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Java flash cards code

Java flash cards code.

* i have provided main code, it just needs revision and few small additionJava code that asks user for name, asks whether they want to do addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division, asks how many questions they wanna answer, the minimum and maximum values , displays the problems to user, gets the results and decides if its right or not. At the end, it displays the questions and correct answer and says wether the user got it right or not, shows them a grade, and when the problem sets were displayed and how long it took!AT THE END OF THE ASSIGNMENT, I provided the driver class, problem class, and session class. Just need to add the new modifications that the assignment sheet is asking for.
Java flash cards code

davenport University International Trade Market Advancement Discussion.

FINAL PROJECT Final Project Guidelines Please use this format to submit your final work. The paper must follow all the guidelines as instructed in order to obtain full credit. Remember that our team of tutors is available for any questions regarding your final work. You must present the final version of your work as no previous corrections will be carried out. To submit the final project, students must use the template below, with their answers written after each statement. Please present your final paper according to these requirements: Arial 12 Font. Margin: 2,5. Line spacing: 1,5. All fields on the cover page must be completed. The document needs to be properly paged. Your final project must be authentic and individual. Any work that has been plagiarized or papers written by others or with the help of others are likely to be failed. If this occurs for the second time, you will not be permitted to obtain your degree. Be aware that you are permitted a maximum of two submissions per subject. If both projects do not meet the standards and fail, the student must pay the corresponding fee to be evaluated again. When writing your final project please use Microsoft Office, Adobe or Apache’s Open Office Writer tools (DOC, DOCX, ODT, PDF, etc.). Please consult your tutor when using a different format. Additional information about the software will be needed. Please use the following format: ddmmyyyy_Subject_LastNameandName.pdf Example: 11052019_StrategicManagement_ElsaMoore.pdf The project should not exceed more than 18 pages, excluding the cover page, bibliography and the appendix. Evaluation Guidelines The final work will be evaluated based on the following criteria: Acquired knowledge (25%): the knowledge acquired throughout the course of the subject will be evaluated through the analysis of the theoretical data shown in the project presented by the student.Development of the Subject (25 %): the interpretation of the thesis subject by the student and its development will be evaluated in a coherent and analytical manner.Final result (25%): the final evaluation is based on coherent solutions applied to solve objectives set out in the paper. The presentation must be conclusive and formatting must meet established parameters.Additional information and bibliography (25%): additional information regarding the research and subject matter will be evaluated and taken into consideration as a bonus. This consist of: bibliography, visual graphics, charts, independent studies carried out by the student, external academic sources, articles of opinion, etc. All sources, both printed and online, must be referenced according to the APA regulations. BACKGROUND TeaLand S.A. is a London company that started as a medium-sized company. Its main activity is the commercialization of tea to various European countries. Currently they obtain tea from the main producing countries: China, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Indonesia and Turkey. They sell their tea in different ways: in bulk, in bags and cold tea as a soda. They not only sell to supermarkets, but also to companies and the hospitality and catering industries. They have been in the market for approximately 20 years, with an exponential growth in the first 15 years due to the quality of the tea they offer and an excellent and careful Marketing campaign, which has put them at the top of the market. However, TeaLand is not known to take good care of its workers. In a job satisfaction survey taken a few months ago, the results were alarmingly negative, and it is unknown how this information was leaked to the media. Its repercussion was so great that sales were directly affected, which led the firm to not achieve last year’s goals. In this survey several topics surfaced: endless workdays, low salaries, difficulty reconciling work and personal life, low career options within the company, scarce training, etc. In regard to consumers, in recent surveys it is said that it is a well respected brand, and satisfaction is high, since they are very aromatic teas. However, the lack of an ecological tea option is highlighted as a negative aspect. In recent years, other European, American and Asian brands have been gaining ground, as they offer a product of similar quality but at a more competitive price, a wide range of ecological varieties, and also a remarkable and commendable commitment to the environment and the community: collaboration with NGOs, sustainability projects with producing countries, etc. Taking into account the situation which TeaLand is currently facing, they have decided to hire the services of a specialized consultancy in CSR, and they assign the project to you. DEVELOP Analyze the starting situation: make a complete, synthesized and visual analysis, and design a SWOT matrix.Formulate realistic goals to achieve with the CSR Plan.Create a Stakeholders Map: in this section we ask you to design a map classifying the groups of interest.Develop a Strategic CSR Plan: this is the most important exercise of the final project, and therefore the one with the most academic weight. State which CSR measurement tools you are going to propose for TeaLand.Final thoughts: make a final consideration in the form of an evaluation and conclusions about CSR at present.
davenport University International Trade Market Advancement Discussion

Seton Hall University Felicia Case study.

Irac Style with case lawFelicia makes fabulous fried foods that she sells to family and friends. Felicia’s friend, Fergus, is interested in selling her fried foods using the name “Felicia’s Fabulous Food Company.” Felicia is flattered but does not have enough time to fry any more foods; so Felicia charges Fergus $125,000 to allow Fergus to use her recipes and market the food using her name. On March 10, 2001, Fergus and Felicia enter into a written agreement that provides:1. Felicia will market and advertise the fried foods.2. All food is to be prepared with no deviation from Felicia’s recipes.3. Fergus will manage sales and accounts receivables.4. Felicia and Fergus will each pay 50 percent of the expenses of the business, such as electricity, water, telephone, heat, insurance and advertising.5. Felicia will keep two-thirds of the gross receipts and Fergus one-third.Ten years later, Fergus and Felicia had a number of disagreements and Fergus decides to leave the business. At the time, the business’s net worth was $857,000. Felicia argues that she owns the business and that Fergus, if not an employee, was no more than a franchisee. Fergus argues that he is Felicia’s partner. Were Felicia and Fergus partners? Explain and discuss the factors that lead to your conclusion.
Seton Hall University Felicia Case study

Walden University Patient Care at Admission Discussion

Walden University Patient Care at Admission Discussion.

