ratings & Analysis For Financial Markets Paper.

Please write a 2-3-page credit analysis executive summary. It should be single space, font 12. If you use exhibits, they are extra.I recommend that you include the three categories of ratios (leverage, profitability, leverage).Define debt as LTD, unless there is a compelling reason to include components of ST debt. Include or disclose off balance sheet debt (operating leases, guaranties, contingent debts)Consider: impairment, liquidity, and solvency.What questions are you answering? 1, Will they repay the debt and on time? 2. Of the 4 sources of debt repayment, what should you focus on?What “is the story? How do they make money?”Address risks.Address financial risks and use of mitigation techniques (derivatives).What is their credit rating? What is the outlook?
MET AD 719 Boston University Credit Ratings & Analysis For Financial Markets Paper

2. The Incas were found to be very educated and sophisticated people as they devised their own way of living up in the Andean Area which was made up of many varied geological areas. They had well designed storehouses and intricate architectural constructions displaying their vast knowledge of architectonics. Stones weighing several tonnes fitted together so well that no mortar was needed in the process of their constructions. Although the Incas idea of time was unlike others’, they had established systems of agriculture, transport and communication routes giving us the impression that they were very knowledgeable people and were capable of even further advancing in technology. The Incas were very self-reliant with enough food, clothing and shelter for their communities and used their resources efficiently, storing the remains for times of need. They were able to produce their own crops but only made enough for themselves, which meant they had to trade with neighbouring tribes to obtain what they didn’t have. Some of their main crops included maize corn, cotton and potatoes. The Incas made good use of the climate of the different regions of the Incan Empire. The adapting of the climates also meant that they had different jobs for the various regions of the Andean Area so they would be able to get more out of their trade. For specific areas, people had a combination of several occupations as it was more productive that way. 3. (Last page) 4. (Last page) During contact and Comparison to Aboriginal Contact: 1. The Spanish 2. The people who colonised the Inca Empire of the Andes were the Spanish. The Spaniards had previously conquered the Aztecs and were now moving onto the Andean area where the Incas dwelled. A man named Francisco Pizarro along with some other Spanish men made a total of three expeditions to the Andes in an attempt to conquer the Incan Empire. The first expedition was made alone by Francisco Pizarro himself in 1524-1525 and he had only just entered the coast of Columbia. As Pizarro was friendly towards the Incas, they offered him gold and silver as a welcoming and sign of benevolence. Pizarro then made a second voyage to the Andean Area but this time he was accompanied by Bartholomew Ruíz, his ship captain and other Spanish conquistadors. Ruíz brought back to Pizarro many tales about the riches and the rising population and society of the Incas. He also brought back two traders from whom the Spaniards learnt many things from such as about their endless amounts of gold and silver supplies and the magnificent Inca cities. Hearing this, Pizarro had even more desire to conquer the Incas for their abundant amounts of wealth. They also wanted to colonise the land due to them thinking they were a superior race with a moral duty to change the ‘heathens’ they found to Christianity to rule and utilize them. Hence, on their third trip to the Andean Area, the Spaniards approached them with the purpose of conquest and conversion. 3. The minority of the Spaniards had any desire to engage with the civilisations that they conquered at that time, meaning that most did not wish to socialise with the Incas. Although, at the beginning of Pizarro’s expedition to the unknown Andean Area, he only came with the initial thought of exploring the land, and without the intention of colonising them, meaning that his first encounter with the Incas was surprisingly friendly. However, as he was welcomed with such kindness by the Incas who even offered to give him gold and silver (which he accepted), he suddenly had the greed and aspiration to take it all from them for himself just from seeing the huge amounts of wealth they had. From his original friendly exploration to the discovery of the Incan gold, Pizarro then made it war between the Spaniards and the Incas. On their third journey to the Andes, Pizarro and the Spanish, who said they brought the Incas no harm, were welcomed by the Inca Emperor Atahuallpa who thought the foreigners were to bring him good fortune. Nevertheless, their foolish emperor was greatly mistaken, for Pizarro had deceived Atahuallpa, and kidnapped him. Pizarro and the Spaniards subsequently held the Incas’ emperor for ransom, and in return he got more gold. Even so, they then killed their emperor and further prepared for their plan to colonise the Andean Area. 4. The Incas at first, meeting with Pizarro were friendly and gave him gold to welcome him to their humble land. Unfortunately Pizarro then had the need to be greedy and take their gold and decided war against them. Due to him kidnapping their emperor, the Incas gave him gold so they could try to get their leader back. Sadly, although Pizarro got his gold, he still killed Atahuallpa. This signalled the Incas that it was war between the two cultures. The Incas readily prepared themselves and outnumbered the Spanish greatly when it got to the war so they were not worried at all. Those who didn’t fight fled and hid high in the mountains. However, the Incas were conquered extremely easily by the Spanish. But how on earth did such a large army get defeated by another that was only a fraction of its size? It was simple; a lot of the Incan army died from diseases such as smallpox and the flu that the Spanish carried with them when they came to the Andean Area which spread across the area infecting many. This reduced the size of the Incan army greatly and gave more advantage to the Spanish. The conquistadors were also able to persuade other tribes already under the Incan rule to be on their side and help bring down the Incan Empire. Last of all, the weapons the Spanish used were much more advanced than the Incan weapons and were never seen by the Incans themselves before. As the Spaniards’ weapons were clearly more advanced, they were also more powerful than the Incas simple arms and resulted in the Spaniards’ easy conquer against the Incan Empire. 