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Japanese journal 3

Explain how and why that particular scene is impressive to you. Refer to the assigned reading of the week and think about how your argument is related to it. Include the image(s) from the scene in your journal. The expression of your paper needs to be clear (correct grammar; clear meanings of words). Your argument needs to have a structure (introduction, explanation, conclusion).Film: Blind SwordsmanZatoichi(Zatoichi, Kitano Takeshi, 2003)keyword : contradictionplease Refer to the assigned reading of the week and think about how your argument is related to it. Include the image(s) from the scene in your journal.using plain english

Alexander the Great’s Empire Analysis

Alexander the Great’s Empire Analysis.

 Alexander the Great’s Empire Analysis


Paper details:

write a 4 page essay on Alexander the Greats Emire from readings in our textbook and the “History Channel” video series entitled, “Engineering an Empire” located at You Tube. The primary objectives are as follows: 1) Identify the “central thesis of the empire” (Glue that held it together) 2) Identify key foundations” of “how” this civilization was built and sustained its “Empire”. There should be at “least three” specific foundations (political, economic, religious, social, cultural, etc.) identified from the textbook, video program, and at least outside source. (MUST PROVIDE SPECIFIC HISTORICAL EXAMPLES TO SUPPORT “THESIS” & 3 “KEY FOUNDATIONS”) (Chicago style citations) This youtube video must be used as a reference. Please watch the section on Alexander the Great (Links to an external site.)

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Post Disaster Management

Japanese journal 3 Post Disaster Management.

I want you to use the framework we have given you to critically analyse the management of the postimpact phase of your selected event and the hypothetical recurrence of that event today and report on those things that were done well and those things that could have been improved. If we learn from history we will be better able to manage similar events in the future. The framework below is a suggested layout for this assignment with marking weightings included. A copy of the assignment marking sheet that will be used for this assignment is attached at the end of this assignment guide. Although you have studied a number of areas of emergency management pertinent to the impact and post-impact phase of emergency/ disaster operations management in your studies, in this assignment we only require you to critically analyse two of the post-impact areas (Part A) and two of the Hypothetical areas (Part B).

Introduction (10%)

Aim Objectives Authority Scope Relevant history

Part A

– Post Impact Phase Analysis (30%)

Critically analyse two (2) of the following PLUS the Conclusions and Recommendations: Search and rescue – 10%

Triage and casualty care – 10%

Critical incident stress management – 10%

Disaster victim identification and coronial inquiry – 10%

Community services – 10%

Recovery and restoration- 10%

Conclusions and recommendations – 10%

Part B

– Hypothetical Assessment (30%)

Critically analyse two (2) of the following PLUS the Conclusions and Recommendations: Warning systems

– How would it function now compared to then? – 10%

Legislation and regulation – How effective is the legislation and regulations now compared to then? – 10%

People – What people would be affected today compared with when the event originally occurred? What would the effects be on people? – 10%

Infrastructure – What would be the damage and effect on infrastructure today compared to when the event originally occurred? – 10%

Buildings – What are the expected effects on buildings etc. today compared with when the event occurred? – 10% Emergency services – What emergency services would be involved today? What would their roles and functions be today? What are their capabilities today compared with then? – 10% Cost – What is the estimated cost of the event should it occur today compared with when it originally occurred? – 10% Conclusions and recommendations. – 10%

Part C – Critical Self Assessment (20%) Critically analyse and reflect on your performance during the subject and in production of your report. In this self assessment some of the questions you may wish to consider are:

• What difficulties, if any, did you encounter in locating/accessing data for your report?

• If you had any difficulties, how did you overcome them?

• What would you do differently next time?


This assignment follows on from your studies in EMG206. The assignment completes your study of emergency operations management and focuses on the post-impact phase of your selected emergency event, but also includes a hypothetical assessment of your chosen event as if it occurred today. Your assignment comprises three parts:

• Part A – investigate the post-impact phase of your selected event and identify strengths and weaknesses in the way the post-impact phase was managed. • Part B – examine a hypothetical recurrence of your selected event today, identifying strengths and weaknesses in the way it might be managed today. • Part C – allows you to critically analyse and assess your own performance in the research and production of your report. By effectively analysing the problems experienced and the way those problems were managed you will be better prepared to identify and manage future research problems that may arise. You will be able to draw conclusions from your research and make recommendations that will enable future emergency events to be more effectively managed. By successfully completing the assignments within the emergency operations management component of this course you will be better able to understand potential problems that an emergency manager will face when managing the pre-impact, impact and post-impact phases of an emergency event. 

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Exercise and fitness

Exercise and fitness.

Your paper should be formatted according to APA guidelines, meaning: • Times New Roman • Double Spaced • 1” (2.5 cm) Margins No more than 30% of the assignment can be another’s referenced words or ideas – if a paper simply “reassembles” sources to form a “super paper,” then this constitutes a breach of academic honesty/integrity and could potentially result in a mark of 0. Failure to reference in text will also result in a grade of 0 and may be subject to academic integrity protocol Please be aware that your paper will be processed through Turnitin. Students will be able to resubmit their essay file until the deadline without academic penalty. While Turnitin is a useful diagnostic tool to assist students in determining if too much of their paper is cited material, it should not be relied upon for that purpose. Students are expected to review their own work to ensure that it meets the assignment requirements and the expectations of Sheridan’s academic integrity policy. More information on this policy can be found in the “Student Resources” section on SLATE or through the Sheridan Library. Other Requirements: • 4-5 pages (of content/written analysis) in length. Your essay should be in 5 paragraph essay formats. • Must be submitted as a WORD DOCUMENT (Mac files PDF files are not accetped) • Introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion (using skills learned in class) • Incorporate data and evidence from your ongoing research • Use the third person – not the first person (no “I,” “we,” or “us”)

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