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The four types of prisons are women’s, maximum, medium, and low security. Women’s prisons in our country are very different in some aspects as the male’s prisons. Women have greater needs than men do. They have to adjust to their needs, whether it is pregnancy, or the emotional needs of the woman. Maximum Security prison is a massive building with large inmate population.

They offer tight security, high fences, thick walls, and secure cells. They are very closely monitored concerning every moment they are incarcerated there. (Schmalleger, 2011)Medium security prisons are permitted more freedom generally than the maximum security prisoners. They receive more privileges such as they can go to the prison yard, exercise room, and the library. They still strict security but they have more freedom. (Schmalleger, 2011) Minimum security prisons offer a number of programs for the prisoners.

They offer services to help rehabilitate the prisoners. The primary force behind the minimum security is the prisoners’ own restraint. They are there because of their behavior and they have the choice to stay there and do well or get transferred to another level based on their behavior. (Schmalleger, 2011) These types of prisons are also classified as federal, state, women, and private prison’s. Even though every one of these institutions is different they are all there for the same reason.

Prisons are made to house the most violent to the first time offenders. The concept of the institutions is to provide safety to the communities from these offenders. To keep control and keep them housed in a facility to spend out their sentence. (Schmalleger, 2011) Jail plays a very important role in our criminal justice system. Before an inmate gets sentenced to prison, they are often watched in jail to see how they react with others.

Based on how they act in jail usually decides what kind of prisoner they will become. Jail is also used in our system for those spending less than a year in jail, to keep down overcrowding of prisons. They house individuals pending arraignment, readmit probation or parole, temporarily houses juveniles, the mentally ill, and bail bond violators. They also hold individuals for the military, they transfer inmates to their designated facility, and they also operate community-based programs.

In conclusion all of the prisons and jails in our country work together like a fine oiled machine. They work together to ensure that an inmate gets from one place to another. They also work together to ensure the inmate remains safe and that the public is safe from the offenders.

MGT602 Business Decision Analytics

MGT602 Business Decision Analytics.

Scenario A


Is set in a mid-sized Australian organisation of 800 people, 80 of whom are involved in research, development and design (R, D &D) work. The organisation is keen to identify the innovative/creative capabilities held by their RD&D staff and use these capabilities to differentiate the business from their competitors. The organisation has set up a project to research R, D & D innovative/creative capabilities held tacitly by staff and in their unstructured communication. Tacit information can be best accessed and converted to knowledge by accessing email -based communication between RD&D staff. RD&D staff members’ emails and their rates and direction of connectivity have accordingly been mapped over a one-week period. The results of this research audit have been made available on the attached Map of R, D & D unstructured Information contained in emails.

Assessment 3 Scenario A Data The map identifies each staff member and the work station they have logged onto, by node (circle with a number inside). Rates of connectivity are shown by lines connecting the different nodes and the direction and intensity of traffic by the numbers of lines into/out of nodes. The project will call for interpretation of the map and decisions made on who to bring together to discuss the content and collaborate in making tacit unstructured information drawn from emails explicit and therefore suitable for use by the organisation. Several ‘meeting rooms’ will be made available to selected RD&D staff, each with a facilitator, visual aids and a groups decision support system to link and summarise up meeting room outputs. This project will make use of a group-based communication technology system to support meetings between staff members and help make staff members’ tacit data/information explicit. To facilitate this process resources available in each meeting room will guide group process and ensure that each meeting room’s participants collaborate with one another, and with groups in other meeting rooms in generating explicit knowledge. 


 After considering the map constructed from 70+ company staff members’ emails over a oneweek period you are required to help make sense of the tacit data held in those emails  You should start by identifying naturally occurring clusters of R, D & D staff. Number those clusters one to six and show the nodes (numbered staff and terminals) you have decided to include in each cluster  Move to the next step of selecting two key members (use rates of inter connectivityconnecting lines) from each of the clusters to attend the meeting areas and work with facilitators and GDSS technology in generating explicit knowledge  Identify each cluster from one to six and show each cluster’s constituents. In the table below. 

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