5. The experience of colonisation for the Incas was in some ways, similar to the indigenous people of Australia, the Aboriginals. The Europeans who colonised the Aboriginals also gave them smallpox and other diseases like the Spanish, which they could not withstand, causing many of the natives to die due to their weak immune systems. What the two cultures also had in common besides that was the fact that they fought back against the non-indigenous peoples who tried to take control of them and their land and didn’t give up easily. However, the Incas were defeated more easily by the Spanish than the Aboriginals were by the Europeans even though both put up a fight instead of just giving up their land straight away. The Spanish had canons, which were much more advanced than what the Incas had. The Europeans had guns and the Aboriginals had spears, which were also quite weak when the Aboriginals weapons were compared to the Europeans. The Spanish, as previously stated, did not interact with the Andean dwellers, whereas the Europeans made bonds with some of the Aboriginals. Some Europeans even had intimate relationships with the Aboriginals they encountered whilst the Spaniards, in contrast, did not do anything like that with the Incas. Consequences of Colonisation and Comparison to Aboriginal experience: 1. The Incas, although highly prepared and ready for combat, were easily defeated by the Spanish due to numerous reasons. The demolition of the Incan Empire caused the population to decrease greatly. As the Incas were colonised by the Spaniards, they were taught Christianity although they were still able to follow their old one along with Christianity. The Incas were taught that all men are equal before God and that slaughter was wrong and brutal. Conversely, the Incan religion involved them to sacrifice humans and offer them to Incan Gods. They were also introduced to many other new things such as the wheel, horses to haul heavy loads and sheep and cattle which were used for food and clothing. Although colonisation for the Incas had its benefits, it had to have its disadvantages as well. Unfortunately, the majority of the Incas at that time died from slavery, famine, sentence of death and disease. The labour the Incas had to go through was so persevering that some poor citizens died from it. Due to the Spanish rule over the Andean Area, they stole and ate most of the food that the Incas had stored and grown in the past, resulting in a lack of food for the Incas. That then led to many other Incas’ deaths as the amount of food left was not enough to go around. Other Andean dwellers were killed because they were involved in the rebellions against the Spanish. Some, who were lucky, escaped the grasps of the Spanish and managed to build a new life in other villages. 2. For the Spanish, this colonisation was quite rewarding for them at the start, although it led to the death of the Incan civilisation. There were two major things they gained from the conquest over the Incas. One of which was the land that they had taken. Land, at the time of the Spanish colonising the Incas, was very important. Basically, it was the more land that you owned, the more power you had. Another major thing was gold. After conquering the Incas, the Spanish got their wealth that they wanted so badly. Gold was important to the Spanish as they were able to buy goods with it from other countries as well as them just owning it for their own selfish greediness. The Spaniards along with Francisco Pizarro himself successfully colonised the Incan Empire of the Andean Area for a short period of time. However, approximately 8 years after they assassinated Atahuallpa, Pizarro was assassinated at the age of 70. He was stabbed in the back by a group of men leaving the Spaniards with no leader. After a while, a man named Diego de Almagro took over, and was the man who secretly planned and carried out the murder of Francisco Pizarro. He had personally despised Pizarro as he was more triumphant than he was which influenced his evil scheme. However in 1808, the South American countries formed a revolt against the Spanish which lasted 16 years. Eventually, the Spanish were defeated, and this ended their rule over the Andean Area. 3. The results of colonisation for the indigenous people of Australia compared to the Incas, the indigenous people of the Andean Area, had varying results. Roughly 90% of each of the indigenous tribes was wiped out due to the non-indigenous colonisers for almost the same reasons. The Incas were fortunate to at least have some benefits from the colonisation of their land whereas the Aboriginals had fewer advantages. Some of the Incan traditions still remained whereas the Europeans tried to change the Aboriginal traditions. The Europeans supplied food that the Aborigines didn’t usually eat like meat which made them reliant of the foreigners to supply their food, changing their daily diets. The Europeans struggled to put up a fight with the Aboriginals, and eventually won with a result of the land being colonised by them until this very day as well as them having a place to put their convicts for that time. On the other hand, the Spanish lost their power of colonisation of the Andean Area due to the other bordering South American countries rebelling against their rule over the Incas. The Peruvians to this day, still acknowledge and treat the descendants from the Incas well, whilst some of the people of Australia, didn’t treat the Aboriginals like they should have, which ended up with a Sorry Day to the Aboriginals. As a result of colonisation, both Australia and Peru were greatly impacted by their colonisers, the Europeans and the Spanish.
University of California San Diego Obesity Rates in the United States Discussion.

