Jain And Buddhists Movements Interpretive paper

These are his notes.  Zainb,  Your essay shows a great deal of effort, which I appreciate. I see that you did some reading outside the course syllabus, which is always to be commended. But you misunderstood the assignment. I asked you to analyze our PRIMARY SOURCES in order to construct an argument in answer to the question. You have given some good citations of modern authors who take positions on our question (though your presentation of those positions is sometimes a bit unclear), but that does not constitute an original argument. I am looking for your analysis, not your research.  None of your citations are to the primary sources, which is a problem. I am compelled by the rules laid out in the syllabus to give you a “D”. Please don’t be discouraged- you have the opportunity to rewrite this paper when you have the time. But be sure to understand that on future assignments you have to take a fundamentally different approach. Other classes may have expected you to research and cite modern authors. That is okay in this class, but ultimately your argument has to be rooted in your reading of the primary sources.