Having patients involved in their care at admission has proven to be very effective. Reassuring patients that the relationship isn’t a dictatorship rather a partnership is calming, and it opens up for more suggestions and recommendations they wouldn’t have normally considered. This partnership can lead to improved quality of care and patient outcomes. According to The Growing Role of Patient Engagement: Relationship-based care in a changing health care system, “patient engagement strategies have been shown to improve care delivery and translate into better outcomes related to patient satisfaction and recovery”. Patient involvement helps to instill trust and reassurance in the medical staff.  As long as we, the nursing staff, maintain our nursing principle of “Fidelity” in keeping our words to the patient, we can aid in the process of keeping the patient informed resulting in them making informed decisions. The nursing profession’s role in patient engagement and advocacy is key to the care that we deliver and continues to evolve to meet the needs of patients. (Guglielmi et al., 2014, p. 518)
Nurse empowerment can be accomplished by staff led councils. They can potentially improve quality of care and job satisfaction if leadership and management are supportive of the concept. (Guglielmi et al., 2014) My institution has empowered the nursing staff by allowing us to make staffing adjustments based on acuity verses quantity. This is not always possible but whenever staffing allows, they make adjustments based on acuity. This has been a recommendation for many years and as of recently, its now being implemented. Its made a major difference in patient care and staff safety.
Last week I got a new admission that was very aggressive, loud and profane. No one could assess him but me. I maintained my calmness even though he was loud, angry, and paranoid. I explained to him what I was doing, as far as the EKG, skin assessment, security screening, etc. He initially refused the ppd and I explained that if he changed his mind he could come back and get the ppd at a later time during his admission. Within an hour of me completing my assessment, the patient came to me and asked for his ppd. He was still paranoid about it and said hurry up CJ before I change my mind. I smiled and quickly delivered without incident. That was a good way to end my shift. I feel I empowered him to make a decision on his medical needs without forcing treatment or procedures on him that weren’t medically necessary at that time.
Walden University Patient Care at Admission Discussion

MK 416 Samford University Disney Product Purposes and Adaptation Essay

essay writing help MK 416 Samford University Disney Product Purposes and Adaptation Essay.

this is a marketing plan homework for product in the foreign market.I did a lot of research about the product( Disney+) and the country (China). I will provide my research materials to help you.My goal is to promote Disney plus in China.I’m almost finished with my marketing plan. All you need to do is complete the following 3 points.Product adaptation or modification—Using the product component model as your guide, indicate how your product can be adapted for the market.1. Core component2. Packaging component3. Support services componentTry to use multiple formats of presentation, like tables, figures, pictures, and so on to shine up your writing. The writing should take a report format.
MK 416 Samford University Disney Product Purposes and Adaptation Essay

PHY 201 American Career College Physics Doppler Effect Lab Worksheet

PHY 201 American Career College Physics Doppler Effect Lab Worksheet.

Download the free App Phyphox (Links to an external site.)Prepare a file with pictures of your set up. Include also a screen shot of the App PhyPhox with frequency and speed charts.Include also the excel file with the raw data.Here are for example, picturespart 2On the same report file include:1) A couple of paragraphs of what you did. How did you set up the
experiment. In particular, which adjustments did you have to do for the
experiment to work best. 2) Paste the excel file chart with the cleaned data and
describe the relation with the frequency and the changing speed. High
frequency corresponds to which pendulum’s velocity….positive or
negative? Explain the shape of the frequency vs. time chart and of the
speed vs. time chart. 3) From conservation of energy determine the speed the pendulum and
compare it with the speed obtained from the App. Be careful to
correctly report the height of the pendulum. It should be the height of
the oscillation which is the height difference between the rest position
of the pendulum and the height of the displaced pendulum. Delta h ,
not just how far the pendulum was from the floor when you started the
oscillation! .On your submission attach also the complete excel file with table and chart.
PHY 201 American Career College Physics Doppler Effect Lab Worksheet

Evidence Based Approach to Reducing Turnover Rates in Healthcare

Evidence Based Approach to Reducing Turnover Rates in Healthcare.

I’m working on a management discussion question and need support to help me understand better.

Choose an issue (REDUCING TURNOVER RATE/ INCREASING STAFF RETENTIOIN) that interests you in your current or past workplace and using an Evidence-Based Approach to Design and Implement a Management Intervention. This project will include the five key competencies required for evidence-based decision making:Formulating/Framing the questionAcquiring research evidence (i.e., finding sources of information)Assessing the validity, quality and applicability of research evidence (i.e., assessing the accuracy of the information)Presenting the research results in a way that will increase use (i.e., assessing the applicability of the information)Applying the evidence in decision making (i.e., assessing the actionability of the information)The goal is to find an evidence-based policy/protocol that has been implemented to improve the turnover rates with hospital personnel. Introduction should discuss primarily the downsides to high turnover rates with nurses, such as negative financial implications for a health care organiation, decreased job satisfaction leading to turnover rates, skills of new personnel may not meet the expected standards, decrease in patient quality of care (please elaborate on each in introduction with citation). This can transition to address the question formulated and will be answered in the paper: What is the effectiveness of strategies implemented in order to increase staff retention in healthcare? This question will be answered in the body of the paper by finding an evidence-based approach that has been studied and implemented to improve these retention rates. Please use at least 3 APA format peer reviewed articles to later than 2015!
Evidence Based Approach to Reducing Turnover Rates in Healthcare

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