Obesity rates (Links to an external site.) are at an all time high in the United States. In fact, these rates have more than tripled since the 1980’s! In response, food manufacturers have attempted to  create and market foods that are “healthier”, such as low-fat and low-sugar products.
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How would you explain the high obesity rates in the United States despite changes to our food markets? Are we focusing on the wrong things? If so, what should we focus on instead? (15 points)

University of California San Diego Obesity Rates in the United States Discussion

Finding Evidence

Finding Evidence.

Assignment ContentEvidence that supports a conclusion is part of the research process. Literature reviews often accompany research papers in the form of a summary and synthesis of the published information about the research topic. Although this week’s assignment is not a literature review, it is designed to familiarize you with the practice of finding appropriate sources and information on a topic.Find three original research articles that apply to your research topic. The articles must bepeer reviewed,recent (published within 5 years), andstatistically significant.Write a 260-word summary of each article in which you identifyparticipantsindependent variable(s),dependent variable(s),methods, andresults.Determine whether these articles are suitable for inclusion in a literature review for your research topic.If they are not, explain why. If they are, explain how the information can be used to inform practice.Compile all summaries in one document.Include a PDF of and APA citation for each article.Submit the articles and summaries.ResourcesCenter for Writing ExcellenceReference and Citation GeneratorGrammar and Writing GuidesLearning Team Toolkit
Finding Evidence

