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James Hatfield is a highly popular composer that started writing in the ass, and he is a member of the band Metallic. James was born August 3, 1963 and has two half-brothers and a sister. James was inspired by music at a small age. His mother was a light opera singer and his dad was a truck driver.

His parents were very strict Christian Scientists and didn’t believe in medicine/ medical science. This type of upbringing became the inspiration to James’ music. When he was 9 years old, he started piano lessons.After piano seasons, he learned how to play drums, and then eventually learned the guitar. His main musical inspiration came from Aerostatic. He also liked other bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and many more and that encouraged him to form is own band. In 1979, when James was 16 years old, his mother died of cancer and he went to live with his step brother.

In 1981 , he and band mate Lars Lurch started the band Metallic. In 1 991 , he wrote a song about his mothers death and called it ‘The God That Failed”.All the songs that James wrote were from personal experiences. Metallic became quite an inspiration for many bands. Companies wanted Metallic and the type of music they wrote. Their music made a mark in major acts like Dream Theater and Fates Warning. They influenced many bands because at least two of their early albums are considered by most prop-metal experts as pioneering efforts in the genre and arguably progressive-metals first real album.

Metallic first four albums were amongst the most forward-thinking in metals history.The more albums they released the more rock sounding heave become. Early Metallic releases had fast tempos, harmonize leads, and nine-minute instrumentals. It was said that Metallic expanded it compositional technique and range of expression to take on an aggressive approach in their later releases. Their lyrics were more personal and socially conscious on the hot topics. One of their songs Master of Puppets included religious and military leaders, rage, insanity, monsters, and drugs. Then in 1991, Metallic softened their sound to appeal to more of a mainstream audience.

When they changed their tune, they went from lyrical themes of drugs and monsters, and focused more on anger, loss, and retribution. With their release of their album Reload in 1997, the focused on more blues and early hard rock which included more rhythm and harmony in song structures. The writers of The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll said Metallic was easily the best, most influential heavy metal band of the ‘ass. They influenced bands to come up with their own type of sounds especially because they’ve never heard anything as heavy as Metallic.

who has more ethical issues prosecution or defense

who has more ethical issues prosecution or defense.

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