A Brief analysis of HRM within Wal Mart

help me with my homework Human resource management is process of management of people working in any company or organization. There is another term used instead of human resource management is personnel management All the human resource management models emphasizes on following important things: searching new ways of working role of manager in change making managing the activities of employees Human working capital is very important for success of the businesses especially in service sectors. Human resources are one of major costs part for any business, they always play very important role in development which path company is adopting for success in business. Correct and efficient management of resources and their utilization is necessary for success of all businesses. Practitioners of human resource management have developed a modern view related to work management rather than previously set of traditional philosophy. In current competitive business world that is always dynamic organizations have to keep them advance with the pace of development in this changing environment. The division of work inside organization aimed at completing tasks on time. Among all of the important organizational departments is the department of human resource management. According to some experts organizational success basically depends on the success of human resource department. This department has lot of value inside the organization. Human resource management is well set, properly designed and rational approach to any of the management work that contributes to the achievement of set business objectives. In all organizations human resource people have various functions. In companies department of human resource play a crucial role as they are responsible for dealing with diversity of staff. Starting from the recruitment identification process to the identification of the benefits that each employee can bring to the organization, with a proper planning for this achievement. There is always a way that ensures functions of human resources will be different for different organizations according to the needs of that organization. The people in human resource always have the focus and responsibility to improve the performance of the employee. Mainly the staffing is a vital step related to this process, but results and outcome lies in performance management. This is directly result of internal control of the Human Resources to make more of the workforce. Human Resources Department mostly tries its good efforts to give benefits to employees cause it wants them to perform well with higher satisfaction, according to their job description. Improvement in the staff performance comes through a systematic approach adopted by human resource people. Current assignment will study the concept of human resource management, main responsibilities of the department, problems and issues faced by this department, workers incentive and appraisal, diverse approaches related to human resource management, and idea and administration of any change in origination. We also will try to find that how walmart making progress in current competitive business environment while managing all its Human Resources effectively to bring desired success. What are some critical features of walmart policy and strategy for its human resource management. 2 History of Walmart Date of Wal-Mart Most people know that most popular discount retailers started in 1962, K-Mart, flat and Wal-Mart opened its first store. (Company, 2010) actually started by Sam Walton of this work during the intense competition of the 1950s many of the regional discount stores. Before making the opening of its company Sam went to most of the parts of country to learn things about the discount retail business. He successfully convinced American consumers that he got the idea for a new and compared to the old. With confidence and vision, Sam with his wife Helen started the development of a major stake in the first store in Rogers, Kmart has expanded rapidly in the 1960s, while Sam was to get sufficient money for the development of 15 stores of Wal-Mart. In 1972, business shares were offered to public in the New York. With this combination of money, the company made growth in business established its stores in 11 countries with number of 276 stores by the end of its first decade. In 1983, opened its first store Sam Club Members Gallery. The early Supercenter was opened by 1988, featuring grocery store and other 36 departments for general merchandise. By 1989, there were 1402 Wal-Mart Stores 0.123 Sam Club sites. Increased ten-fold work. Its sales grown to $ 26 billion from one billion dollar. (Milner, 2005) Today it have stores and sites numbered 8747 in more than 15 countries of the world that have 2.1 million Associates and provides service to at least 176 million customers in a year time. 3 Concept of Human Resources Management Human resource management Can be defined as “the sum of all these activities that are associated with management of staff and their relationship within the company.” Or “And continue operations in the management of people and organizations in any way to achieve their goals and objectives.” While an agent (2007) is defined as “all the decisions and strategies and the factors managers processes and practices, functions, activities and methods for the management of the peoples who work as employees in any organization. So, human resources management is essentially a study as well as management in any organization that stands on the ideas and techniques to improve the status of employee motivation, efficiency and performance. Based on the idea of managing people to believe that the staff is very important for the specific business and its continued success. The organization can gain a competitive advantage only by using its staff effectively, drawing plans on the basis of their expertise and skills in order to achieve well-defined objectives. In organizations, and human resources departments play a crucial role as they are responsible for dealing with diverse staff. Of the recruitment process and to identify the benefits that each employee is done through the Department of Human Resources. Could be that the functions of human resources are always different to cover the requirements of organizations, similarly they always focus and take responsibility to improve the performance of the employee. Mainly the process of staffing is very important step for this, but mostly the result lies in performance management. This is linked to internal control by the Department of Human Resources and more of the workforce. 4 Workforce Planning and the difficulties Work force planning and preparation of all your options before going into the real work set for the staff to get the organizational goals is very important issue. It is well understood principle that the people are organization’s important asset. Because without the capable staff it is difficult for all organizations to reach towards their goals. The bulk of organizational improvement will come only after ensuring that the right staff with the right skills, knowledge and behaviors in the organization. Workforce planning related to achieving this outcome, and any serious link between business planning and development, recruitment and retention, and staff training. Wal-Mart is much concern about this issue, human resources and recruitment system and effective to deal with their needs for this purpose and put the plan always. They announced the vacancy correctly, a pre-assessment before engaging in the selection process. They provide benefits to its employees and facilities in spite of, is blamed for some time to Wal-Mart facilities discrimination and ill-especially low-paid. This layout is about the workforce and provides the opportunity to work on long-term thinking about the relevant services in the future, and needs, and explore all viable strategies. Thus, the central planning for company work becomes important for the organizations. 4.1 Employment Requirements Critical stage in the recruitment of human resources management. It should be well planned and structured so that the organization can recruit the right person for the right place instead of just making the availability of another person at work. There are many of the problems faced during this process and managers for some time and the inability to focus, time and financial resources necessary to make this process effective. Wal-Mart that they always take qualified personnel and according to it, and it makes employees with proper education and skils efficiency. 4.2 Development and Training Appointment comes after the development and training stage. Most the organizations unfortunately sometimes even for technical jobs do not provide adequate training for their employees before hiring and employment. There must be made sound system which can ensure that the Organization the necessary arrangements to work before and on the job training and development for their employees. The-job training is the main part in the field of human resources at Wal-Mart is now not only offers these courses for their employees, but in times of recession, they offer training courses for some people who are by this time of recession. (Wal-Mart, 2010) 5 Administration of human resources and staff performance Human resources management are primarily responsible for the employee’s performance in business administration (Jones, 2007). To achieve its purposes, which is responsible for dealing with staff from induction to work on and improve their commitment and reduce absenteeism and turnover, and improving skills levels and productivity, and improve the quality and efficiency of its work. 6 Century 20 key ways to manage human resources There are some key criteria developed that are in use from the days of the 20 century and developed later by some HR professionals to achieve the highest standards of performance and strongly recommend the organization to follow the rules of these standards for the performance of high-quality employees. These are the best practices, fit this view of resources. 6.1 Best practices Also called as “high commitment” human resource management to ensure that the realization of the best practices in human resources makes improvement to organizational performance. There are many best practices to keep the advantage using the employees for profits by giving due importance to staff at Wal-Mart. These practices are: – 1) job security, (2) recruitment of flour, 3) training and large-scale, 4) the exchange of information, 5) capable teams, 6) also paid a much higher according to the profit and reduce the inequalities in the position of the staff. 6.2 best fit, or approach of emergency Says that the management of human resources that can perform well when there was a suit involving the required vertical on the performance of human resources management and corporate strategy. There must be a unity between the process closely and human resources and policy with the policy of the foreign company. There are various theories related to vertical integration. For example is life cycle models, that argue in favor of the human resources which according to experts can be easily known in development stage of any organization by its policies and practices that it adopts at development or life cycle process. Some other models of competitive advantage that the idea of Porter on strategic choice. Maps a variety of human resources practices in the organization options for the development of competitive strategy. The third is configurationally models that provide a more accurate assessment depends safe from an organizational strategy to determine the appropriate human resources policies and practices. Wal-Mart is famous for this approach because it is conscious to get the best people to do their job, because they are not many offers, such as previous experiences of the application, it is also strict rules in the second performance evaluations. Showing 6.3 resources and building According to some is the basis for modern human resources management, and it focuses mostly on internal organizational resources, and considers how these resources contribute to competitive advantage. And the scarcity of resources is ideal for harmony and human resources management and its central role for the development of human resources organizational value, and this is rare, it is sometimes difficult to replace and organize effectively. Wal-Mart in the keyword in the field of human resources is a “valid” but the staff who works to meet these goals which are set by organization. 7 Academic theory It is based on the fundamental principle of human beings are not like machines, and therefore any organization needs to have multidisciplinary assessment at their workplace for all staff. Many areas of psychology, for example, sociology, industrial relations, economics, engineering, industrial and monetary theories play an important role and a key. Universities and colleges offer diverse courses in human resources management. Wal-Mart and a good learning approach to build capacity in the area of personnel. One commonly used way to explain the function of human resources management was developed by Dave Ulrich, which identifies four areas of the role of human resources management: collaborator and strategic business As a result of the change agent a hero of the staff and experts on Administrative. 8 Responsibilities of the Department of Human Resources Different companies and different departments working within the organization, and these departments including sales management to human resources management. Human Resources department staff muscles depends on size of staff in company. Job opportunities in this section includes human resources coordinator, human resources and assistant director of human resources management. Can the responsibilities of human resources management as follows: – 1: Human resources management is doing all the planning, advertising, interviewing and selection of staff. 2: Department should know law at all levels from federal, state or provincial and local laws relevant to the work of staff. 3: This section helps companies on training and staff development. Companies train their staff to a variety of reasons, such as motivating staff to learn new things new. The length of hours of time for several weeks, depends on the nature of the exercises. Some time and include safety measures in the workplace. As mentioned by Derek, et al (2004) that “It shall be the duty of every employer to ensure, so far as is practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of all staff.” 4: should any private company to use the drive is able to attract staff, skilled and hard work. After the payment of these benefits are shared to keep on encouraging workers for a long time on the functions of the organization. These include the benefits for time of unemployment. Companies offer a variety of benefits, including dental insurance, and vision insurance and payments for a few days off. 8.1 Tasks performed And human resources in any company that requires kind of management, that involves several steps for this process. They look to achieve all these goals mentioned above. Cannot be performed by each of these activities in human resources management, but some tasks can be outsourced or cannot be performed by these executives, even by other departments. People at Wal-Mart human resources, efficient in their jobs, they provide significant benefits to employees who claim Associates. The following are the main tasks carried out by human resources departments at Wal-Mart: – Employment-planned Employment Employee induction and orientation to make them on-board Employee skills of management Employee proper training Employee daily base management Compensation Time Management Travel arrangements Payroll (some companies give this task to the accounts) Employee benefits management Planning staff costs Annual Assessment Labour Relations 9 Human resources strategy when some human resources management and strategy for implementing the tasks set by the department of handling human resources management. Have human resources functions of the Organization include the recruitment and selection policies, and procedures related to disciplinary procedures, policies, rewards and prizes, and human resources plan and policies specific learning and development. But it should be aliened all these regulatory issues in the overall strategy for the business sector. Human resources management strategy and the comprehensive plan, with regard to human resources policy in the implementation process. Human resources management strategy usually consists of the following factors: – Wal-Mart always gives priority to the strategies that best fit and best practices, which means there is a link between human resources management strategy and corporate strategy. Encountered some blam critic Wal-Mart to use this strategy against the employee benefits and fair pay, so many times waltmart cases of discrimination against them. But the people Wal-Mart’s efficient in the field of continuous monitoring of the human resources strategy, through the study of the employee, feedback and surveys necessary for the organization. 10 Career Education There are a number of Universities and Colleges to study in the areas of human resources management and related benefits. It was the first Cornell University in the world who started their studies in human resources management and educational administration full. Wal-Mart and good training and education system for workers in the teaching profession and communicate with various projects and sectors that handle these projects in their human resources. There are many new careers at wallmart , which engaged things related to recruitment, employment, recruitment and the interviews done in general, equal opportunities in employment or professional employment organization. Training is conducted regularly with the development of specialization by the trainers. 11 case studies: critical analysis of the human resources approach Walmart Wal-Mart, which is famous for retail in the U.S. A and the top retailers in the U.S. market. Wal-Mart is the rapid growth in the awareness that you make. According to the site Wal-Mart (Company, 2010) Wal-Mart serves customers and members in more than 200 million times a week in more than 8747 retail units under the flags of different countries, 5515. With fiscal 2010 sales of 405 billion dollars, 2.1 million Wal-Mart is working partners all over the world. Leader in sustainability, charitable companies and jobs, in first place among retailers, Wal-Mart impressive in Fortune magazine as most companies in the survey for the year 2010. Wal-Mart has the status of these substances can also see that Wal-Mart to buy large quantities of items from its suppliers to create economies of scale, and inventory control with an effective system to assist in making operating costs less than those of its competitors. It is also many goods imported from China, “factory of the world” for its low cost. In the word of the strategy at the level of the company from Wal-Mart, the low cost strategy with a little insulation. Wal-Mart managers and engage in three levels of strategic planning (Gary Dessler, 2005) in the business, and corporate-level strategic function. As for Wal-Mart, corporate and business level strategy to drive low-cost. From the perspective of performance management, to Wal-Mart has very high standards and strict job titles. In career management, Wal-Mart and also goes great efforts to reduce costs, and there are many cases that women Su, Wal-Mart to its policy of discrimination against women by systematically denying them promotions and paying them less than men. There are women who have been paid to the departments to lower FEMALE complain about unequal treatment of male colleagues. From the perspective of compensation management, has also showed Wal-Mart human resources policies and activities of the very aggressive to fit the “low cost” strategy. Wal-Mart imported $ 15 billion worth of goods from China, but also Wal-Mart has some of the factories in China, which branded products with the name of Wal-Mart. We can see just how Wal-Mart’s strategy of companies only extensively with integrated human resources policy. Wal-Mart workers in California to earn 31 percent less on average than workers in large retail as a whole. In fact, with other operating costs that put it on the highest level of inventory management, and managers must turn to the storage fees to increase profits, Wal-Mart is expected to reduce labor costs by two-tenths of a year. So, these aggressive policies of human resources, not just more, “the fittest”. From the viewpoint of the employee and the interest of safety, as well as human resource policies at Wal-Mart, which aligned well with the strategy at the corporate level. Often accused of Wal-Mart failed to provide employees access to affordable health care, but the senior managers and HR managers know their focus was just trying to implement most of the “low cost” strategy. Wal-Mart strongly against the policy of the Union. It was reported in the United Kingdom’s Guardian newspaper that Wal-Mart faces the prospect of a messy legal battle with the messy GMB bruises in a row about the rights of collective bargaining, to the Union does not accept the Wal-Mart has withdrawn its bid to pay 10% to more than 700 workers. (Milner, 2005) and here there may be some doubt as to why Wal-Mart has recently allowed trade unions in their stores in China, where trade unions are required. I tried Wal-Mart in China every possible effort to develop good relations with the Government of China and other groups of influence. So make this the exception of China and Wal-Mart unionizations except in accordance with the overall strategy and human resources strategy. If the company has ignored the rule of the Chinese government, the cost is more than just what would be saved by not allowing the Organization of Trade Unions. We may evaluate the various human resources practices and systems, Wal-Mart best fit the organization’s strategy for competitive companies. Then here is the role of HR managers in this company who are professionals with strategic skills of human resources and other resources needed to build a human-oriented strategy. Human resource managers in one of the technical departments of Wal-Mart, and tried their best to “fit” the company’s strategy to reduce the cost low. They made some rules and policies, for example, the implementation of the policy against the Union in its stores to reduce costs from outside the EU, but to assist in the implementation of the “lock in” policies; tried to resist the deficit in the loss of efficiency. Should encourage women to discrimination by giving them a far less chance of money, and workers in fact mentioned in the Wal-Mart has also received a salary much lower compared with the average level of the industry. Try Wal-Mart human resources managers and also to control the conduct of staff and competencies that require the company’s strategy through the actions and policies of the company’s strategy in support of human resources, some of which may be adduced. Wal-Mart human resources managers refers to its employees as “partners” and encourages managers to think of themselves as “servant leaders”, and this is to encourage them to serve others while staying focused on achieving results in line with the organization’s values and integrity. Wal-Mart also faces lawsuits alleging that the company’s discrimination against disabled workers, to employ these men intended to provide more facilities for them and lost efficiency to some extent. They also faced charges of child labor. Also charges of discrimination of women. All of these types of human resources policies are not enough compared to international best practices approved by the Department of Human Resources in all good companies. Regardless of Wal-Mart to adopt low-cost strategy or differentiation strategy, and these policies and practices to achieve specific objectives to save any additional cost, but to motivate employees to increase their contribution in helping companies and even in shaping culture. 12 Conclusion and proposals With the update that brought the introduction of computers and mobile phones, information and technological advances robots to support human life and the work it is easy to be good performance in any business.

Intervals, finding concave up and down

Intervals, finding concave up and down.

Consider the equation below.f(x) = 4×3 + 24×2 − 384x + 1(a) Give the intervals where f(x) is concave up. (Enter your answer using interval notation. If an answer does not exist, enter DNE.)(b) Give the intervals where f(x) is concave down. (Enter your answer using interval notation. If an answer does not exist, enter DNE.)(c) Find the x-coordinates of the inflection points for f(x). (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. If an answer does not exist, enter DNE.)
Intervals, finding concave up and down

History Of The Company Starbucks In China Marketing Essay

In my mind, Starbucks has provided people with the best coffee enjoyment. According to statistics, Starbucks already has more than 5,500 coffee shops in more than 60 countries and regions. In 1971, Starbucks opens in Seattle, this is the just beginning. In 1982, Howard Schultz joins Starbucks. He studied the Italian cafe business experience, to bring a new change for Starbucks. 1990s, he decided to let a Starbucks foreign expansion, first of all the United States, followed by Canada and the Americas. Soon, he came to Asia. The late 1990s, he was in China have their own coffee shops, and more and more. Starbucks becomes an international and well-known company. (History of Starbucks, Starbucks, October25, 2012 Starbucks/History of Starbucks.htm) When we carefully study the internationalization of Starbucks, we found that the 1990s, with the advent of globalization, Starbucks can be found better production base, the broader market. Howard Schultz decided to open more coffee shops out of American. The company for the first time to the international in 1987, Starbucks Coffee International opened the first Starbucks in Vancouver, Canada, and then to expand into the whole of Canada, and went on to open a branch in some countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Finally, it is to the world. When Starbucks enters new markets around the world, it will continue to build its brand through providing the Starbucks experience. When Starbucks success in various markets will undoubtedly help to Starbucks to become a great and lasting company brand and the world’s most recognized and respected, and is inspired by the spirit of a people and culture. (Starbucks Coffee International, Starbucks, October25, 2012 starbucks/starbucks coffee international/) Starbucks internationalization process, China has become the important part. As we all know, in 1978, mainland China under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping, the mainland to achieve the reform and opening up. Because the reform and opening up of mainland, it can enter China. This is the just beginning. China achieved the fast development in twenty years, which is the main reason for the Starbucks’s expansion. So the first coffee shop opened in mainland was located in Beijing in 1999. Later, along with the huge consumer demand in the Chinese market, and gradually expand the scale of Starbucks in China. Meanwhile, as early as a year ago, Starbucks has started in China Taiwan business. (Greater China, Starbucks, October25, 2012 starbucks/starbucks coffee international/greater china/) By the 21st century, Starbucks has achieved rapid development in China. In addition to open many stores in major cities in China, Starbucks has also opened in Changzhou, Nanjing, Dalian, Hangzhou, Dongguan, Ningbo, Suzhou, Qingdao, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Wuxi, Wuhan and other coastal cities. It then inland expansion: Chengdu, Tianjin, Chongqing Xi’an, Zhuhai, Changsha and others. With the development of the China’s market, Shanghai has decided to build a building in the local Starbucks Greater China Support Center in 2005. So experts pointed out, in 2014, China will become Starbucks’s second biggest market, outside of the United States. This means there will be more than 1,500 Starbucks coffee shop at the same time operating in China. (Greater China, Starbucks, October25, 2012 starbucks/starbucks coffee international/greater china/) Sectionâ…¡: Why Starbucks Came to China Sectionâ…¢: The Form Starbucks Came Into China Starbucks choose the way of joint ventures to come into China. Starbucks respect each region’s cultural. So they select local partners, to expand into the huge eastern, central and western regions in China, will be divided into four markets: Taiwan, Shanghai, Beijing and southern China. In 1998, enter the Chinese mainland market. The first Starbucks store in mainland China opened in Beijing Mei Da Coffee Co., Ltd. through the licensing agreement in January 1999. (Coffee goes to China: An examination of Starbucks’ Market entry strategy, University of Florida Digital Collection, October 27, 2012 starbucks/starbucks coffee international/greater china/) Also there are some other options when Starbucks enter international markets. (Coffee goes to China: An examination of Starbucks’ Market entry strategy, University of Florida Digital Collection. October 27, 2012 MI/Starbucks_EN.pdf) Starbucks had another two pronged strategy – licensing and wholly owned subsidiaries. Licensing is an arrangement whereby a company (licenser) grants the rights to intangible property like patents, inventions, formula, process, designs, copyrights, and trademarks to another company (licensee) for a specified period of time. And received a loyalty fee (royalty) from the licensee. In a wholly owned subsidiary, the firm owns 100% of the stock of the subsidiary. Wholly owned subsidiaries can be established in a foreign country in two ways: a firm can set up new operations in the foreign country (Greenfield investments) or it can acquire a firm and promote its products through that firm (Brownfield investments). (STARBUCKS’ INTERNATIONAL OPERATIONS, Business Internationalization. October 27, 2012, Online PDF page 3 MI/Starbucks_EN.pdf) Asia and the Pacific as a whole rendered one of the most important growth opportunities at Starbucks coffee company. China surpassed the United States as the world’s largest recipient of macroscopic orientation direct investment in the world, has attracted $53. 2 billion investments. Starbucks to enter the Chinese market’s wish, expand and China’s goal is to transform the capitalist economy and garnering a lot of in its resources investment. Starbucks choose the way to come into China also because according to the situation of the various countries. Starbucks has done the right in China is in how food brand can be successful despite rising labor and real estate costs, increased competition in the continent’s textbook case study. Starbucks can better integrate into the local atmosphere of life, to strengthen ties with the locals living, making more people buy Starbucks coffee. Starbucks adjust their models to adapt to China’s development, rather than trying to transplant his entire business model in the United States. (Coffee goes to China: An examination of Starbucks’ Market entry strategy, University of Florida Digital Collection, October 27, 2012 Sectionâ…£: The Organization Structure Taken Starbucks coffee Company in Coming to China Starbucks is the world’s leading specialty coffee retailer. The company produces a wide range of drinks, and a variety of desserts and pastries. Theoretical understanding of human relations to human needs, and suggested that the bottom-up hierarchy, stressed that the decision of the staff Cooperation Organization. There is not a single structure that can work for every organization. Starbucks has a specific structure and contingencies. Contingency theory is that these two methods are legitimate according to the specific circumstances. When the task is certain and the environment is stability, the most effective structure hierarchy is mechanical, centralized knowledge and management authority in the regulatory role at the same time, behavior and process. Mechanical methods allow effective coordination, but do not encourage innovation. With the increased uncertainty of the task, the environment has become more dynamic, organizations must adopt a more flexible and organic structure, the bulk of power, which is related to the employee’s decision. Organic practices increase the complexity and increase the cost but innovation. The summary of the special contingency factors or specific aspects of the organizational structure needed to adapt with factors “the emergency research tasks. Starbucks’ main goal is to establish the company as the most recognized and respected brand in the world. Starbucks is a gourmet coffee shop, so they have to increase their name brand, to prove their gourmet status. Effective implementation plan must be implemented in order to maintain its success, Starbucks. I think the best way it organized. (Exploring the Connection between Environmental Fit and Organizational Performance Starbucks, October31, 2012 The Starbucks concept about the basic characteristics of the employees, how to assign the task of operating characteristics modeling affect mental state, results produce different workplace. Job characteristics model is applicable to the business identified skill variety, autonomy, task significance, task identity and feedback, job characteristics, and the outcome of high job performance, job satisfaction, high intrinsic motivation and low absenteeism or turnover. Each job has to determine how to motivate the five characteristics of the job. These characteristics determine the employees how to deal with their work, and lead to the outcome, such as performance and satisfaction and low absenteeism and turnover. Skills require the demands of the employees to use a variety of different skills, abilities or knowledge. The task identity requires workers to perform a complete production process from start to finish all the tasks required by the job. The task is the meaning of the workers feel that his or her work is meaningful extent. Autonomous work is to give employees the freedom and discretion to arrange different tasks, and decide how to fulfill these responsibilities the extent required. Feedback which in fact provide a clear and direct information to perform the job he or she was the extent of how a worker to do a job. (Job characteristics model, the Cognos book for performance managers, October27, 2012 I could think of some ways in which a typical job could be enlarged or enriched. What is the tool companies can use to ensure that the motivation of the workforce? Nucor seems to have found two very useful tools to motivate its employees: job design, including empowerment and reward system aligned to reward employees with company performance. In this chapter, we will introduce the organization to the basic tools that can be used to motivate workers. The tools incentive-based principles are the expectancy theory, reinforcement theory and theory-based. Specifically, we cover through job design, goal setting, performance feedback and reward systems motivate staff. Job enlargement means that dilating the tasks performed by employees to append more variety. To perform several different tasks, rather than restricting their activities to a small number of tasks given to employees organizations hope to reduce the tedious and monotonous, as well as more effective use of human resources. Job enlargement may post rotation, similar benefits, because it may also involve teaching employees of multiple tasks. Studies show that when jobs are expanding, staff is able to perform a broader set of tasks. Strengthen the role breadth self-efficacy: the role of job enrichment and other organizational interventions. There is some evidence that the expansion of employment is beneficial because it is actively working with the relevant employee satisfaction and better customer service, and it will increase the opportunity to catch mistakes. Multidisciplinary examination of the costs and benefits of expanding employment opportunities: Job design reflection. At the same time, the expansion of the employment impact may depend on the type of expansion. For example, the nature of the composition of the added task very simple job enlargement satisfied with this work adversely affect employees and lead to fewer errors are caught. Or more tasks, knowledgeable staff in different areas seems to have a more active role. Job enrichment is a job re-designed technology, to enable workers to better control how they perform their tasks. This approach let employees to take on more responsibilities. As a working professional alternative method, the company use job enrichment may encounter, such as reduced turnover, improve productivity and reduce absenteeism positive results. Experimental successes and failures of job enrichment in a government agency case studies. This may be because the authority and responsibility to their employees can be more effective and eliminate unnecessary tasks, to cut corners, and to improve their total performance. Meanwhile, there is evidence of job enrichment may sometimes lead to the dissatisfaction of some employees. Experimental successes and failures of job enrichment in a government agency case studies. The reasons may be given more autonomy and responsibility, employees may expect a higher level of remuneration or other types of compensation, and they will be disappointed if you do not meet this expectation. One thing to remember is job enrichment is not for everyone. Concentrated desire job as moderator concentrated satisfying relationship. Not all employees want control of the way they work, if they do not have the desire, they may become frustrated with the enrichment operations. (Designing a Motivating Work EFlat World environment, KnowledgePub, October31, 2012–2) The structure of Starbucks is not unusual. The Starbucks’s executives are supervision headquartered at its birth, the city of Seattle, Washington. In the shops of the country manager oversee regional groups. In these areas, managers report directly to the Starbucks. The chief in each store is the store manager. According to the manager of this store is the foreman the store manager’s absence as a manager on duty collection. The following changes in the Board of Supervisors are employees, called the rest of the coffee. In the news recently, Starbucks has been re-arranged, its organizational structure in order to better adapt to the customer’s satisfaction. Starbucks CEO announced the expansion of its matrix organizational structure last month. They will operate, including the Western Pacific, Northwest / Mountain, Southeast / Plains and Northeast / Atlantic four American split. The main advantage of this organizational structure is to maximize communication channels. Howard Schultz, Starbucks will be able to develop a designated market appeal to make appropriate adjustments products more quickly. The second part of the organizational structure of Starbucks is the U.S. division of the goals and vision of the support functions as co-operation and support of the department as well as the international circuit for each continuation. (Starbucks

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